The Eagles - Hotel California solo (Cover by Chloé)

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Le BarbeRousse : Actuellement en train de l'apprendre, et bé la vache il est bien plus difficile que ce qu'il laisse paraître ! Encore une fois c'est une tuerie, t'arrives à balancer de l'émotion dans tes solos, et ça c'est cool ! :)

Mustafa Music : 0:34 wonderful movement of the neck 😍

Pancham Shah : Marry me 😍

Tomasz Wota : Definitely have to learn that solo some day. Good job!

help me reach 500 subs without any video!! ! : Tanginuh

Spencermuthaflippinrhea : She's so cute lol

Anne Hunt : CHLOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100 % WOMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enriquecrack 12 : Beautifull

MUSIC RIDER : You play very good 🎸🎸🎸

Elijah TeWara : It sounded really damn good I liked the way u made the entrance sound of joe walsh the whole thing is wicked and your way beautiful

The Victorious Hodler : She's so attractive. Idc what anyone says, her future husband is lucky af.


topes de Android : U are so cute ❤❤🙈

Varamyr Z : Très bien, merci! Maintenant, essayez Rory Gallagher, s'il vous plaît:

Loop ' : 💕 Solo Perfect 🇧🇷

Mike Seaborn : Got Skills? YUP. Definitely Talented? YUP. Undeniably Gorgeous? YUP. Well, that's the few things I "know" about you Chloé! But I'm sincere =)

Makerandroid Matiastelodigotodo :

Đinh Khắc Huy : Wonderfull.

Crystaline Being : Long my you run belle...

Suandi Berau : Great...

Dominic Desforges : Wow, amazing. You play with passion. I love your side to side head movement you make at 0:35 :) You're really into it! Keep it up! Cheers!

De sampige kasser : Cool, but when bending try to hold your guitar stil, so it looks professional

Yogi Androit : Wooowwww goood

900M Views : You're so cute 😍😍

Teresa Franco : Can u do sweet child o mine 🤘 ?

Arjuna : Got Skills? YUP. Talented? YUP. Gorgeous? SURE. Out of tune? YES.

Makerandroid Matiastelodigotodo : hotel california buen tema 😎😊😉😉 verry good

Tess Ironside : 12 full X10

Mauricio Isaac Argueta Ramos : Hermosa mujer + mujer guitarrista = la mujer perfecta :v

Antoine SEGUY : Au top ta video ! Tu pourrai faire une cover du solo de Sultans of swing de Dire Straits ?

Норик Норик : Люблю когда девушки играют рок. Молодец

A Casa do Rock "N" Roll : Showww

Anne Hunt : CHLOE !(/#%???=&/)/&%¤¤///%#??==(&/&/(()(%%¤¤#¤&&&%%/(())())"##¤¤& THANKS !

Anne Hunt : THANKS CHLOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! estonian man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Çarls Darvin : Can you make a Malcolm Young Tribute video ?

Ваши Комментарии : Ого, Нюша заиграла на гитаре!!!

Derek Stocker : Absolutely great , so very well done.

나무꾼 : So good

Đồ Gỗ La Xuyên : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

gewerh44 : Excellent recording!

spoutnik patrick : Lâche toi complètement !!

Judas Iscariot : I love it when the guitar matches the player so well.

hussain huskie whosaint : That's nice thumbs up beb.... BRAVO!!

Emilio Stark : You should do a cover of pink floyd's comfortably numb solo!!

Cik Apit : Muahhh

Lý Văn Hiếu : Beautiful girl

Velho lobodomar : Excelente!

morpheus blue : Super chloé 5/5

Jesus Alberto Vera Pérez : Quiza no sabes lo q digo pero eres la mejor😍

Can Channel : Nice Perform...