Deep Bore Into Antarctica Finds Freezing Ice, Not Melting as Expected | National Geographic

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National Geographic : Without the ice shelves pushing back the ice, the global sea level would increase rapidly. What do you think of this new finding about the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica?

Azliana Lyana : We only see the surface but never see beneath the ice, wow. Thanks National Geographic for sharing.

MAD Lab : I have Thalasophobia.. That last black hole of eternity really freaked me out

bolastube : Water is freezing in antarctica? No way!

TheFlyingOtis : What does it mean exactly that dice is crystallizing instead of melting and why did they expect it to be melting?

Oh Boy! : I saw an ad of an oil company. Now you do the math!

New Message : looked like a Yeti's colonoscopy, really.

bladerj : if they used hot water drill doesnt that mean, they contaminated the water they wanted to investigate ?

Golden 47 : So does that mean *TRUMP* was Right all along?!

StarSeed : Global Warming was a Globalist Ponzi Scheme.

MundoPelis Trailers : So, global warming is fake?

Silver Moon : Can someone please tell me whats the name of the background music as well as the ending music? I really hate it when they don't put the names in the description..

Hans Woast : I really like the idea of short clips from National Geographic, but there is little to no explanation and context, except a misleading title and some vague text. This channel is neither scientific, nor informative. It seems to avoid any clear information to fuel wild and pointless discussions, to create controversy and get clicks / comments. There are so many ignorant people and you are just feeding them. This kind of unnecessaryly vague somewhat contradictory content just helps to bring the people further apart. This video contains no valuable data or even good infotainment. This is not to spread education, but to gain money. You could easily do much better, National Geographic. Please be mindful! Give us data, give us sources, give us context and clarity. Otherwise the only type of discussion that emerges is driven by belief and polarizes even more. Thank you for your attention. Best, A random scientist

terrahawk2003 : Ok I've heard 3 stories now 1, the ice is melting 2, the ice on the west side is melting but growing on the east side 3, the ice isn't melting I'm confused which is it?

Cyberslug1 : Only surprising to democrats! They lie, lie and lie some more and then exposed as liars but people still believe the democrats and their lies even though scientific results have say the opposite of their claims.

Christopher Gaul : It would have been nice to include even a brief summary of WHY this was surprising to the scientists, to find freezing instead of melting ice and why it matters and what impact it has on other things.

T AN : Al gore you are an idiot who made a lot of money off of global warming that’s not true.

Hidden02 : Where are all the "flat earther's" comments about Antarctica being fake?

Lord Voldemort : Flat earth confirmed!

Marqan : Wasn't it always obvious that at certain places the icesheets regrow? The problem was always that it's melting faster than it re-freezes. At least as far as I know..

Jason Blake : I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a Starbucks at the end of that hole,they r effing everywhere

Daniel A : Global warming is a myth xd

AKA Tree : Global Warming is real huh? Proved wrong here.

themccman : Global warming is a myth

WinArmy : so they expected ice to be melting hundreds of meters beneath the surface?!thats why i go with religion!

stiimuli : Had a small panic attack imagining falling down that hole head first O_O


cor ninsin95 : I love how the video disproves a global warming theory, but NG's comment is promoting global warming propaganda. Just show us the World without bias. That's what you're here for.

The Kommandant : It is fortunate for them that they did not bore into Base 211 while they were playing with their water drill. We do not appreciate unannounced visitors.

Penguins Willeatyourbaby : Why is this a surprise? It's atmospheric warming....the bottom of an oceanic shelf in deep water would be the last place to melt.... .... I missing something or are you all morons?

Narinder Singh : That music and the video of camera exploring the bore are mesmerizing. Is there a full 1-hour version of this?

Rea Ality : They will take measurements over time to see the changes? This seems inconsequential to me because you would need measurements over hundreds of thousands of years to begin to understand, including times of Climate Change when the Earth may be without ice.

Stephen Fairbanks : If the ice where to collapse it would raise the water level 10 Feet! Meanwhile: Drilling a hole straight through the ice.....

G.M. Danielson's Horror Vault : Dammit. All my global warming hopes have frozen!

Bud Bud : i feel uneasy watching this.

T Mura : Don't let Al Gore see this.

Kell Arellano : The Ross Ice Shelf is 500,000 square km, with very different climates and features. Where was this site drilled? What do the other drill sites show? What time of year, and how often during the year, are samples taken?

ENZOxDV9 : One video of ice refreezing in Antarctic and people think climate change/ global warming is a hoax😂😂

aurora1962 : global warming - wait! - global cooling - wait! - global warming - wait! - global cooling...

Chasem1916 : Michael Savage Has Been Talking About this For years now Nat Geo listens

Christopher White : Flat earthers gone quiet 😂

Tarbos Aeon : Oh, the comments on this video were definitely expected. I just wonder how many people actually thought that the purpose of this study was independent from climate change, considering most of what's under the ice sheet is in an area where the environmental factors are separate from, and mostly independent of factors that are influenced by climate change, because there is a giant slab of ice that is millions of square miles in surface area and thousands of meters deep separating the water under it from the atmosphere. They also mitigate the influence of ocean currents as you move further inland, because much of the interactions between the the warmer waters brought in by ocean currents are focused around the periphery of the ice sheets, which is where most of the mass is lost. That further blocks the influence of climate change related factors under the ice sheets. Nat Geo should have provided some context as to why the scientists thought the ice sheet may have been melting, though. They may have hypothesized that the ice would be melting due to interactions with warm waters produced under the ice sheets by volcanic activity. After looking around a bit, it appears there is some concern towards ice melt attributed to geothermal activity, as well as interest in how much geothermal activity is occurring deep underneath the ice sheets where scientists can't reach with more specialized or advanced equipment given inadequate funding. I think this may be the case given that their study is localized on the Ross ice sheet; located between 150°W and 150°E longitude. The area of Antarctica surrounding this ice sheet is littered with volcanoes; several of them active. While one concern may be that Antarctica's ice may be melting at a faster annual rate than the rate of new ice being added, with geothermal activity possibly having a synergistic effect with the predicted effects of climate change towards seasonal ice melt. Another concern regarding ice melt under the sheets would be in regards to the possibility of a large ice sheet chunk becoming dislodged from Antarctica's crust, which may effect ocean currents directed at the chunk and possibly geologic activity where the sheet comes in contact with the Earths' crust; assuming it doesn't migrate northward. If a large chunk did migrate northward, then there would surely be other concerns regarding ocean currents and sea level rise. Many people will perhaps be relieved, given the results shown in this video. However, there is quite a bit of area around the ice sheet, connecting it to Antarctica's mainland that still needs to be studied for geothermal activity and what effects, if any it has on the layout of the underside of the ice sheet.

Johnny Favorite : Wasn’t a majority stake in National Geographic purchased by climate change denier Rupert Murdoch?

H P : Thought I was looking at the inside of an ear when I clicked

kinbread : I thought this would be the least intresting video because i read the title: "Deep Bore Into Antarctica Finds Freezing Ice, Not melting, As Expected"

LibertyJava : Amazing how quickly our brief respite from our current ice age is finally ending.

TheSturdy : Perhaps there salt is displaced below the shelf and causes the water beneath to be super-chilled?

killer2205 : Was i the only one thinking of Brazzers when i saw the thumbnail

Arif Innahsan : Did they find the oil yet? If they did, i thing penguins will need some freedom soon.

Michael Andreou : Am I the only one who got real anxious watching this.