Godzilla: King of the Monsters Comic-Con Trailer (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

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Movieclips Trailers : I don't know about y'all but RELEASING ALL THE MONSTERS seems like a bad idea.

PunksNotDead : Eleven always screaming is she alright?

iqratube : The Japanese name for Godzilla is ゴジラ, pronounced "Gojira." Gojira means Godzilla. That's because it isn't actually a word, it's a portmanteau of the Japanese words: gorira (ゴリラ, "gorilla"), and kujira (鯨(クジラ), "whale"). Interesting how it came out sounding like "god of lizards" or something like that. Source: Wikipedia P.S. That’s how make you trailer 👍

NOOBsybot 99 : Mothra looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Usuario : 🔥 Long live the king 🔥

Nil Chaos : stranger things season 3 looks promising

Brant Frans : We will see a classic battle between all four monsters.

Juan S. Moreno : Am I the only one who's going to watch this movie not for millie but Godzilla?

DOODADDY EATER : Holy crap this looks amazing

Alicia Rydbeck : Rodan:You're letting king Ghidorah kill Mothra.. Godzilla:What does that mean?! Rodan:Find him! Save Mothra.. Godzilla:Why did you said that name!!![Roar intensely and shoot atomic breath upward] "

Canal Nexus : E eu Br q sou entendi "Kondzila" kkkk

Doom Bringer : So king kong wasn't available for this movie because of his busy schedule.Hope to see him in 2020.

Anonymous Anonymously : Story kind of seems dumb

lovable Megan : Am i the only one that isn't a fan of king kong? Probably

TKzLegion : Im a simple man i see king ghidorah i like

GOT NO LIFE : The piano song tho

Manula Jayawardana : A combination of main actors/actresses from Stranger things, Maze Runner, Game of thrones 😂🤪

PrincePhase : If these things actually existed, dinosaurs would look like cats.

James Carter : Long live the king..

Michelle DiPalo : Anyone else notice that the lady in this movie has the exact same idea about the human race poisoning the planet as the Sam Jackson does as the villain in The Kingsman: Secret Service?

xprinceofmacedonx : this might be a good movie and all, but this will never be the same Godzilla seen in Japanese cinema. Why is Hollywood so intent on making everything into Hollywood?

Knockbump : That piano melody is called Clair de lune if anyone is wondering

Giz- bar : Ice-cube's son?

worldwidearmy x : people will only see this for millie bobbie brown, hence why she’s in 90% of the thumbnails

Joecool : Mothra is so beautiful in this trailer and so elegant she needs to be protected

Joshua x : pointless movie

Nka Vids Skateboarding : *FINALLY !!!!!!* 😍😍😍

Daniel F : I'm really excited about this for some reason

Ding Dong : You put a trailer like this out and now I got to wait a whole year! MOTHER ****ER!!!

ydh unknwn : Why doesnt eleven use her powers?

Michael Fallen : This is probably in my top 3 favorite movie trailers ever, can't wait for this to come out.

Captain Cluster : Giant monsters that have managed to stay hidden for years from human sight by hiding in Toys R Us stores.

Tane Tume : All they need is angrius and this will be the best ever

RONI FIJI : Eleven looks evil as hell on the thumbnail

walkermanstick : We need Yaegers here

Hendro Yohanes : Nice pokemon movie


Jordan Gate : Please have more than 10 minutes of godzilla in a godzilla movie

Kelly Bills : That music bringing back evil within memories...

AK TREVOR : I thought next movie will be *GOZILLA vs KING KONG*

mrpurple11 : *Those Wings* + *Debussy* = 😢

Sofi DL : Clair de Lune! Vera Farmiga! GODZILLA! A-W-E-S-O-M-E

nasri jumbe : In order to save the human race let's release monsters Great idea ☑

Sachin Sharma : *011*

Jorden Chambliss : what is the music in this trailer, holy cow

Shocker : I wish King Kong would get a second movie which can be the storyline where the humans return to skull island to see what has become of Kong so we can see how much he has grown

MforMovesets : Holy crap I'm having an emotional moment right now. And the music choice was PERFECT. It's a classic everyone knows, but with the chorus it sounds a bit like in the 2000 era Japanese Godzilla movies.

Soumya Behera : Dumbest trailer ever.

YceBox : Co-Writer: Al Gore I’m still pumped for this movie

Loco the locust : And so, now the king must take his place.