Real Indian food in Delhi - Gordon Ramsay

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Karthik Kumar Sunder : Gordon Ramsay: I love Murgh Makhani  Indian Woman: Butter Chicken? Gordon Ramsay: Yes. Am I the only one who finds this ironic?

Asim Mahmood : Why is Gordon Ramsay being like he is on a very high profile mission, like an action movie star:P

Sangeet Khatri : It is sad that these guys won't ever know what homemade Indian food that mom cooks feels like. The restaurant dishes are good and all, but the food that an Indian mom makes. Nothing really beats that.

Flamencoista : "Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone eat and say "bloody hell"!" lol!

GD 47 : Biryani doesn't come from delhi... lol it's a hyderabadi cuisine

Dev Kulkarni : Haha! They just showed disputed territories of India in Clouds! Smooth move! :D

Michael Giraldo : what it must be like to have all the money in the world to just travel and eat all the amazing culture everywhere. thats all I wanna do. look at unique shit all over the world and eat unique shit all over the world. except korean chocolate bars. jesus that was painful

CbadOside : "There's actually people living on the street." Ummm, as opposed to which other country?

Skyrising : so basically it's like "Chinese" food in America.. nothing Chinese about it.

HylomantisLemur : I like Englian food. I also like "Real" Indian food. Good food is good food.

Hunter Adams : My god, that lady is beautiful.

Merric John : I am indian and I love butter chicken

Spaceman From Pluto : Indian women are so beautiful.

Amit Sharma : Firstly, I believe any Indian who has really eaten Persian food will tell you, that its very tasteless. You just get confusing sweet and sour flavors which are so flat in taste. Now, Irrespective of origin of the dish, what these dishes have turned out to be and are known worldwide is what makes the Indian Kitchen so powerful. Its what India gave to these dishes and vice-versa what carries a lot of importance. Yes, this food is not for everyone because 90% of western people unfortunately start screaming just with a dose of black pepper in their dishes. Secondly, almost everywhere in the world, if its no meat, it ain't food. Many of my European friends who came with me to India, survived happily on Veg-food for 3 weeks with a never ending variety in it. Lastly, just look at the spectrum of even Non-Veg dishes in India. Not forgetting the sea food of the western and southern coastline. India is genuinely a Food Paradise.

MAxwell Yin : Indian food is amazing, I just love all the spices they use. Cannot live without a bowl of nice curry for more than ten days.

Covalent Bond : Does he actually like it or is he just being respectful

meRyanP : Possibly the hottest Indian I have ever seen.

vishal patole : real indian food in delhi....thats a overstatement

David Chong : i love indian food and i aint even indian.

Captain Howdy : ill just go eat fake indian now cause thats all im going to get

Steve Squires : Most so called "Indian" restaurants in the UK are Bangladeshi run. Bangladeshi chefs cook the food, NOT north Indian. If the food Ramsey has been eating tastes as if it has been "laced with tomato puree", then the tomato was not cooked long enough for the dish. Ramsey himself "laces" his food with tomato puree.

Karunithie Naidu : "Indian" food differs in every part of the world where you find people of Indian origin - even in India because the food cooked in the North is very different to that cooked in the South. Even in my home country South Africa, we taste the differences between the food of the first generations Indians who move here for work and then of course the food prepared by South African Indians whose families have been here since 1860 - very different.

TIKIMAN198 : "people living on the streets" Better go the the highest class restaurant in Delhi. 

Eric Wong : The indian lady is like forcing Gordon to praise the foods. Lol

YangSing1 : I don't care what anyone says. The curries you get in the UK are the bomb.

S Lee : Bring anti diarrhea medication!!!!

rajat chakraborty : Moti Mahal is overrated. Gordon Ramsay is coming, Man, He should have gone to some good restaurants like Bukhara. Anyway The video shows clearly Ramsay is not impressed

Tai Mir : Shes got Gordon on a leash

Isha Saini : SUGAR in Indian dishes that are usually spicy? Oh God. That's a travesty.

Yo Mamma : I love how everybody here thinks they're an expert from Googling their so called "research"

Viq : Indian women will stop a man dead in his tracks. Gorgeous people.

God Bless America : Goddamn, that Indian chick is hot and spicy as well.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C : If cream was not used in that butter chicken, then what is giving it that creamy colour and consistency? I think she was referring to the OVERUSE of cream in British Indian food but I don't think that was her saying that cream NEVER gets used in Indian curries inside India. Because if cream was not used in that butter chicken, then I would be very surprised.

OriginalMindTrick : Good looking girl, but it's impossible to sound hot with an Indian accent.

Lasa : Gordon if your reading this, Thanks for the inspiration, Your enthusiasm for food is just contagious!

hunclemike : I eat strictly ethnic food when I eat out (I live in the US) and always wonder whether the Indian food, Vietnamese food, Thai food is similar to how it's prepared in those countries. I have always lived by the idea that if the Indian place is filled with Indian families and they are all speaking the native language, then it can't be that far off. I am compelled to eat Indian this evening.....that looked so delicious. Best Indian I have ever had was in Amsterdam by the way but have never been to the UK so....

markislivvin lavish : uh originally Pakistani food is from India. btw if u go to a Indian restaurant it would be better then a Pakistani one.

MassacrX99 : i LOVE indian food. i am proud to have long roots from here simply because of the food and the culture. its amazing.

satyabrata dalai : Guys please watch the map of india in the beginning 0.34.Where is half kashmir.

Nocturnal Reveller : lol @ food coloring. But it's OK to be surprised given that you are not Indian. The red color is due to kashmiri mirch (a kind of red chilli) which is added in meat dishes to provide beautiful red color. Kashmiri mirch is not as pungent as the normal one, but it is only used for its color.

B cee : I'm English, I try and get the taste of 'real Indian food' when going to Indian restaurants by ordering what my waiters favorite dish is, no need to look at the menu what he gives you won't be on there. Never fails it's great

M Barik : Sorry Gordon but 99% of 'Indian' food served in the UK is actually Bangladeshi cuisine. It's called Indian because Bangladesh isn't so well know. Secondly real Indian food is nice but not as nice as Bangladeshi cuisine, reason being that Indian culture is predominantly Hindu and they are not big meat or fish eaters. On the contrary they are really good with Vegetable dishes but apart from that it's very different.

Little Harold : Gordon Rammsau ;)

Kuv Hlub Haiv Neeg Hmoob : after Chief Ramsay ate the food he spit it and said " you call this food " get off my show hahahahhah jk

John Smith : I'm not sure why people get angry about food that originated in their culture has changed as it travels around the world; there is a huge demand for 'curry' as we know it in the uk, the customers are satisfied and the restaurant makes it's money - what's the problem?

Muhd Hamizan : Meanwhile in Africa....

doubletin : seema chandra wanted to get banged

Sarthak : Real Indian food is AMAZING!

Persadish : Someone (quityojibbajabbaa) was wondering how the butter chicken got that colour? Fresh tomatoes cooked makes the red-orange colour. Dahi (yogurt) whitens the colour to orange-yellow. If the tomatoes are very red to begin with, the Dahi will make it an almost pink/peach type of orange. Also, the chicken in butter chicken is Tandoori chicken. So, if they made tandoori paste with food colouring, it'll make the chicken very red, and ending up making the butter chicken more red. If the tandoori paste had saffron, the chicken will come out more orange-yellow, which will make the butter chicken closer to that colour.

CatLady 2.0 : i always cringe every time a curry recipe asks for cream. doesn't seem right