deadmau5 dared me to circuit bend a bible

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mayhem 162 : Can someone make this a cvc rack module .

Wintergatan : Hell Yeah!

Gun Jesus : is this the birth of christianwave?

Arcane Twix : God is proud

Jim Keen : "...and God said... brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrdddddddttdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtttttrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd..." Amen

corner liston : Oh my if Skinny Puppy had one of these in 1984. Beautiful.

William Broach : Lmao "This isn't a dig at Christianity" *Plays bible verses backwards with altered pitch on Sunday 😂😂

Michael Copado : I'm a minister and an instrument builder. If you gave it to me, I might actually use it in a sermon.

TROGULAR 10,000 : lol "the bible accessible for people who might want to listen to it in some sort of avant-garde way".

Jean Bonnefoy : truly biblical! A suggestion: add a strap to it and make it a Bible Belt. Don't thank me, it's for free

Eric Kauffmann : Shut up and take my money!

fakshen1973 : Did it take you a week to build this and on the seventh day did you rest?

Drgonzo666 : dude you are truly too weird to live and too rare to die

britshell : I feel like Jesus himself would have found this cool. He was all about spreading the word in new and creative ways. so kind of weird but not a sin.

andrew sutliff : That would be perfect for a pre-drop. "And God said, 'let there be light'" and then the drop with shit tonnes of lasers pyrotechnics

disliker 22 : circuit bend the quran and see what wappens

Noel Goetowski : But can it play David's secret chord?

Kaisui : LOL I was the guy on Twitter who mentioned you on the deadmau5 tweet!

JedDraws : 1:40 was just creepy...

Antrasiitti : I feel like this would be thematically a perfect tool for Justice or Carpenter Brut!

Pat H : i know u mean straightly no diss to jesus n all but u shud totally do a score for one of the scenes from the original exorcist only using this baby!

TheKlingonFarmer : DJ Jeru Salem, pioneer of Christianwave.

Jason St Peter : and then there was Sam, and God saw Sam and decided he was good

Andreas Nielsen : 1:28 "...and it was lit!"

Pat Y : i dare deadmau5 to not block people on twitter because they're right

Penurious Sierra : It's not easy to circuit bend because it basically is an MP3 player with tons of Bible audiobooks on a MicroSD card. I'd appreciate if you would tell us how you did it 😁

Chamber One : I literally just got back from church this morning 😂 also can I buy this off you some time down the road? It would be perfect for a concept album I have in the works.

Astro Wembley : Video title should be "a young Phil Collins look alike circuit bends Genesis"

Little Bacchus : Sam 'ill do it!

BARxMusic : the madman, he actually did it

evwaldron : Invoked, the name of Sam was. And BEHOLD! That which could not be bent, thus, hath bent.

Kevin Birge : You just created a wmd for Christian artists.

Valid Core : The bible & synth are my favorite things. Been trying to bring them together for some time on my channel. At least ppl will see it on yours. Hook me up with it if he dosen't want it.

grant johnson : Just got back from playing guitar at church, this thing is so sick

Berrabub : I want the Stephen Hawkins edition

Kimmerbelly : It's pronounced "deadmowfive"

Moto-Medics : Mick Gordon needs one of these for the new doom game( I know it’s too late but still)

B. Slocumb : Somebody PLEASE do a Front 242 remix with this! It's the stuff of nightmares!

wolfabp : this is amazing I hope Deadmau5 reachs you, This would also be a nice gift for the band Justice keep the good work!

SkatRadioh : But Sam, can you play the riff on the piano?

MysteroDonut : Holy crap that cover at the end was amazing!


天照 : you've got to do the koran now

JedDraws : Sam you're insane but I love it!

Paul TheSkeptic : That's cool. It's kind of cool just on its own. The voice they used to record it definitely has that,... I don't know,... regal?,... mysterious? quality...

HisXLNC : Biblecore or Biblestep. I think that’s what this should be called.

Milko 7002 : Can I treat this like dig against christianity? Because I enjoy this more that way

Orthodox Toli : Amen

Ray McNamara Music : WTF is that big knob at 2:08? Is that like, the worlds biggest LFO module?

Dean Lawrence : This deserves to go triple myrrh