5 Cool Channels Under 1,000 Subscribers

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Edø Strike : Can we make this a series?

where is danny black : if they were under 1000 when you made this video, you really did them a huge favor most of them over 6K subs now!! super nice of you

Those Awesome Guys : Came here from austinmcconnell. Anyone else?

DavidGX : Very cool of you to do this. I wish more big YouTubers did something similar.

Sam : You need to do this weekly 👍🏽

hmm yes interesting. : Finally a real and constructive video about YouTube's new monetization policy. Thank you austin.

Wise Guy : They are *not* going to be under 1K anymore.

WarBear : well these channels dont have under 1000 subs after this video...

My Instant Search : You're the man! The real MVP!

Suchiththa W : Austin, you are so much cooler than Youtube realises. The world needs more people like you who look for solutions, not problems.  A small story. I was the original male lead for Blackout (which is being shot in Canada btw), but we failed to get funding. The second trailer was shot a year later with a new lead, because a producer who came on board said that they were more likely to get a funding grant if they went with a Union actor. And no, I'm not bitter. I'm so pleased to see them get the attention they deserve, and actually see them feel the love of the internet to spur them on to produce it! I've wanted to see that story produced for ages and it feels like it might finally happen! So thank you :)

Rachel : This is SUCH an amazing video!!! I really hope more people do things like this!!!

Andrew Novitsky : It looks like the description of undervalued coins and ICOs but about channels. Should we invest our subs in them?

Mr. Squid : i heard of a comment to make this a series pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase make this a series please

BlockayTB : Oi! Don't throw philip defranco in that group of "restrictive, burdensome" opinions. That's not even close to what he said. Also phil shouts out little channels literally every day on his show in his "today in awesome" segment.

Ethan Crabtree : Hey, Austin McConnell! It looks like this video really had an effect on these small content creators. They now have a sub base of 5,000 to over 6,000. Congratulations to you, the creators, and the people who subbed to them!

black & white : Emil now has 5k subs, awesome

Guru Amar : Then now is a great channel

GeniusLad32 : People are overreacting. I don't think they understand how little youtubers with under 1k subs earn. It's pennies. Barely worth the monetisation. The only real way to make money is patreon or sponsorships but no-one would do either because not enough people are watching.

DICES : Check us out, we're sort of cool (I guess). About 100 hours of work goes into every video

Robert Duncan : I haven't seen any big youtubers bashing the new policy. That might just be me though. Amazing video by the way, most of your videos are.

dat calculation tho : I am so glad I discovered this channel. Good job Austin!

Andrew MadeAFilm : Happy for everyone who made it into this video. YouTube has the potential to be a platform for talent, but most of the time it just pushes unoriginal, cash-in content. So videos like this are important for bypassing that. I will be checking out all of these channels.

emily obrien : your videos are always so interesting and have the bEST quality!

The Back Pages : Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!! This means the world to us!!!

Ultra Nerd : All of these channels now have well over a thousand subscribers. You did it, Austin. You rock. Thank you for doing something so awesome.

Cognito : On the topic of collaboration...I'm three weeks away from being an astrophysicist if someone wants to make science videos with me.

Kahsa : bravo - HAHA, All the channels are up around 7k+ subs now, LOL, good job man!!!! The BLACKOUT people are so excited, and already promising to release ASAP. <3

Beary Boy : About 1 Day and the channels are easily above 1000. Some at 5000

Mr. PiGGY : Not any more.....

coach pop : IZ harris go watch her she has awsome content and has 950 subs

Joy Aileen : I looove you for doing this!

HasBeen : This should be the brand new “challenge” trend. Instead of eating tide pods, they should be doing something similar to this video and challenging others to do the same. If only...

Emils Travel Vlog : WTFFFFF!!!??? THANK you so much Austin! So glad that my hard work finally pays of!

UKAS : It's super cool to see big YouTubers giving attention to small channels and reminding their audience that they EXIST XD

Asher Halperin : Getting 1000 subscribers is easy enough. I am gonna have a lot of trouble getting 1000 more viewed hours...

Wazza Dudes : watching this 12 days after it was posted...none of those channels are under 1000 subs anymore WOOOO

coach pop : Go watch vox borders its production quality is off the charts

normal person : yo all these channels have over 1,000 subs. why u lying b?

Scooterrito : I started making video essays just a few weeks ago, but it's been hard to get any traction. I only have one posted so far, but it currently has just 21 views. This video has been the product of a lot of time, effort, and practice. Everyone I've shown it to has told me how great the editing is. In spite of this, it's been tough getting noticed, even after trying to advertise it around a bit. If anybody's interested, it's about the divisions in the Star Wars community between people who liked The Last Jedi and people who hated it. I have more video essays on the way, specifically one analyzing Dark Souls through the lens of Alexis de Tocqueville's seminal work, Democracy in America, and one about Distributism in the video game industry, which I know a thing or two about (I'm a game developer). Thanks so much for doing this, Austin! It really helps out small creators such as myself. If you check out my channel, feel free to ignore the let's plays. Those were never going to go anywhere on their own merit, and I know it. They were fun to make though :)

Larry Bernard : I subscribed and hit the bell for all of them. Thanks for doing something responsible

Regular Dude : Number 6. Me. Lmaooo

Isaac Carlton : Props for doing this Austin! Love your approach to this situation.

TrueGIXERJ : Dayum this puts my work to shame, to all the other small channels out there; keep up with whatever you're doing, eventually it will pay off. Much love <3 Obligatory self advertisement

Dylan Cole Official : Dylan Cole official under 1000 weekly episode spent too much on production value

Rosella Phantom : I wish I was here tbh

Winddow 987654321 : I checked out the first 2 channels you talked out and they have 7k you probubly had something to do with it. Lol. Great job. I am gonna sub to all of them.

Eric Taxxon : Eyo there's a solution that none of you are seeing abolish capitalism

PRETZEL KING : Thanks Sucks I wasn't around to be in this list *cries* JK Thanks for bringing attention to us small people

MonkeyDumpling : If only I were on here 😢😢😢😢