The computer that mastered Go

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ChessNetwork : In chess, the use of clocks are pretty standard. I don't see any being used for Go. How long does a game of Go last for typically?

Luke William : How long until I get a robot wife?

Filip Voska : This game should be played with M&Ms or some other candy. You can then eat opponent's candy when you capture it.

wii guy : but can it beat hikaru ?

Isaac Garcia : "it was stronger than perhaps we were expecting." @5:00 that is not something I want an AI developer to say, ever.

ilker yoldas : So it begins..

Tabulus Rasa : I don't see %50 representation of women in this. Change this misogyny now!

Xiclotrode : Just give me a superhumaly intelligent dating service to help me find a perfect mate.

Rob Jansen : you People are creating skynet and its eventually gonna bite us in the ass

Bitcoin Israel : "It's probably the most complex game humans play" - utter nonsense. I'm not sure what measure of complexity he's thinking of, but if it's something like "average number of possible moves per turn, to the power of the average number of turns per game" (or some refinement of this metric), or maybe "number of possible positions", games like "Civilization" are by far more complex. This by no means is intended to diminish Go or the achievement of AlphaGo - it's a fine game, manages to be very deep with extremely simple rules, and has so far eluded computers - but let's get the facts straight.

Deflecter - : The computer who mastered CS:GO

Indonesia : Go is the game of black and white mentos, yummy

JoCo : If it can beat a professional go player it can dodge a wrench. XD

neon32 : "It was stronger than perhaps we were expecting" - Not really what you want to hear when dealing with AI.

mastertheillusion : This is chess on steroids. Next machines will make great jokes. And soon enough they will excel at everything we do. And we will turn into them as we touch the stars.

Bob Hearn : "Mastered go" might be a bit of a stretch. Let's see some results against say Korean 9ps. But yes, very impressive, and it won't be long now, looks like.

SpySappingMyKeyboard : Well I guess computers can now collect $200. Because they have... Passed Go

Terry R : I would be hesitant to call Go the most complicated game that humans play. The game 'Diplomacy' also has a ridiculous amount of degrees of freedom as well as requiring other skills that AI cannot handle yet (natural language processing). There have been attempts to make AI for Diplomacy but they have not been great.

Jeff Liggett : I, for one, welcome our computer overlords.

Mnnvint : Kind of disappointed that we didn't hear about this until after the fact, and that they chose to go the traditional way with a Nature paper instead of sharing every little advance immediately at arxiv as seems to be the (happy!) norm in ML these days. But very, very excited to read more about their approach, and a BIG congratulations is in order!

Ozymandiias : Alright computers, come take over the world already.

Crowark : If you had two of these machines playing each other would it be the same game every time? Or is there a level of randomness to the choices it makes even when it looks 20 moves into the future? I would really be interested in in seeing what would happen.

Mikuru Sunny : Can't believe I just watched the promotional video for Skynet and kinda amazed by it...

Nam Thai : Just nitpicking: the objective is not to control more than 50% of the board, but to control more than your opponent does. For example, Black controls 45% and White control 40% => Black wins. E.g. seki is more usual than one would think.

syawkcab : "We're quietly confident that who knows what will happen."

iiii : Reading about all of the AI successes in last years, I never could get why everybody is so excited about devaluation of human abilities in the growing amount of fields...

CAS TV : Added to our favourites playlist.

Halfand8 : What a dork "more configurations on the board than there are atoms in the universe." Pffft as if! There's only more configurations than there are atoms in the VISIBLE universe...

Ameena N : Baduk! Reply 1988 fans anywhere?

Aamir Khalifa : It's NOT a particular computer that beat the player.... it's the algorithm. Stop spreading f****ng ignorance about Computer Science. Algorithms are developed entirely independently of any particular computer. A computer is just a dumb machine that runs the algorithm, really, really fast.

Jacky Zhao : The Chinese Go Game is very easy to learn,but it is very hard to become a master.

Arash Saidi : Amazing!

Weizai Weizaitan : the terminator is coming guys

kisamehoshigaki09 : It even just beat Lee Sedol 4 games out of 5. Couldn't believe it.

Baichuan Ren : So, what about those GO computer games AIs? They certainly don't tree search each move till the end game. What are those programs about?

Eric : they look like m&ms

thomassaurus : oh, and here I was thinking Othello and Go were the same game with a different name.

Parkour Theory : So awesome!

Soohoran : Lee Saedol is an interesting choice: he is the most unpredictable and creative player at that level. Commentators have hard time "explaining" his moves.

HillDueceua : here's the thing. Lee Sedol doesn't take up 12 square feet of space. alphago is more like having Kie Je, Go Seigen, Shusaku, Cho Chikun and other meme Go professionals gathered around the board. Humanity is still winning in my book. Also I sincerely hope we don't find new ways to generate sentience and proliferate suffering.

Waku Tan : Human have limitations. But do not forget that humans have limetless potentional to learn. Who else made Alpha Go?

George King : The match was played recently, and alpha go won 4 out of 5 matches

supersheeep : Put the computers against each other to see the greatest go match ever.

asdalow : "There is more configurations in the game than atoms in the universe." Do you mean in the known universe?

Di Ling : computers are going to take over the world

Kaito Kidd : Is it possible that, if both players play perfectly, who wins is already predetermined by who starts? I guess it is.

Ki Hyun Kang : lee sedol

팩트폭행 : I don't like the term "master". AlphaGo clearly hasn't mastered go yet, and certainly with only the algorithm and deep learning system it has now, it will never master go. If it has really mastered 19x19 go, it should be able to know the 100% winning way for all variations, which it is not capable of. All it is doing right now is just making professional level moves, which is amazing indeed, however, just like no professional would say he or she has mastered go, the term "mastered" should not be used to describe AlphaGo.

Kyle Grewal : When will this become public? I want to practice go without setting up with a board.

Jack Alexander : i passed go and collected £200