Why you Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild
Why you Should NEVER Release Goldfish into the Wild

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Now that your turtle is too big for its tank, think it'll be better off in the wild? Nope! Same goes for goldfish. Releasing pets into habitats where they're not native to is a very bad idea. Watch this video to see what happened to a local lake when a few goldfish were released! Music by BenSound and YouTube studio library used under the Creative Commons License.


GeneDoseGacha ! : 5 year old child: okay goldie, I’ll set you free! 5 year old child after finding out what actually happened to it: 😦

Hogwarts House : I wonder if the person who caused this watched this

Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem : Those are a lot of Magikarps

DON'T WATCH MY VIDEOS : One of them will evolve into a Gyrados and come back for revenge

sophie : “39... we can’t have that” **goes back into the swamp to catch another one** “40!!”

Theconmicbud : You should NEVER throw your gold fish into the wild so Emily wouldn't take them and feed them to her pets

Jada Cameron : Giving you a like for getting straight to the point!!! No rambling intro.

TJ Groom : Blame it at the guy who put *100000* Goldfish into a pond 🤦

Angela Reyes : We keep messing with mother nature and as usually animals are the ones who pay the price😔.

Leslie Martin : "39? We cant have that." *goes back into the water* "40!"

MegaScarletti : You won't be laughing when they all evolve into Gyrodos!

alexa plays! : I THINK RAWWFISHING DID THIS Like this if you think so to

SilentSky : *”Do not Release it to the wild, find someone else to take care of it.”* Yes.

Audreysaurs Stories : Where are your pokeballs? You need them to catch all the magicarp! Is there a garydos there 0-0

Anne Lilly : I just realized I was eating Goldfish crackers while watching this... BEGONE SIRI

Cro Batty : Thank you for talking about this, this is actually is a huge issue where I live, but with people releasing invasive snakes 🤦‍♀️

BLADE -DIRE : Rip Darwin’s family from amazing world of gum ball

Ellie Bullard : For all the idiots saying this isn't right: Goldfish are invasive species. Emily and Ed are doing everyone a favor by fishing them out.

AcupOF Noodles : 6:30 "Oh you were on the ice a little bit you're a little chilly" Fish: X_X

ella : In Australia 🇦🇺 we never have this problem because fish die within two days 😂

ScreamingSausage : goldfish: *grows 7 feet* BI*CH HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW

Iconic Spirit Animal : ** throwing goldfish into cooler ** ** pauses ** "Oh look, a little one!" ** THUmP **

Rebecca Mc : Are there any lists or anything of places overrun with goldfish that need people to remove them? I'd love to add goldfish removal to my list of hobbies but don't know where to go near me.

Ay /All of it : 6:00 "Oh look a little one!" *yeets it into the bucket giving no damns at all*

Ben B : Hmm... And I'd have thought the bright orange the fish would be rapidly snapped up by hungry birds driven insanely ravenous just by the sight of them... But, obviously, they produce rapidly enough and eventually go back to normal colors. Cute Snapping Turtle - lots of vids of them in Japan - natural predator of things like Koi fish.

QueenBea : It still blows my mind that anyone would be stupid enough to release a pet into the wild, like it surely takes effort to be that ignorant.


leyenda61 : I always wanted to release goldfish into a pond when i was a kid. Fun! Then i learned about stuff like this video

Taylor Sawyers : I know you said cast netting is illegal but omg i just would be so satisfied to see a caat net right onto that big swarm

AmniFy : I always come back to watch this video idk why I just like it alot

Cozy LPS : 59% YouTube drunk 40%about video 1%this

reaperthegecko 45 : Game warden to me: so you want to go fishing with a light machine gun? Me: I’ll only kill the invasive gold fish Warden: can I join ya?

amazingosaurus : *throws a stick of dynamite into lake* BOOOOM looks in water, 50 goldfish just slowly rise up from water, think dat worked lel

PA55AG3 6968 : Emily: Auwhh this poor guy is dying... Mom: hUehauHHaeHuah.

The Monopoly Guy : Magikarp used spawn, it’s super effective!

Leopard Gecko : Poor fish, but yep this is why you shouldn't release your pets into the wild - especially non native ones. I think the turtles were happy though :')

Fluffy Kitten : I have two gold fishes. One who has lived for 5 years so far. The one that’s 5 is white with one red spot on its head

Jason Cai : How can big can goldfish really get. sEE ViDeo Oh.

LynX 476 : He protec He attacc But most importantly He a snacc

dvp458 : Every fresh water lake in the world most likely have gold fish

Robin Ibañez : this isnt cruel, the cruelty is releasing them in the first place

KazumiTheKiller PlaysMc : The channel is not only for snakes So now I wonder if the name of your channel will change into animal discovery

ღ Lily_plays _nothing ღ : What about a very small pond how long do they get?

DOOM FEET : I love how she says euthanized rather than kill lol

Beata Klimek : Rex was trying to make them live agian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Porg Uzumaki : He protect He attacc Most importantly he Smile bacc

Robert Koski : RAWWfishing released 1000 golds into a pond

Kennedy's 2nd Nation : I'm so sorry that I saw a video before this and I thought you knew rex was a girl*laughs nervously😅😅😅hehehehehe*

swirly : Wait a minute, goldfish have thiaminase. Is it safe to feed bigger reptiles these fish? Edit: oops I didn’t watch the whole vid.