How a Corrupt Chicago Cop Framed Dozens of People | The Backstory | The New Yorker

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Dr. Halverson : This happens every hour all across America. If not planting drugs, failure to follow their oath, then intimidation, assault, brutality, injury and even murder attested to by the thousands of videos Americans have watched. Americans were once the freest people on Earth under our Rule of Law. Cops now want us to believe THEY are the law, anything they do is lawful and everything coming out of their mouth is law. NONE of these are true. Cops lie, deceive and are trained to ask 'Discovery' questions under the guise of an 'Investigation' to confuse and charge innocents with crimes never committed. Anybody recently watching a cop and a citizen knows this is true. We pay cops to serve, protect and uphold our rights. Cops now refuse to do these things so we are obligated to refuse to pay them. What employer in the world would continue to pay people who refuse to do what they are paid to do? NONE. As long as cops destroy our Rule of Law and our way of life and substitute their Police State all we have is each other neighbors, friends, family and Church members to rely upon to for our safety. We were once the freest people on Earth..

P. to the A. : This only came out because the "crooked cop" happened to be black this time.

Steven Contreras : End the war on drugs

bobbybob : This is america

Lester Luczak : This is so terribly infuriating & sad 😔.

Muse Tutor : Something similar like this is happening in a town called San Pedro which is part of the city of Los Angeles. I always encourage people to go to court to fight any ticket. Traffic ticket, vagrancy ticket, dog walking ticket. Take the time and effort to go to court. Once it is brought before a judge or commissioner they find the bogus and illegal actions of the cop...

Ava Tekle : A few bad apples and system that rewards them smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

Steven Contreras : Thanks for letting us know what happened to that cop

This video has no comments : This is so incredibly sad

tCayce : The judges and state leaders are to blame

Timothy Bucky : i do not like bad cops.

Michael Spaargaren : Good story. He was my Sgt. I hope he goes back to jail.

Ratrix : That first sentence is such a contradiction. That is exactly what it means to be American. America was founded on racism and injustice. That was it's leg up in the world. Let's not pretend America has made any significant changes since then. It is and has always been a country where the strong, succeed. Be it status, wealth, or fame, power molds the rules and the weak follow them. Never has there been justice nor does any believe it exists there.

kixxalot : This happened in "the mid-aughts"? Sounds super interesting, and much more sophisticated than "around 2005".

Smoknweed1978 : Then they turn around and say its blacks committing all crimes... they been framing us for decades....but nobody cares

Caramelle Montserrat : Why did you disable comments on the Adam Stelzner video, TNY??? Can't handle the joke he is? THUMBS DOWN FOR YOU TOO.

Rick Blain : If true, the cop is wrong. However it's clear that, to convince that a few blacks are murderers isn't hard, when so many hundreds of them really ARE murderers. Why are people so quick to blame blacks? Not because they're racists. They just pick a story that sounds perfectly believable.

M Farner : How he framed dozens of people? What kind of video title is that when the video merely talked about how he framed one particular man? Change the video title.

Ralph Bentley : I wasn't sure which of 2 of my playlist should include this video, so I included it in both Misconduct & The Case For Private Firearms Ownership.

Christian Orozco : This story is bigger than 15 people its deeper than how its being told its systematic racism.

thegreatmonster : A new cop-series? 'CSI: busted lab chemist'.

g4ngst4crizz4b : hey look a fake news publication

ted belcher : Anybody got any gum!? Good, put some in your mouth. Because it's all about that voodoo that chew do.

Kim Blizy : the world should just end now and the dinosours to take back their places in society my views