Weird police chase 1-11-2019, strange behavior and crowd control

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Please visit for more information about this police chase and any other further devolpmemts about this story and many other breaking news stories Weird Police chase 1-11-19 man with gun call and crowd control . The call came out with man with gun in his vehicle, a police chase ensued and spike strips were used to bring the chase to an end. The suspect came to a stop in a known neighborhood, The police stopped behind the suspect The asking him to get out of the vehicle. A few local residents started gathering around the vehicle but because the suspect possibly had a gun little could be done. Eventually a few residents started acting strange by dancing in the street provocatively enticing the police department but the the police held great restraint and after some tense moments the suspect drove away into an alley where he surrended to police without incident and was taking into custody .

Comments from Youtube

youngsaaron : why arent they all in jail?

Stratos53100 : 3rd in 3 days, STU gets all the non stop Action.. Thanks B.B.

B Donor : Once again, black folks show their complete lack of common sense - and they wonder why they get shot?

Jan McElvain : There's a lot of lard dancing in that street.

Elizabeth Mather : Thanks 4 sharing! Stu had parts to his on his Instagram page that I follow!🤗👏

USS Liberty, Kalergi Plan : Why are police harassing this wakandan? He was just on his way to class at Harvard! He dindu nuffin!

Dazza Moore : I seen this from another viewpoint on a different channel. You see the guy show what looks like a collage & picture of a woman on it out his window to the crowd. Possibly lost someone close due to unnecessary violence maybe?

firemanjim324 : Thank you BINGO BRIAN! Took a nap after work and woke up to this . This video shows the blatant disregard for law enforcement in California, and across the US.... It's pitiful.... California has become too lax on criminal apprehension, and that's why this crap keeps happening over there. You won't see that kind of behavior in Texas... I know HPD (Houston) would not put up with it and quite a few of those "upstanding citizens" would have been arrested for interference with a criminal investigation.... California just promotes the degradation of society. If a border wall ever gets built, I hope it runs along the entire California border. They seem to enjoy the criminal elements, and illegals, so Mexico can have at it....

Montys Python : Morons every last one of them

Paul Jewell : 10:55 Admits it might be his fault

chazz wozzer : I dont know why anyone would want to be a cop in these liberal wastelands

USS Liberty, Kalergi Plan : What a beautiful culture.

Timeless Teasers : timeless

ChiefBD119 : The ending should have been a girl cop booty dancing at the crowd.

Rae Salisbury : That cat was the real star

Amereskie Mom : Stuuuuuu!!

David Wolf : For the life of me, I do NOT understand why this crowd was allowed to interfere with this police action to begin with.

justthinken1 : If I was in charge when the large lady started dancing the booty dance I'd give the command to use non-lethal beanbags and shoot her in the butt. But I may be alone on this.

Mr NOBODY : 4:31 mark Americas got Talent and NICE big BOOTAY

Dustin Wagner : Why is it a crime to have a gun?

Real Talk : at least in america you have police to do their job properly, come to the UK theres hardly any police anymore

Adlin Ling : How do the police tell a deaf person his Miranda rights when arresting them?

Jackson Jackson : Thats a nice truck, blood. You aint driving for awhile though

Garry S : The wall just got 110 miles....further inland.

sassylipps1980 : Dear Non Hood People, This group represents only a certain type of people from the hood. We are not all like that. Every community has them , every hood, suburb, and even gated community.

Patricia stambaugh : What is a wrong with these people. Arrest them all.

expat2010 : Change of clothing and I could picture this dancing going on in Africa 1,000 years ago.

UnderageBeerHere : "Occifer, I swears I dindu nuffin!"

Las Vegas Valley Accountability Watch : Hood rats coming out in force. Thanks Obama, great job you did with your own people. Now how about more phones for the indigent losers

Adolf Hitler : Fucking blacks idiots...

Agorist Dryad : Black man with a gun in his lap? Must be insane, better throw him in jail. Cops chasing people through the streets with their guns draw? Just protecting the 'hood. This is racism in America. Having a gun while black is a crime unless you're a uniformed cop.

Brenda Hall : I am SOOOOO GLAD we moved from California. I was born in Inglewood before the Watts riots and grew up in Southern California. I DO NOT miss all the cry baby Libtards that do stupid shit like this. I guarantee that if they needed those officers at their house and they thought they took too long they would be all over the news and suing the LAPD. We back the blue here in Texas and have several friends that retired for the the DPD. These people all need to get jobs and become productive human beings.

zippo : if it was not for all the ppl there they would have kill him thank god for them all there looking out for him you know the cop r looking to kill you not help you at all ever time i see something like this they guy get killed ever time but where there a lot videos they dont kill them if you see that