Why you Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

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Snake Discovery : To those of you who are concerned about the way we euthanized the fish, that was how the DNR instructed us to do it in order to legally remove them from the lakes. We were required to put them on ice. As much as I would have preferred to use Club Soda instead, my first priority is to make sure everything is done legally.

Leopard Gecko : Poor fish, but yep this is why you shouldn't release your pets into the wild - especially non native ones. I think the turtles were happy though :')

Polydactyl Ninja Cat : ** throwing goldfish into cooler ** ** pauses ** "Oh look, a little one!" ** THUmP **

maggie harris : aww a tiny one *violently throws into cooler*

OverChub : 6:01 “Oh a little one” Yeets it

Ching C : I feel like the beep sound when ed swears should be changed to one of your snakes hissing 😂😅

SilentSky : *”Do not Release it to the wild, find someone else to take care of it.”* Yes.

Darwin Watterson : As a goldfish, this traumatizes me. I will have my revenge on you! no but i'm glad you did this

Potato Pups : *Rawwfishing’s video about releasing 1000 goldfish pops up* Welp.

Patrick : Pets are FOREVER. If you are getting a pet. NO MATTER WHAT you are required to have the mindset that you are adopting a HUMAN CHILD. You feed it, bathe it, walk it, etc. Don't discard your animal just because yo no longer want them or because you can no longer take care of them. also don't put them into the wild life thank you.

Heather Rose : Put the fish into a garden. If you bury them under a plant they make some of the best natural fertilizer ever

CheshireCat 1015 : Oh my god imagine how many brown goldfish there are that we can’t see!!!

Dregeons Heart : U forgot to euthanize the most invasive species of all.........humans🤘

arjl880 : 6:20 Imagine if giant aliens started plucking us off the earth saying that we're "invasive and overpopulating...so I don't care" and just tossed us into outer space...lol

Hurley Wales : Before watching this video, if I was ever in a situation where someone tried to tell me that those brown fish were goldfish I would've fought them on it. Had no idea in a few generations they could lose color. Thanks for the informative vid!

Aqua_PlaysRoblox : Is mayonnaise a pet?

WesleyAPEX : Your state could wipe them out in a month by stocking bass lol

Ann Fitzgerald : In my town someone released a alligator into the river.

Shyla Blaze : My goldfish had cancer :( ONE LIKE = ONE PRAYER

xo alexis : legend says she’s still out catching goldfish with her hands

Jason R : If my mom was there, she's gonna be so happy to cook those fishes. Yup we eat goldfishes and i'm asian.

Ayece Channel : Nerf goldfish pls

The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+ : 6:13 did you just call that pregnant fish "gravid"? That's the Swedish word for pregnant! :P I was not prepared for that! x'D We just put the emphasis on the i instead of the a.

Kind_Kitty playz : It's kind of cruel in my opinion of how when people catch fish they just let it suffocate. Now i know that fish were created for human consumption I'd just rather chop off it's head so it doesn't have to die a slow painful death like suffocation. I'm probably going to get hate.

Illiana Tellez : Emily: So we are going to catch these fish and Me: i hope its good Emily:And feed it to our turtles Me: \_(T.T)_/ welp at least the gold fish had a good life and the turtles had a good meal

707 : I wonder if those are the same goldfishs that guy on youtube released into that lake 🤔

Lauren Webster : Sponsored by mountain dew...

Sarcastic MSP Of Chlo : Around where my nan lives someone releases a pet terrapin into a park pond and it reproduces like mad and there are now about 15-20 terrapin turtles in that pond

Aidan Hill : Should do an event where everyone gets together to catch as many as possible

Maddux Null : You should host a public slaughtering of those fish.

Funny penguin : That's a great way to take care of non-native animals, it's great that you helped that lil bay area

Miles Callen : When i looked on the recommendations to watch stuff and i saw “releasing 1000 goldfish” lol

Tristan Yuri Figuracion : Can i (we) Eat Goldfish?

ValorousArcanine : Me: *watching your vids* Mom: "why are you always watching videos?" Me:"I'M LEARNING, MOM!"

Vanessa Silva : If you release a goldfish into a lake they get super huge. While if you get a standard tank for a goldfish they die. Hm..

rebecca finn : This is why I dislike people who think they're being "kind" and "setting them free" =_=

kdsom : When I seek a professional opinion I always head to youtube comments section! The answer to every question.


T G : I know these fish are invading lakes and stuff.. but it'd be nice if you treated them with respect instead of throwing them around, because at the end they are proving your animals food for free.

chunk : * releases pet goldfish into the wild

Emily Rodriguez : There is a YouTuber named RAWWFISHNG I think that’s the name something like it anyways he bought like 1000 goldfish and released them into a pond he’s been doing stuff like this all over his channel. Also he caught like all these tadpoles from where they were living and took them somewhere else someone needs to educate him he’s messing up a lot of stuff

Tiny Whinnie : Let me just SO casually feed this to my ALLIGATOR.... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Kool Guy : Why would u kill gold fish

Happy Doggo : rex is a savage but he does it adorably omg

Mr. Pony : 1 like = 1 fish saved

AngelUniverseYT : Not gonna lie, I feel really bad for the fish, it isn't their fault that this happened, but this is for the better

Angela dat : D Da Dan Dang Dan Da D

Nicki Woolley : You killed a northern sole with a life and empties and feelings just to get a round number of kills

Akshay Shintre : 6:20 we humans are invasive not the Goldfishes