What Redbone would sound like if you used to know it

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10/17/18 Adding an actual description: I never expected this to blow up like it did. Thank you everyone for all your support and all the wonderful comments! Alot of people have been asking about a Spotify version of this but that's unfortunately impossible due to Spotify's TOS. However I can supply a Soundcloud version and a download for you guys to enjoy: https://soundcloud.com/user-519972443/now-youre-just-a-redbone-that-i-used-to-know Thank you again and I hope you guys will enjoy my future work!


panktriv : no one: youtube recommended even though this vid is two years old:

SwiftySteve : replay button: exists me: "ah shit here we go again"

ツToxic : This is what you call a masterpiece. Each speed fits this song...

WJS51 : put it on normal speed it sounds amazing

Yungdaggerdick : *”what redbone would sound like if it was a one hit wonder”**

Verziory : Childish Gotye - Some Redbone That I Used to Know

Ac _Element : This song makes me want to peel a banana upside down and drink it.

Dylan Gilbert : 1.75 speed sounds like michael jackson

Kevin Sauce : This sounds amazing at (144p)

Justus Hör : i want it on spotify

Daniel Montes : I-I think y-you just did something man...

Chanel Hanson : 2:22 speed 0.5 i imagine myself being trapped underwater drowning and its strangley relaxing🥰

GuineaPigCuber : If you play it at the speed of light it sounds so good

XxOliver058xX : Yo play at 1.00 speed ITS FIRE 🔥

seerpou : Lmao I thought that man was Lord Faarquad

ur mom big gae : Tfw you make ur first minecraft house and a creeper blows it up

Mateo Bravo : This song makes me want to buy a bike so it can ride me

Baxter : I'm actually really mad that I didn't know about this for 2 years. I would've been jammin

milkman2199 : The holy algorithm has spoken AGAIN

Smile : That's some quality editing. Its almost unbelievable.

BumBum Reaker : Please put this on Spotify and Apple Music Like if u agree

SilentAssassin : Why does this actually sound really good omg

Ajit Chamraj : Everyone’s talkin about different speeds but the normal speed is perfect ngl

Waddup_XD : y’all can hate but 0.75 is maddd chilll

Antelani Atuaia : Bro this is actually the shit, idc what anyone else says otherwise

Michael Jacksonz : To Witness Hell, Lower Speed Down To 25x

Groonka Ston : They tried to make a meme, *they made a masterpiece instead*

Einstein The 5th : This is unnecessary fire Thank u

Haku Yuki : people who dislike listen to lil pump everyday

Millie Mar : What did the YouTuber change?

The Tarr : gotta appreciate youtube's reccommended system sometimes

jessenholmes : 1.75 it turns into a daft punk remix

iSnack : this song makes me feel like I am somebody you used to know

Izuna : I called Chief and he said this is it

Desired : Put at 1.5 for dt and 800pp if ranked

King Aj : This. is. A.Masterpiece.

Yorun Higger : 1:45 1.25🔥🔥

Alok Ravel : Sounds amazing when you use a telegraph instead. You really get that vintage sound!

Nancy : *make this in 8D audio*

Local Artist : 1.75 speed, it’s a bop

Carl Smith : Guys name: Gotye Me in dad joke mode: Gotye nose!

CandyCorn CocaCola : Put the video on 1.25 speed. Thank me later

hi im nobody : I used to listen to this while playing roblox. Good times

Graves Cigar : "pUT iT oN o.75 sPeEd"

Elmo’s World : 1.25 speed is 🔥🔥🔥

Anelise Duslak : i heard that childish Gambino *tried* to make a parody of this.

SeanCalaa : why is this better than the original

Xmemes Blackskull : *Shaggy would approve this on* 1.25

ღsɹǝʎq˙ǝlʇsɐƆღ : 1.25x - *it’s a diss track now.*