Cristiano RONALDO Goal - Portugal v Morocco - MATCH 19

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milo miriam : Ronaldo scored fastest and most goals at this world cup!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tom Deverson : Portugal are terrible, they're SO lucky to have Ronaldo.

Mike Talks Football : He is literally dragging them through the World Cup

justinebiebervevo : *now ronaldo scored 4 goals in this tournament!*

Z3hoo : Cristiano Ronaldo has scored all the goals and chances created for his team in this tournament so far literally carrying his country. Even on his bad day he made the difference between the two teams. How can you not call him the Greatest?

x BTS : Portugal is a lucky team if it wasn't for ronaldo. Morocco played like real lions today. Amrabat man of the match!

Halcyonvirtual : Now we know CR7 is the best football player in the world

toto pipi : Morocco great team was more better than Portugal , sadly we won't see them ..... ....we love Iceland❤ forever

Bosco Touthang : CR7 is an inspiration his talent is hard work and dedication. Messi is natural gifted but CR7 created his talents and skills which makes him excel above all other players especially when he plays for his country he always gives his best and yields the best.

Prasad Kanbargi : Great Player christiano

Jxker / : The best player in the world is arguably cr7

THE ROCK : Ronaldo Is Power 💪 🇵🇹 👏

Magic of life • Лигейя : He's great!

Football fever : I support Portugal due to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pritam Dutta : The legendary king of football CRISTIANO RONALDO!!

ÂĶĞ vi : morocco is the best they play very better and much stronger than Portugal and ther so lucky to win morocco is the king of the match

St Dr : Morocco did very well.. 👏🏻But Ronaldo...Ronaldo..Ronaldo was born to play football. He is God of football ⚽️ Both team were great. From S.Korea🇰🇷

XX_RobbenDmC_Xx Robbenzinho : Another match another day that Ronaldo carried Portugal

SuperNovaHeights : Messi needs to get on Ronaldo’s level

Fernando Ramada : Morroco played very well! Ronaldo scores, but the real hero was the Goalkeeper Rui Patricio!

Piss Trooper : C. Ronaldo is the best player of all time, better than Zidane, R9, Pele, Maradona, etc. He'll surpass Klose's record.

Nick Ronaldo : The Goat!

Zouhair jaber : Amrabat is the really men of game not cristiano ronaldo ---___---

Bj 007 : East or West Ronaldo is best💪💪💪

Krishna Sen : Morocco very best team Referring horrible

Fon Tez : Respect CR7 the GOAT💚🇵🇹🐐⚽

Sanajaoba RK : Ronaldo is indomitable👍He is genius his performance is historic😘😘😘

Claudiu 2323 : Ronaldo is a beast ! That's all I'm going to say.❤❤🎁🎁🎁🎖🎖

Electro Power : Ronaldo is the best player of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Haribahadur Thapa : Love Portugal and Ronaldo 💞😘

nobody survives even one bit : Cr7 stole the show again.

Zouhair jaber : Prooooouuuud of youuu moroccoooo wow


Teneri Amici : Cristiano, ALWAYS 🌟Cristiano Ronaldo

Naz Mor : we want the FIFA to rematch the game between Morocco and Portugal because the referee wasn't fair with us. Let's spread this petition in social media.

LVHCPDC : Ronald, the best ever. Two games, broke more 4 records!

The Sluggish Channel : This type of goal can only be expected by Ronaldo. He an awesome player.

swastika acharya : Ronaldo,💕

Wiilka Reer Cigalle TV : morrocco really they play very good team but portugal is lucky team

Arts & Crafts : *Ronaldo* ❤💖💜💙💚💛 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

DatGuyFernas : The absolute GOAT

Sakamaki Richard : Congrats Portugal from Indonesia

Zenia DaRosa : Cristiano Ronaldo 'the God of football' Bravo

Usama Mse : The Referee was unfair 😑 two overlooked penalty

McMahon143 : There’s no comparison. Ronaldo > Messi

amit abhishek : Ronaldo - THE BEST

Sankalpa Nirmohi : Ronaldo is amazing players of the world

lumapas : ESPN_US:" After the header, Ronaldo's hair didn't move....incredible!"

Daniel Abebe : Ronaldo>messi

Ahmad Mohammad : Morocco is strong than Portugal without Ronaldo Portugal 0 i am sur that Portugal not goine far in mondial