Why you Should NEVER Release Pets into the Wild

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Snake Discovery : To those of you who are concerned about the way we euthanized the fish, that was how the DNR instructed us to do it in order to legally remove them from the lakes. We were required to put them on ice. As much as I would have preferred to use Club Soda instead, my first priority is to make sure everything is done legally.

SilentSky : *”Do not Release it to the wild, find someone else to take care of it.”* Yes.

Funnel Cake : How is their not a single " the snack that smiles back" joke in here... I'm very disapointed in this comment section


P!ATD Wolf : "Oh a little one!" Yeets into bucket Edit: thanks for the likes !!!!

Ghandicus Erectus : Why buy a goldfish for 20 cents when you can just catch one for free in the local pond?

Leopard Gecko : Poor fish, but yep this is why you shouldn't release your pets into the wild - especially non native ones. I think the turtles were happy though :')

Susie Ballard : About four months ago, I took my seven-year-old daughter to the State Fair. As we were leaving the fair, a little girl maybe a few years older than my daughter came running up to us with a goldfish in a bag. She asked my daughter would you want to have this goldfish? PLEASE MOMMY CAN I HAVE THE GOLDFISH? So we agreed to take the goldfish. This was a Sunday night, my daughter did have to go school the next day. Going to the fair was part of her birthday present, so we stayed till closing time. It was maybe 9:30 pm when we left the fair, I myself not knowing one bit of how to take care of a fish decided to use Google. Upon Googling I found out the Goldfish, could only live for about four hours in that plastic bag. At 10oclock at night I drove to Walmart to purchase a fish tank. This is my daughter's first pet, I could not let it die. By the time I found a suitable tank, that was also within my budget, it was already 11:30 p.m. I rushed home gave my daughter a bath, put her in bed by 12:15am. Then the next three and a half hours I spent assembling the fish tank. I have been told goldfish can live for ten to fifteen years. Lets hope so because we both lost sleep, plus after the fair and purchasing a Aquarium and necessities, Momma was tired and kinda broke. Good memories I tell ya

OovanDraws : I would say “that’s so mean” but they are invasive species so it would be best to get rid of them

WifeMomTeacherLife : That is insane how many goldfish there were in that lake! Why don't people know better than to put goldfish in the wild?!? I don't know anything about animals/critters (😄), but common sense tells me not to release a house pet into a wild environment because I know a little about ecosystems and how easy it is to disturb them.

That One Person With A Cat : *Next Suggested Video: RELEASE 1000 goldfish into the wild!*

CheshireCat 1015 : Oh my god imagine how many brown goldfish there are that we can’t see!!!

Christian Vang : What lake is this, so I can help remove those goldfish.

management STJRM : 8:05 when i see my crush

Luscious View : Damn she got a crock pet on her room? 😦

Japanese Leopard : 8:06 when someone says something disgusting while I'm eatting.

Jen : Be easier to just release the turtles into the lake! lol

Erica Ruth : Utah lake has this same problem. tons of carp and we've had toxic algae a few years in a row now

A Youtuber Needing A Lot Of Subscribers : “Fish murdering bastards”

Mr. Daint : 9:35 FEED USSS FEEED USSS!

707 : I wonder if those are the same goldfishs that guy on youtube released into that lake 🤔

Jose Arteaga : I wish I could say no gold fish were harmed during the making of this video

Rowley Jefferson : I’m just watching the dead fish staring up at the camera whilst you hold its family

BlueFox : after this video iwill relese everything into the wild

Nevaeh Amaye : REX DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOOOOOOOOOOD don't play with your food kids :> :T Wait... I'm only 9! I'm a kid ;-; T-T ;-;

WesleyAPEX : Your state could wipe them out in a month by stocking bass lol

David Armstrong : I'm sure someone else commented this, but some less responsible fisherman will use them as bait, and they get released that way too.

Babywolfz : I clicked on this by random but wow this is super interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Bee Snort : I am officially in love with Rex!😍😍😍 he’s just so cute!!! Rex looks like me when I try and eat Brussel sprouts!😂

Katey Wilson : Why are you killing the poor fish you are so mean

epSos.de : What if we had that *cute pet alligator* @8:25 in the water, so that it would eat up all the invasive fish. What could go wrong :-)

wslaxmiddy : God for a second I thought you were going to tell me to put the pets I don’t want in a bucket of ice. Nice timing

Casey Coolwhip : This video is making 0 sense to me they keep talking about releasing goldfish but what happens when that alligator gets too big and they release him?🧐

Dinnertime Dad : The ad before this video is literally, I'm not joking, 5 hours long

Whenthanossnap Oof : This looks fun and odd and gross at the same time. And WHY ARE THEY SO BIG!!! And plus I saw I video right after this that was recommended called “Releasing 1000 goldfish in my pond” I was like boi.

Funny Penguin : That's a great way to take care of non-native animals, it's great that you helped that lil bay area

Madison Jackson : I can actually testify to how big goldfish can get! We got around 6-8 feeder fish for our pet turtle and after a few years of said turtle not eating two especially sneaky goldfish, one of them got longer than my pointer finger before our turtle finally got off their butt and ate it.

whachu dewin : Love the retro mountain dew tee! 😁😁

Katey Wilson : How long were you out there catching

CreeperMaster45 : 0:58 What Are They Teaching The Goldfish

Robin Seilheimer : this isnt cruel, the cruelty is releasing them in the first place

Eleanor Cooke : Good idea because there’s a lot of them l love you 😍😍

Bill Lyons : Love rex the alligator!

Katey Wilson : You guys are doing good

Draco's Apple : The snack that smiles back. Gold Fish!

Chris P. Bacon : *FOR ANYONE WONDERING ABOUT HOW SHE KILLS THE FISH* since fish are cold blooded animals, once their body reaches a certain temperature, the lose consciousness and fall asleep, then die. And since they are unconscious, they don't fell any pain. It just like an anesthetic for them

Imma Smiler : I never found Goldfish appealing to watch 🤢

Magda Mazid : Then he released those 700 goldfish in a pond that might have been this or something similar to this pond

Rowley Jefferson : I saw one about a foot long at my local lake

Slimey Slime : poor fishys