Binging With Fabish: Sophisticated Peanut Butter Jelly
Calling Walmart But referring to Bread as Wheat Sponge

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Binging With Fabish is far better than Binging With Babish. Fabish shows you how to make a fantastic Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich that is elevated from a simple child's lunch or a children's TV Show. Questions or want to talk to me? Email - Twitter -


Dren Emos : you forgot the whipped cream

TheKingdakid : I like how half of the video is spent on trying to figure out where to find a "wheat sponge", Classic. We need more binging with Fabish!

Semir Rais : Pretty accurate to the source material, I give 9 wheat sponges out of 11

Strange, but Odd : The PBJ looked better than expected in the end.

PortalByte : Haha “wheat sponge” that’s my favorite

Rivola : Hmm, maybe I will give it a try 😀☠👏

Not Awake Gaming : lol.. entertaining bet it didn't taste too bad to be honest

Mr Eyeball : You aren't suppose to eat that marshmallow directly cooked by a gas stove....

WinFix : Wby reupload?

FibeVideo : n e e t o

The Triggered Gamer : How stupid do you have to be to not know he’s taking about bread?