Deep Bore Into Antarctica Finds Freezing Ice, Not Melting as Expected | National Geographic

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National Geographic : Without the ice shelves pushing back the ice, the global sea level would increase rapidly. What do you think of this new finding about the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica?

Azliana Lyana : We only see the surface but never see beneath the ice, wow. Thanks National Geographic for sharing.

New Message : looked like a Yeti's colonoscopy, really.

SandMan Jono : Once again I am in awe with our beautiful planet always leaning something new via NG Thanks NatGeo for such an informative & well shot film

Christopher White : Flat earthers gone quiet 😂

stiimuli : Had a small panic attack imagining falling down that hole head first O_O

Christopher Gaul : It would have been nice to include even a brief summary of WHY this was surprising to the scientists, to find freezing instead of melting ice and why it matters and what impact it has on other things.

PANDA BLAZE13 : that one dude that drops their phone in there

Sameer Saleem : Wow


sexy korean girl : wheres the hole?

Luz Maria Torres II Garcia : Mother Nature is full of surprises

Jason Blake : I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a Starbucks at the end of that hole,they r effing everywhere

LESCH FAN : The part when the camara dives in to the water is creepy xd

Narinder Singh : That music and the video of camera exploring the bore are mesmerizing. Is there a full 1-hour version of this?

Archana Nagarajan : As the famous environmentalist Vandana Shiva said, Earth has seen the cold and hot extreme temperature and still surviving and will continue to survive, it is we who have to brace the onslaught!

WinArmy : so they expected ice to be melting hundreds of meters beneath the surface?!thats why i go with religion!

uGatoBeKittenMe : That video looked like a metaphor of the journey of life becoming darker and more mysterious until you finally reach the end, weightless in the abyss with no light in sight

Mark Ponce : I feel like a jumpscare would occur anytime while watching the camera go deeper and deeper.

The Dream : This video was stupid, and did not demonstrate anything. @National Geographic are you guys baiting for views?

Ming-Ray Liao : The video doesn't do the research justice - if you click into the article in the description there's this paragraph 'The undersides of ice shelves are usually smooth due to gradual melting. But as the camera passed through the bottom of the hole, it showed the underside of the ice adorned with a glittering layer of flat ice crystals... sea water is actually freezing onto the base of the ice instead of melting it'. I understood it as the equivalent of putting an icecube into a glass of water and having water freeze onto the ice...which is why it's a surprising find. Maybe. (This isn't my field of study) *Reposted what I replied to a comment

T Mura : Don't let Al Gore see this.

Nick_PDX 22 : Global warming isn't nor has it ever been *The issue* , CLIMATE CHANGE however, that's the MF to be paying attention to! Mini ice age here we come!

Hendrik Tijdelijk : Dear Worldcitizens, A reason to inspire and help about this topic: Put a block of ice in the middle of a swimming pool or some place with water and make the surrounding air around the ice minus zero and the water around the ice just above zero to create a steady block of ice that doesn't grow or shrink in size. Then if you break a part of the ice and do it away, then new ice will grow back on your original block of ice to the balanced size you created earlier. So the ice that breaks from Antarctica will be grow back at the colder spots on Antarctica. But now i leave a question for you: How big is the rate of growing ice compared to the shrinking ice on Antarctica? Goodlife for all! (sorry for my bad English working on it:))

RelwotWerdna : I suggest they explain why this an interesting phenomenon, because with my basic understanding of how, y'know, freezing and melting works, this is a "no duh" situation? Like, it's pretty obvious the ice and water deep down in the shelf would still be at freezing point temperatures? Melting happens at the extremities, not in the core. Is this to appeal to climate change deniers or something?

Riker626 : They were surprised that water in the hole was freezing rather than melting ..... Shocking


ade rahmat : expecting megalodon or big eyes on the end..

Navneet Pegu : Does this negate the reports of effects of global warming in Antarctica?? What does it really signify??

TheKingOfToast : This climate change is too much!! Fist melting NOW freezing!! what will we do!!! Almost broke a record temperature almost 100 years old! These extreme patterns will destroy the world!!!!

Windowsill Succulent Gardening : Tomorrow on fox news: Global warming is a hoax, ice getting thicker according to scientists

Erosen Sendo : I’m disappointed, the comment section isn’t asking the right questions. Like for example, What’s the name of the music? (It’s a joke)

Rahul A : *oh really what a surprise*

David Siler : It must be why we haven't heard about global warming in a while?

SpecialOps728 : AVP

kerry mcinnis : Can we stop pushing the Global warming hoax for Al Gore's carbon taxes now??

Cardinali : Just because it doesn't melt below, doesn't mean it won't melt above...

elKONTEXO : After reading some lovecraft this was one of the scariest videos ive seen on youtube...

zigzagbagify : Name of music please

fUll 951 : well. yeah. and when you pull an ice cube out of the freezer the condensation freezes on the cube. doesn't change the fact that ice cube is gonna melt

jordy plays games : Um... you can't freeze ice. Ice if frozen water, it can't freeze twice

S Singh : You must be super idiot to figure out only after drilling the ice in the hole and along the base was crystallizing and freezing... bunch of idiots, it is common sense to know it. You don’t need freaking science to explain this nonsense.✌🏻

Winston Panlaqui : We still have time to save the world. But how?!?!?!?

Beebo Outdoor Podcast : What song is this? Stuffs amazing.

Chris Iman : Sorry, but when it comes to Antarctica, I wouldn't believe a word National Geographic has to say. Other that that, NG is awesome.

yudiweb : *The sea water rises not only from the polar ice like Antarctica , but comes from within the earth's mantle under. there is a very huge million tons of water, it's rising up again. The elite called it global warming, coz its all about money zillion of dollar*

Future Hindsight : Camera goes into an ice hole. A colonoscopy for an ice sheet.

leo997100 : This is for kids !!!!

The Young Turds : Wow that's a really really deep hole !

James Okello : What does this actually mean?