The computer that mastered Go

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StopFear : You know, what would have been a much better feature to develop is if the computer could generate UNIQUE game concept and rule sets each single time. That way once the people learn the rules they don't have time to become proficient at the game so when they play that would be a better measurement of some type of intelligence as opposed to acquired skill.

Ardee Sheek : "More configuartions than there are atoms in the universe"... Umm dude?! I don't think you have ANY idea of how MANY atoms there are out there! They are countless! I mean only a human could have more atoms than this game has configuartions!

1970 : In terms of punishment i think Chess is alot more heavy than Go.

Nathan Morton : was this a prelude to black mirror

marc bartolabac : howcast...

LethalEndie : Why would anyone think it was okay to create a robot that thinks like a human

jaymorpheus11 : After the computer beats the human what last actions remain? A. The defeated human leaves. B. The computer terminates the defeated human opponent Or...

Solcurios : The next step is to put alpha go on a human's brain

FW Poon : Westerners Play Chess, Asians play WeiQi (Go)

Not Applicable : Ill be impressed when it plays dark souls 3

Justin Norman : Too bad many computers can't beat me in chess. But maybe one day they will.

Jack Alexander : i passed go and collected £200

Browneeentertainment : if you’re surprised at computers beating humans in mathematical games so may god help you

urs küchler : I don't think so if you use tensors in R`^n

XThatOneGirlLillyX : I want to eat those stones.

Eddie S : but can it play minecraft?

David Teale Jr : hexatious is a much more intuitive game

stuwee3 : How can you know how many atoms there are in the universe? Sounds like BS to me.

Stan Land : go is good, boobs are great

Di Ling : computers are going to take over the world

Jean D : For humans the whole "which game is more complex?" argument is totally pointless. These game tree complexity numbers are unimaginably vast to our brains. BTW I have studied and played both Chess and Go for many years and so far I can say I've learned about 100 strategic and tactical concepts in chess. With Go I've learned maybe 40 or so. So I feel that overall Go is actually a simpler game than chess. It's also worth pointing out that computers got better at Chess before Go because there has been far more effort and money put into chess playing programs than Go! Chess was seen as a perfect subject for artificial intelligence by pioneers of AI most of whom were from Western countries.

Mithilesh Kuncham : Thank you very much. Wonderful video.

Ozymandiias : Alright computers, come take over the world already.

John Juanda : He's one of the strongest chess players in the world" He's a 2200 CM.............

lol101lol101lol10199 : Now try games without perfect information. I'm still waiting for an AI that can put up a challenge in a fair game of Civilization 5.

Tekdroide17 A : All the go videos on here are useless just people gassing on why isn't there a get to the point example game with all the terms explained this is so hard to get into

Afro ThuGz : but can it beat hikaru ?

TheTerminatorbird12 : Go has more boardconfigurations than atoms in the universe? lol

abc def : even if alphago won the mathes, humans just have to find the weakness in the algorithm, then, computer will always lose, computer doesnt understand concept of left or right, let alone a line. 1st, give the go player a simple calcuator too that just does find some number, but it wont tell the strategy. it is like computer games, no matter how strong your computer made enemies are, they always form a habit. you keep playing against the computer to find the habit, then you say... ah ha, now i know, if i move to the left 2 times and to the right 5 times,, then computer always sends 2 units there x location. then you use that against the computer all the way. computer does a habit, they will never understand the strategy. the flow of computer is a linear .. always a linear, because the current flow is linear. let alphago online, until we can find its habit.

dreadrath : 100 years later - "Humanity is obsolete. Extermination protocol initiated."

Quite Indeed : eh, the only good spot is one where people are punching each other.........................................................................................................................................maybe

Israel McDonald : computers can control RTS games that have more billions of times of more game states than this game, and they can beat the best humans in the world can't they?

Filip Voska : This game should be played with M&Ms or some other candy. You can then eat opponent's candy when you capture it.

Tetrys : Never knew black mentos existed...

JoCo : If it can beat a professional go player it can dodge a wrench. XD

ChessNetwork : In chess, the use of clocks are pretty standard. I don't see any being used for Go. How long does a game of Go last for typically?

Alexandria School of Science : In 2017, AI beat poker

SRTUV1 : And I thought chess was complicated...

Peter Kristensen : Soon, there will be a game where players are trainers and players are AI. Who can train the best AI to beat another AI.

cgm778 : 4:05 A computer program that can beat high level go players is a very good achievement, the developers should be proud. But in what way is it akin to imagination? It's an algorithm, it computes numbers, it is only useful in a particular sets of conditions. Imagination is orders of magnitude more general.

Dimitris Kontoleon : Come on. This game have a limited moves anyway... I mean is not like a chess, so if managed to calculate the full move you have sloved the game(at least from this length of board)

King Tri - Gizanai : these people make the game sound (racist)

Klwir Qldf : now pit Deepmind and Deep blue against each other in a game of chess.

Aiken Asael : the first general artificial intelligence would come out of puzzle games that mimics human speech and problem solving. If we make a game complex enough with the right human reinforcement learning; a game that f.ex. requires to do hard from scratch coding or solving a physics problem. Right now we don't have an architecture for this but soon enough we will lay the ground works for the deep-mind to improve to become Artificial general intelligence. The key is making games that are challenging enough such that it reflects some part of human abilities. Hold on tight it is going to be wild in the next decade or so.

I am Godspeed : why do people say go is a really hard game? its not that hard really.

Jeffery Liggett : I, for one, welcome our computer overlords.

falloutrangerlol : Carbon-based life forms are coming to an end, and silicon-based life forms are bound to rule.

Isaac Garcia : "it was stronger than perhaps we were expecting." @5:00 that is not something I want an AI developer to say, ever.

HillDueceua : here's the thing. Lee Sedol doesn't take up 12 square feet of space. alphago is more like having Kie Je, Go Seigen, Shusaku, Cho Chikun and other meme Go professionals gathered around the board. Humanity is still winning in my book. Also I sincerely hope we don't find new ways to generate sentience and proliferate suffering.

Nuclearsheep 53 : What if you got a 25 x 25 board and pitted 2 computers against each other?