Brazil’s Beekeeping Donkey

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Hound Life Vlogs : Nice to see them caring for the working animal 👍🏻😊 I never thought I would see a beekeeping Donkey!

Surftons official : That title tho.

Adrian_ Zombturtle : Aww that donky is cute

Sad Cena : I love him and want to protect him

Alex Cornejo : This man is living in 3030

LazyCat725 : FULL ARMOR DONKEY, now that's a weapon that's capable to surpass Metal Gear

Time Killer : Where do they find these awesome people

Mario Gonzalez : Its so cuteeee

Paula Costa : the donkey's name is boneco? that is so sweet :) it means doll

game4brains 123 : [obligatory Shrek joke]

Xano Trevisan Kothe : Muito criativo. Parabéns Manuel!

Np : They’re look like astronauts 😂

Dewa Eryadi : I need this mod on fallout

Daniel Rodriguez : How Asstounding!

AdamOrnelles : "He is a great friend". Too cute.

Grax : WTF ? Tuco Salamanca

Carlos Rodrigues : That is why I love my country ! Brazil is the best!

Muhabbet Adamı : Dont forget to feed and water him

Some One : I thought it said "bookkeeping" 😂😂😂

Juniper Jupiter : This is so awesome! 🤣❤️❤️❤️🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐴

Earth Angel : God Bless Boneco :))

Jefferson Roberts : 🅱️razils 🅱️eekeeping 🅱️onkey

Aparna Rajeev : It looks like the first donkey astronaut

Jorge Ferreira : soooooo cute!

momo lolo : Furries should wear this.

Sid Grim : That title honestly made me lol.

MapleTree Productions : Who knew GBS had a bit of humor lol

Lee Sin The Blind Monk : eta porra

Xadrez E Café : Brazillian creativity.. great

Nana : Gente kkkk amei, o burro parece um boneco mesmo quando anda! Hahahaha I loved it, the donkey looks like a doll (boneco) when he walks!


Temo R : Hi Great Big Story love your vids and how much effort you put into them especially your Japan videos because the food is really good and I hope to someday open a ramen shop in Japan

Terez Hobson : Its legs when it walks. HAHAH so funny <3

DAREDSTONMG THE WISE : Pretty inspiring, I'de say

sean mcd : he taught a donkey to beekeep meanwhile I can't even teach my dogs to not shit on the floor, this guy deserves a beer

sony alpha : BRAZIL 1-7 GERMANY

planesrift : His ass is unprotected.

mpye : Donkey : whatever... just make this job quick!

: His tail exposed D:

CosmicGeneralThade : Algum BR aqui?

Chris News : Haha the donkey is cute :3

ASD : Great video!

everestfalls : Donkey: this is some weird shit boss...

LagiNaLangAko23 : I forgot to cover my ass... It was sore the next day.

Martin Tabanag : what is the donkey's name? he is so cool!

Dr Victor Fursov - Entomologist Beekeeper Teacher : Very funny. Best wishes to beekeepers!

eta lora : Nice

Claire Mind : I find that donkey cute yet I feel bad for it at the same time.

Jeans Roses : I wish I could have seen the hives from which he harvests; they don't say if they are his hives or wild ones, but they must be pretty big, for that haul he gets of honey--unless he's not leaving any for them for the winter, which he should do....

hadtochangemyname tothis : The donkey is like a service pet. He [bloke] clearly has mobility problems [watch his walk] and can't safely or comfortably work like his colleagues in using traditional methods. But this keeps him in work which is great. However, when watching him walk I also noticed that the donkeys walking is limited by the protective gear. He can't bend his legs bless him. Be great if a channel as big as you could do some fund raising (add to it yourselves from a revenue) and have a better suit designed for the donkey so he can work/walk comfortably? This is the sort of charity I'd contribute to. The donkeys legs must get stiff after awhile. Can't even stretch the muscles and he must do that job for hours 😔