I try to make Dwayne Johnson's head out of chocolate (The Rock)

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How To Cook That : You can support on Patreon here: http://patreon.com/h2ct. Happy New Year Everyone! 💕😀

Nyoom : Dwayne “The Choc” Johnson

Heyit'smec : Me reading the title: Yessss!!! But uh... why.

adam mac : ANNE! You'll likely not see this since you're already 1k comments deep, but still feel compelled to say it. WOW! I always enjoy watching YouTube videos where people step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Not only did you do that, but ALSO used a medium you're not familiar with by using the modeling chocolate. He went from Planet of the Apes (haha) to an actual male human! Sure, he may not resemble The Rock too much, but HUGE PROPS for attempting it. I'm sure you learned plenty, in terms of technique, from the experience for the next time and THAT is what's important. I wish I was in a position to join your Patreon as you certainly deserve it. Maybe things will change and I can in the future. Till then, hope you continue to challenge yourself and wishing you all the success it has to offer! Btw, my guess is botox. 😁

Cinder Cat : Every time I've seen or attempted realistic painting , and I mean like prosthetics for make up or acrylic/ oil paints, the best method to achieve a realistic looking skin texture and tone is to work with very thin and very translucent layers of colors. The skin is made of tons of different blues, yellows and pinks. Idk how it works with food but for prosthetics or painting you can use an air brush and kind of light spatter the under tones and then dab the excess and layer it over and over or use a chip brush and flick it. Then the main skin tone is applied over the top and then more under tones are applied over that. Idk if what I said made sense. I think structure wise it resembles rock a lot more than the first attempt. His cheek bones are literally mountains and stick out pretty far. Maybe they could be built up a bit more ? This is really cool though. I love this content.

Linh Pham : The thumbnail was so real it gave me a n x i e t y

K.M Swain : Not gonna lie, I thought the thumbnail was about eye surgery on the Rock or The Rock reacts to Troom Troom videos...

freesh. poisson : Dwayne Johnson needs to see this. Like n e e d s to. Edit: We should try and get it on the trending list 😆 .O. thanks so much for hearting this! <3

thedefinitive : The rework turned out way better! Way to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Another suggestion I wanted to make for your channel is maybe actually trying some of those recipes from "those" types of channels and show why they don't work while offering a recipe that does.

Rebecca Mc : You could say that the modelling chocolate was rock hard. 😂

Reardon Bros : i have to admit that it's a weird feeling to have The Rock staring you down every time you walk into the kitchen!!

Myrah Naeem : The final face looks much much better and yes he looks like Dwayne to me. You could have done this, You didn't have to tell us whose face you were trying to make and then made the entire video and at the end we would tell you whose face it was. That would've been so much fun. Otherwise, excellent job Ann.😍

Courtney Dotson : A whole new type of chocolate rock! (You know those candys that look like rocks but are chocolate???)

Ron Tan : Cake plastic surgery one like omg thanks for that

Sjnsbdhxx Sjsbdjxn : Ann I'm not joking nor saying this just to get likes I just want to say thank you for posting this on my birthday Sorry for my bad english

Bianca Taylor : Maybe hire a publicist or marketing manager? It sucks Im from Australia and you should be on telly or mainstream alot more!!!

Kenielya Brown : This is such an amazing use of talent with chocolate

Ameli Carver : the first attempt looked like obama XD


julian velitario : That looks so amazing! Really really amazing!

SuperSilas777 : Someone tag Dwayne on this video!! This is sooo dope Anne you are too good!

微微一笑轰长城 : Somebody tweet this to him I want to see his reaction

Sandy Snowball : It is still gorgeous.

Jenni Locke : I've just started getting into sculpture these past few months (i mostly paint and draw) and this was an interesting method. Since i mostly work with clay, I'm more familiar with using a wire armature and aluminum foil. I don't know if this method would be of any help when sculpting with clay, but I'm sure gonna try lol

Maham Omer : I want to see how The Rock would react to a cake of himself

Lily Ji : You did so well Ann !! I think one thing is off is that The Rock’s face isn’t that long. If you look at the smothering scenes in Jumanji, you can see that he has wide jaw bones but face is not as long. I would also like to point out the eyebrows are not even , giving him a questioning look. And if you look from the front view you can definitely see that the top of The Rock’s head is not pointy as it is in the sculpture. I would have personally made eyes a TINY but smaller or his nose slightly larger because The Rock’s features are either really profound or just small. I would say that you did a better job that I would probably have done but I think if you fixed up the chin/jaw and widened the nose it would be better. Thank you for making amazing videos Ann Readon! Edit: omg thank you all for liking my comments and most importantly thank you Ann Readon for making videos and liking my comment! Ann you have such great art skills!

Justin DoesRandomVids : Can you guess what the rock is cooking? Wait.... she’s cooking him


Donna McLaren : can you make a GIANT BUTTERFINGER BAR? Ferrero announces plans to relaunch Butterfinger bar in February, thought it could be trendy and give you views

Charlie Isaac : i love that you never cut out the parts of your videos that didn't go exactly to plan - i massively respect it and think you're definitely right in that spending so much time so close to something doesn't let you see it properly, you need to come back to it later! sculpting a likeness is insanely hard and i can't even imagine when working with chocolate! you did amazing! and i can't believe how much that looks like skin texture!

Torbjorn FOR THE LAST TIME IN NOT SWEDISH : 1:50 oh god it looks like 100 year old spaghettio

elephant slimes : Anne you are amazing! I’ve been watching you for years now. When I’m bored, how to cook that will always entertain me. Thank you.

- BlazeY - : “Dwayne the Choc Johnson”

S I S T E R S H O O K : I didn't read tge title so when i saw the thumbnail i legit thought someone was gonna poke their eye out! But it was just chocolate 😂

Dea Amo : As soon as I can afford to be a patreon, you're the first channel I'll support!

Random Reuben : Was the chocolate tempered? Get it, tempered? The rock is tempered..

Ty'Laya Riley : What if dawny was watching

Floppy Florps Productions : Anne: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Me (channeling my inner Dwayne Johnson): What can I say except you’re welcome!

l23 r4 : That's amazing! No way would I be able to do that! I'm really sorry that I can't help out on Patreon, I would if I could. From watching your videos I have seen that you are a really good artist. I know it is a lot to ask and you don't have to, but could you maybe do a more "arty" video (they already are very artistic and creative)! Maybe some sketching or a painting (not in chocolate like your amazing starry night)! I love your videos and it is brilliant that you keep doing what your doing! 😊😄

Aiesha Suess : Holy moly the after was really close!!!!! HOW YOU DO DAT?????? "Way out of my comfort zone"????? YOU DID AMAZING WHAT EVENNNNNN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :000000

Python Tech Tips : Ann? Were you a crafter before you got into cooking?you are just so professionally sculpting that I just get a feeling that you secretly have a crafting channel😂😂😂😂

flofames : The Mouth is to happy and the eyes are difficult Sry my English is bad because i am from Austria

Alison Sweetland : Finally the views are getting better- you deserve a lot more for your hard work and dedication

Doc : Amazing! Although it was FREAKY when you started working on his eyes & cutting away his jowls! I knew it was chocolate but my brain was struggling to compute!

Comfort Baking : I reslly want to see a new tiny food challenge!! Could you make some tiny brownies?

LoolooArts : I think maybe the skin tone is too dark or the top of the head needs to be rounder ( no offence it’s actually wayyyy better then anything I could dream of making)

harshit chaudhary : I got super scared due to the thumbnail because I thought you were going to poke his eyes and.. This looks super real !!👌👍

Sayuri A : i hope the rock sees this this is so cool

Amy W : Omfg that thumbnail honestly reallt scared me

my name thor : i thought you were gon put a needle in someone’s eye and assumed this was a “most satisfying compilation”