Cracking the Crypto Code: How to Manage Crypto Assets?

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Aziza El Kadiri : 😶🤐

Manuela Alboreto : Digital ECONOMY ~ thanks for this definition~ I am very simple person and not university's study , BUT I think : 1) it is important to start to speak in a simple way in every languages about DIGITAL ECONOMY (like for children)~ and have some teacher (Tutor) can reply to simple and stupid questions 2) try by questionaier to know what WE KNOW about digital economy = all we need simple information 3) thanks to persons like all you spend time to make clear all this ~ Thanks

Manuela Alboreto : and first DIGITAL LANGUGE = Terinolgy for all same ! (>) waooooooooo

Manuela Alboreto : yes: digital must be first in sicurity ~ thanks

Zachary Barnett : The confused moderator strikes again. Interrupting so much. After watching her performance at Davos , I hoped the WEF would never invite her to moderate again, yet here she is again-- BAD!

Mruthyunjaya Siddalingaiah : Is it a parallel currency in the form of digital status.

Manuela Alboreto : 23th Sept 2018 from Italy ~ night