How a Corrupt Chicago Cop Framed Dozens of People | The Backstory | The New Yorker
How a Corrupt Chicago Cop Framed Dozens of People The Backstory The

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In the mid-aughts, the police sergeant Ronald Watts knew how to exploit the lawlessness of the Ida B. Wells Homes. The Exoneration Project believes that he and his officers wrongly arrested hundreds of people. Still haven’t subscribed to The New Yorker on YouTube ►► How a Corrupt Chicago Cop Framed Dozens of People | The Backstory | The New Yorker


CUZZINT : the movie LIFE was a true story that has been repeated millions of times in the fake eye of a corrupt system towards black men

Steven Contreras : End the war on drugs

Lester Luczak : This is so terribly infuriating & sad 😔.

Rodney Daugherty : Record cops everywhere

Steven Contreras : Thanks for letting us know what happened to that cop

Morpheus : This is totally american, putting People behind bars is americas vision.

Muse Tutor : Something similar like this is happening in a town called San Pedro which is part of the city of Los Angeles. I always encourage people to go to court to fight any ticket. Traffic ticket, vagrancy ticket, dog walking ticket. Take the time and effort to go to court. Once it is brought before a judge or commissioner they find the bogus and illegal actions of the cop...

bobbybob : This is america

Tony G : No1 Coke dealer on the southside was a Chicago cop, they say its only a few, but most the cops looked other way, Welcome to CooK county the land of the wrongfully covicted,

Linda N : The real question is how he can still be alive🤔

Evocati Media : Macy Gray should get an Oscar for Training Day.

Poochie : This is so incredibly sad

P. to the A. : This only came out because the "crooked cop" happened to be black this time.

Ratrix : That first sentence is such a contradiction. That is exactly what it means to be American. America was founded on racism and injustice. That was it's leg up in the world. Let's not pretend America has made any significant changes since then. It is and has always been a country where the strong, succeed. Be it status, wealth, or fame, power molds the rules and the weak follow them. Never has there been justice nor does any believe it exists there.

M Farner : How he framed dozens of people? What kind of video title is that when the video merely talked about how he framed one particular man? Change the video title.

John Merz : When the criminals are found guilty ( the police) they are let go to continue their crimes, judges, lawyers and politicians are corrupt as well, and should be dealt with, accordingly! I now understand the mentality of serial killers.........they suffer the crimes of the "system", and fight the way they only know how.

Anish Narayan : This show should happen in India where corruption happens in broad daylight.

Bingo Hall : The courts are just as corrupt innocent until proven guilty is not practiced. Judge will side with cop no matter what. Go to traffic court or small claims to see a kangaroo and the rats.

UNTOLD official YouTube : The police department is a waste of tax payer money

Tim : I'm 1000 times more scared of cops than criminals. I can shoot criminals when they are in the act of committing a crime. Cops are above the law.

Ava Tekle : A few bad apples and system that rewards them smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

jeff kerr : Imagine just how much this happens nationwide. Black or white it's just wrong .

Tony Santillanes : Police application: 1) Do you lie? YES 2) Will you harass? YES 3) Shoot unarmed citizens? YES Congratulations, you’re hired. Here’s a badge and gun. Go get them tiger!!

Maryann Davey : Chicago has always been corrupt!

Ralph Bentley : I wasn't sure which of 2 of my playlist should include this video, so I included it in both Misconduct & The Case For Private Firearms Ownership.

Rudy Campilii : Attorney General Kim Fox is more corrupt than all the pigs in Chicago combined.

duchess56me : Corruption. So much corruption in police departments and no punishment.

Will Winn : The police are not your friend..

mysteryof7 : "Everybody knew but nobody did anything." Not surprising. They want to be able to create their fake statistics and keep perpetuating the lies.

michael preston : THIS IS 'Merica ! TrumpLandia fer Sure.

Millennium Seven : Cop's lie all the time, there is no Justice any more in America law enforcement is a joke!!!

MoesTube1 : THIS is the real reason why CPD wants Kim Foxx out not the Smollett case.

mello : Well, did she forget to mention John Burge? All of the innocent boys and men he incarcerated...this video is grossly incomplete..especially now with a retired cpd officer saying innocent people should be shot more than 16 times!

Timothy Bucky : i do not like bad cops.

Alex Sage : It happens over 50% of the time when cops find contrabands, like drugs, etc... majority of them are planted! And the victim can't prove anything! What we need is a war in the USA, it's been way too long since there has been a major war in the USA. We need to nuke the USA population at least once per prominent locations! There will be casualties, but it will bring people together and people will value a life better.

Jp : Excellent presentation. How can such abominable corruption be allowed to carry on for so long. There needs to be more oversight of public officials, including judges, prosecutors, politicians, police, etc.....

Jay Cole : The cops in this video need to face a firing squad with real ammo

Donald Mosher : This is one forgotten penalties of being poor in America where immoral cops, prosecutors and politicians consider innocent poor people expendable to feed the profit for prison system, to further their careers, to get busts for overtime.

Rudy Campilii : All pigs in America are corrupt, all of them.

Candy West : My God Chicago is still corrupted the D.A. the mayor the cops I'm so happy I wasn't born there conniving city !

Trojan Hampton : The projects started out as nice neighborhoods,then human stock yards that were eventually neglected to heightened contained pockets of despair & death-back to your side of the tracks.

lorenzo lohman : Glad that you explained how it's done

Panthro Psyched : The police did this???? You must be joking....this happens every day corrupt is the standard everywhere

Vincent Vegas : It's not just a crooked police organization . The court system is not a system of justice . Black code and Jim Crow are alive and well .

electriclott : Justice is anything but blind.

Jack Mcgregor : Kim Foxx is a crook

Tony G : This is why people need guns

Nathaniel Hightower Hightower : Yeah that's what they been doing the people of color for more than two hundred and something years

Most cops are nazis : Hold on a second how does the Housing Authority being worthless explained all the graffiti and vandalism?