How To Build LEGO Bugatti Chiron (Working LEGO CHIRON)

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TysyTube Restoration : Amazing guys, next time you can make an airplane and fly?✌🏽✈️🛩🚀🛫🛬🗽

ƝveR : Next video: How to build LEGO Tsar Bomba (WORKING)

Paranoid 13 : I would realy like to se this car in crash test 😂😂😂 very good job guys !!!

NEXX : engine out of lego that's INSANE

Danks : _wears armor and helmet_ *goes 5 mph*

Noir : I bet they are going to display it at legoland

Akyer : 6:48 "Used more than 1 million LEGO Technic elements" 1,000,000 pieces * $0.10 average lego price per pieces = over $100,000 The battery, motors, metal chassis and engine and all of those 1 million Lego Technics will definitely cost more than $100,000, but it's definitely way cheaper than the actual $3 million Bugatti Chrion.

Pantheos : And now build a LEGO set out of Bugatti Chirons!

Joey Chamera : I was hoping for an instruction manual. Kinda lost on the first step...

Matthias Fritz : Lego built an electric Chiron, before Bugatti did.

niilo22 : 3:02 this man even has legos in his mouth.

Thomas : Max speed : 40,0 Km/H

Kyle Stephens : Mr. Beast was first!

morelitthenu what : The thumbnail looked like a real car

TheHype_82 : Tbh, The lego triangles would make a really good paint job on the Chiron.

Nejkocookie11 : I think its accualy cheaper to buy a real thing! If you know the price of legos then you know what im talking about ;)

vinq. : 8:17 imagine it falls down...

Szymon żbij i slimy : 1 likes to one bugatti chiron😎😃😋

nikbody : N I C E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OPgi Sh0tz : Imagine getting in a crash and all the legos go everywhere.

Ronn Leysa : If u want to build that it will take years

HxartLess Gamer : OOPS I forgot to glue this LEGO to the others welp who cares next thing you know the car falls apart...

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : I can run faster.

Oreo Sauce : *I was expecting a tutorial*

She Hate Me : That shit is expensive than the real one

Hamza Ismoilov : The LEGO Bugatti Chiron is much better and good look than the original Bugatti chiron

AbnormalDinosaur 357 : A Lego Chiron costs more than a actual Chiron.

Guillermo Olalde : Wow I'm impressed


krzemian : Next step: Lego Technic 𝗙𝗔𝗟𝗖𝗢𝗡 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗩𝗬

Angelo Mendis : Virgins hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

قروب الساهر : إبداع في الاختراعات 🤩 اي عربي حنا يشاهد يدز لايك 👍👍👍

Scythegenram : I Guess It Cost More Than Bugatti Chiron Itself..

Mr. Giraffe420 : Wonder how many batteries it takes.

cute girl's kids : Its cool and all that but it just goes kinda slowwwww

Gigi Qasrashvili : How to build working car in Minecraft.

[RBLX] Roblozian : How do you not have mores subs! This is amazing!

Windows 9 : 5 mph, wears a helmet

Ronn Leysa : Literally

HSM : Ебанутые xD

Alexander- Dog34 : Bugatti chiron for life

kaox44 : "Lego Technic, build for real"....I try using the Lego Technic front-loader to remove some trees the other day...and it fell apart. It doesn't work Lego...

DemonSniper8 : Get Doug Demuro to review this

the penguin king : Next video:Building the Hiroshima Bomb (Working)

Bandana Dhole : Bugatti divo or Lamborghini aventador svj

ayemy : Yeah but how much adderall did it take

FELIX THE CAT : Now i know how to build lego bugatti chiron

CamoSquid21YT : I feel like this would cost more than the actual car. Can I buy it?

Ruoppo : Only 13k likes? Come on guys you can do better ffs...

fahim monaem : give them a nobel