Why you Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

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Snake Discovery : To those of you who are concerned about the way we euthanized the fish, that was how the DNR instructed us to do it in order to legally remove them from the lakes. We were required to put them on ice. As much as I would have preferred to use Club Soda instead, my first priority is to make sure everything is done legally.

Leopard Gecko : Poor fish, but yep this is why you shouldn't release your pets into the wild - especially non native ones. I think the turtles were happy though :')

epSos.de : What if we had that *cute pet alligator* @8:25 in the water, so that it would eat up all the invasive fish. What could go wrong :-)

Chris P. Bacon : *FOR ANYONE WONDERING ABOUT HOW SHE KILLS THE FISH* since fish are cold blooded animals, once their body reaches a certain temperature, the lose consciousness and fall asleep, then die. And since they are unconscious, they don't fell any pain. It just like an anesthetic for them

Lani T : My goldfish of around 10 years old named cheeseburger grew to be huge like the size of the fish in the video, but we put him in a large tank together with our new turtle, french fry. We didnt know at the time what could happen. They were fine for a while, and after my dad forgetting to feed the turtle one day, I woke up to my goldfish half eaten. rip cheeseburger. Being like 9 at the time I cried since I’d known cheeseburger all my life

mei chan : When she said that someone released all the gold fish I saw a video that said "RELEASING 1000 GOLDFISH!" and umm...guess I know who it was?

SilentSky : *”Do not Release it to the wild, find someone else to take care of it.”* Yes.

Emily Rodriguez : There is a YouTuber named RAWWFISHNG I think that’s the name something like it anyways he bought like 1000 goldfish and released them into a pond he’s been doing stuff like this all over his channel. Also he caught like all these tadpoles from where they were living and took them somewhere else someone needs to educate him he’s messing up a lot of stuff

ExoticLuck : When your ex says there is plenty of fish in the sea

GatorBoy1964 Jr : WOW!!! So many comments about how cruel putting them on ice is, doesn't anybody commenting know fish are cold blooded like reptiles? it literally just puts them to sleep as their body temp slowly drops like a reptile. We had a fish pool outside an it iced over one winter an the goldfish were all on their sides on the bottom like they were dead but a couple days later when it warmed back up they were back up swimming around an fine, I'm thinking y'all must be from South Florida or Texas maybe? to have goldfish in lakes like that, I don't think they would survive a whole winter in a lake frozen over?

Robin Seilheimer : this isnt cruel, the cruelty is releasing them in the first place

CheshireCat 1015 : Oh my god imagine how many brown goldfish there are that we can’t see!!!

Flaming Female Gamer : I hate how people are so upset over this. I get you hippie dippies don’t want animals to die, but it’s either the good fish or the whole pond. And if you say you’d rather the whole pond die, that makes you worse. The way they killed them was legally required so everyone needs to shut up.

Wizzie Magi7ion : I bet someone felt bad for the feeder fish in petsmart and released them. XD the irony

Miguel Zamora : Humans are the largest evasive species 😂🤣🤣

Angel : I visited a rural pond in the Uk that was being monitored carefully as it had rare newts. Imagine my horror when I saw a huge Terrapin in there! I alerted the manager and they had it removed immediately. Seems someone decided to just dump a pet, and either didn't know or didn't care about the rare newts. The good thing about the Uk is that it gets so cold in Winter that many exotic releases whether accidental or on purpose die with the first frost. That gives me some peace of mind, that no scorpions, snakes, or spiders, terrapins or lizards can survive. Goldfish are another matter though! I worked at a reptile centre here and one day we found a scorpion in a nearby park, and we'd never sold any!

Celeste Wright : 39!?!! THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED!! oh, 40, its ok now.

Frederick Dunn : Wow, I'm glad I found this channel and this video, new subscriber, can't wait to view some of your other videos. Thumbs UP! All very interesting! People do release feeder goldfish without a thought.

ǟռʊɮɨֆ-ɮɦʟʊɛ ɮɦʟʊɛ : Here come the angry vegans

Grimalkin Felidae : I love goldies, and it makes me sad to see them killed, *but* they're invasive and need to be culled. Like feral cats. It's sad, but necessary because of stupid and careless people. Thank you for being respectful about it. The thumbnail isn't a "monster" goldfish though, commons/single tails usually get about a foot long if you keep them properly (not in tiny cramped spaces...), and fancies can get to half a foot (edit: yeah you say that in the video lol)

WesleyAPEX : Your state could wipe them out in a month by stocking bass lol

Northern Acorn : I know it's illegal there, but imagine just how much easier it would have been with a cast net. Just imagine 22 ft castanet of a boat

Jolee Caitlin : I also wanna make the point fish get ripped to pieces alive by all kinda of animals and equipment... This is literally a part of life that fish die, blame the moron that released a pet fish into a pond. I know goldfish are generally considered pets but there aren't anymore.

Alphadog1645 : In my recommend was a video called releasing 1000 gold fish into the wild

Kaylee L : I'm annoyed at those fish. I'm never going to look at a gold fish the same way again :| edit: and before I LOOSE MY MIND, yes, I know it's not the fishes fault! Say your friend got u a chocolate bar that you really hate, you'd be kinda mad. it's the same with this I KNOW IT'S NOT THE FISHES FAULT BUT I CAN'T HELP BUT BE MAD

Funny penguin : That's a great way to take care of non-native animals, it's great that you helped that lil bay area

0h Nutty : Thank you so much for making this video. People just release their pets into the wild thinking it's "better for them" because they were too irresponsible to take care of the pet, didn't know what they were getting themselves into, etc. but in reality either you are sending your pet to its doom as it does not know how to take care of itself, or you are sending all the animals in the environment to their doom (if the animal is invasive that is). People do not understand this. *Research the pet you want and its requirements.*

gabe killian : Just FYI carp have a natural defense of not tasting very good. That's probably why Rex didn't like them

AGoodSlytherin : Humans are invasive species too

MysticalMiner 1 : 6:17 she taught me something humans are an invasive species.

ACatLady 62 : Hiii if you know any cute extinct/endangered animals other than the: Caspian tiger Tasmanian tiger Tasmanian devil Western black rhino Bilby (Dey so cute :3) Dodos (Dey my fav) Caribbean monk seal Thx I’m drawing a bunch. Try to spell it so I can search it on safari plz

Jasper Geli : That is why you should never release domesticated foxes even if they are "wild" (not wild at all).

MoonlitFox : Free fish for the animals! thats actually really cool that you have an inexpensive way to deal with pest animals while also taking care of your little ones.

Alan walker Vs marshmallow : And I thought my gold fish was big.

Ironmantwd 4580 : I feel bad for the goldfish i used to have 8 goldfish when i was younger

Sora : I love turtles and tortoises but I also love goldfish, seeing this hurts...:(

Gankis84 : 2.8k people can not handle science.

Albert Pampalona lisnenko : How could you catch so much poor goldfish!

Bryce Alumia : I love how she took one more goldfish because they only had 39

CyBeR Toast : That alligator is cute

Peachy Ben : all they wanted was love and their owners abandoned them :( at least they helped keep your little man happy and well fed ♥️♥️

Coping With Behcets : Also, I get that people think bringing in other fish could fix the invasive species problem, but that's kind of like cutting out a burn and forgetting to suture the wound closed. You still have a wound. Maybe it will heal over time, maybe it won't, but either way you're going to have a scar. My hometown had a lake that was polluted, badly, so they threw in zebra mussels. Initially they were bummed because it didn't appear to be working. They assured people the mussels would clear the water up a little, but that they weren't reproducing. Fast forward a decade or so, and there is a huge zebra muscle problem. Falling in the polluted lake sucked. Falling in a semi-polluted lake, and cutting myself on zebra mussels, was a heck of a lot worse. Anyhow, they tried time and time again to sort out what should or could be added to balance things out, but the damage had been done. The lake is supposedly okay to use for water sports, and you can eat like 1-2 fish a month or something from the lake, but most residents who remember how badly polluted the lake was, and how it feels to step on a zebra mussel, haven't even considered going in. You can try and undo damage done by introducing a non-native species into a lake, or any habitat really, but you'll never get back to where the natural starting point was. Those fish have completely destroyed that environment, and made themselves the top of the chain just based on sheer population. It would be extraordinarily difficult to rectify the damages. It doesn't mean that conservationist won't attempt to fix it, but at some point you have to really advocate for prevention and hope other bodies of water in the area aren't affected. Meanwhile the lake back in my hometown, is being invaded my grass carp, so that's been an interesting frustration amongst my fishermen friends and family members.

Goldenheart ! : I would absolutely love to do thar

AngelUniverseYT : Not gonna lie, I feel really bad for the fish, it isn't their fault that this happened, but this is for the better

megbizzle : Snake Discovery I loved the commentary during Rex's feeding! So funny "This is what I think of invasive species......EEWWWW!" 😂

Valeria Martinez : Poor fish their going to survive like that 😭😭😭🐠🐠🐠

Jeatherlyy : Goldfish arent innocent after all. They are HORNY AF

Pretzil Man : One question... WHY DO YOU HAVE A PET ALLIGATOR?? (I want one)

Emma Goudie : I laughed when that fish just slid right out of Rex's mouth. :D

Drago_ Dragon : Sure does look cruel but overall did more good then harm! Try using a cast net to catch those big schools of fish