Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 1 | It's Alive | Bon Appétit
Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 1 Its Alive Bon Apptit

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Bon Appétit’s Brad and Claire are back for a very special crossover episode (Part 1!) of It’s Alive. Claire says they’re making doughnuts with sourdough starter. Brad’s trying to make “sourdoughnuts” a thing. Who will win? You will: this episode had so many good Brad and Claire moments that we had to make it two parts. Join Bon Appétit Test Kitchen host Brad Leone on a wild, roundabout, and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to experiment with fermented and live foods yourself. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 1 | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


TheBIGOliveSoapCo : Claire: House cat Brad: Golden Retriever

Mikaela Delgadillo : Claire and brad are the kids in school the teacher has to separate because they were having too much fun in class

Brittany Powell : THANK YOU to the producers & editors for not cutting this amazing content! I laughed so hard.

Kat Marie : Now we know what killed Claire. It wasn't the starbursts, it was making the starbursts while simultaneously collabing with Brad

Isabel : Claire: trying to explain in expert detail how to do something. Brad: waving a lid directly into his microphone distracting literally everyone

Katie J : The camera men high five was the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen

Martha Reis : Brad: Well, Claire, I'm a jar 2/3 full kind of guy, know what I mean?" Editor nails it: Half-empty: pessimist Half-full: optimist 2/3 full: missing the point, but with a great attitude

TV Sergio : Brad and Claire should have their own Netflix show. They are just gold together.

Magnazero123 : Anybody else watch this video just to see Brad and Claire banter instead of caring about a donut?

Aira Mae Revilla : "Not Vinny" "Also not Vinny" THIS KILLED ME SKSKSSK

Rey Schrute : Brad and Claire simultaneously filming two videos laughing with each other across a kitchen full of cameramen is just the best thing ever

The Susan Rules : My favorite show, "You're Getting Murdered" with Brad Leone.

Travis Pisani : This is the farthest thing from a cooking show I've ever watched and I love it.

mjölkpojke : Brad: That’s not the way I’ve been doing it. Claire: It doesn’t matter. Claire Saffitz: NIHILIST

icefishcat : It's possible that Claire and Brad are the best thing on the internet. Ever.

Materva1 : I don't know about anyone else, but I would totally watch a video of Brad teaching Claire how to drive stick.

Adel K : gotta love Claire's slightly-unsure-slightly-concerned uh-huh's 😂

theWeaverofTales : Now Claire's "not now, Brad" vibes make all the more sense

Abby Garden : Forget buddy cop movies, I’ll take a buddy chef movie where Brad and Claire solve mysteries about baking

Bianca Cavazos : I love how Chris Morocco is the final say on everyone's accomplishments in the kitchen. Cause he's a tough cookie. 🤣

Maya Valle : Literally more than half the video is just mixing the dough 😂😂

Yvonne : Definitely the best BA video to date. The interaction between Brad and Claire are hilarious. Now we know why it took so long for Claire to make the starburst.

Hunter Crosby : No one in the comments is talking nearly enough about Dad Brad’s Tips for Ladies

Darrian Weathington : I love the merging of the 2 shows. "Its alive with a pastry chef S13 E1220: doughnut starburst"

Aishwarya Net : Claire blink twice in the next episode if Brad is holding you against your will

maylingrace : This was basically Claire and Brad’s rambling, disjointed podcast and I’m here for it! 😂

Dom : Can we please just have a weekly hour long video of Brad & Claire talking over a stand mixer? I will pay.

sephiros9883 : The whole "cast" of BA is absolutely the best comedy team on TV today.

Alexandra Clark : Brad saying brioche is like when Joey learned French

MAK REACTS! : Brad: Hey Claire Claire: ya Brad: Claire Claire: ya Brad Brad: HAYY Claireeee Claire: brad. 😄

lordcrunk : Anticipating the sequel. Brad & Claire Make Doughnuts Part 2 > Star Wars Episode 9

Dustyment : So this explains why Claire lost her ever-loving mind during Starbursts.

Airsoftgurl : We need an episode of brad teaching Claire how to drive a manual car😂😭 That would go south so fast

waleed A : i wasn't interested in a doughnut video that has several parts and each goes for 28 min ....but boy i was wrong ...this is GOLD

Lily Rivera : these videos give me the same energy as Jenna and Julian cooking.

McBlooop : Brad seems like he's a "don't you dare touch the thermostat" kind of dad

Charlie Brooks : Claire: "It's on the verge of collapsing" Video editor: "Same." Dear video editor r u ok

littleoldpheebs : Whoever edited this needs a raise, because this is hilarious 😂

Lynx Thinks : OHHH my gosh, the mashup of It's Alive and Gourmet Makes is literally EVERYTHING to me!!!! I remember seeing this bit in Gourmet Makes and wondering what the heck was going on and I'm glad we can see the other side of it now!

First world problems : The editor is the best 😂 “I can go pick up some doughnuts nuts if that’s easier?”

Ali Jacobs : They should make a podcast just Claire and brad and they could talk while baking something

Jenny Hernandez : Now we know the real reason why she was stressed while making the starburst 😂😂

Rose Santos : “You’re getting murdered Claire!” OMG I just laughed out loud in public 😬😂😂

Mathias Rieske : I wish Brad was my neighbor, fire up the grill and hear his stories all weekend.

Brittney L Freeman : "I can go pick up some doughnuts if it's easier?" 😂☠️☠️☠️🤣

Kasey Schmidt : You know how Lizzo says the word “accessory” as “accessorary” in her song Tempo? Now every single time I listen to that song I hear “rotisserary” now 🙄 thanks Brad.

SloMoMonday : This went from "we're gonna make doughnuts" to "best buddy podcast" to "the BA Cinimatic Universe" to "keep filming and we'll fix it in editing".

Stacey Mitchell : Brad: "It's like a Rickyism... you ever seen that show Trailer Park Boys?" Claire: "... No." this explains them both so much lol

Rael Reyes : Claire: how many times did you turn the dough in the last video? Brad: yes.