RAW: Police chase suspects embrace before arrest near Phoenix, Arizona

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Foul Howler : Jesus Christ... they laid down on the ground, surrendering peacefully, and the police still had to throw them around and rough them up. Guess it is true what Chris Rock says...If you make them chase you, when they catch you, they bringing as ass whoopin with em.

Cody : i dont understand.. they are laying on the ground and the police STILL have to use soo much force.. wtf


Tribe Benjamin : awww, they are such a cute couple

AKorigami : The suspects have been identified as Dustin Perkins, 35, of Snowflake and Lovida Flores, 29, who has been taken to a hospital in serious condition, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

Raif Susur : Hehe this is ok. And arrest procedure is ok. Kinda cute :) ;)

indira puspita : i bet this is one of a movie scene

A : Otacon, do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?

Ryan Steffer : Cops are such douche bags.