Brazil’s Beekeeping Donkey

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Surftons official : That title tho.

Adrian_ Zombturtle : Aww that donky is cute

Sad Cena : I love him and want to protect him

Alex : This man is living in 3030

LazyCat725 : FULL ARMOR DONKEY, now that's a weapon that's capable to surpass Metal Gear

Mario Gonzalez : Its so cuteeee

Yellow Teeth : The title is covering your Âśś. Smh

Paula Costa : the donkey's name is boneco? that is so sweet :) it means doll

game4brains 123 : [obligatory Shrek joke]

Xano Trevisan Kothe : Muito criativo. Parabéns Manuel!

Hound Life Vlogs : Nice to see them caring for the working animal 👍🏻😊 I never thought I would see a beekeeping Donkey!

Np : They’re look like astronauts 😂

Daniel Rodriguez : How Asstounding!

Dewa Eryadi : I need this mod on fallout

Grax : WTF ? Tuco Salamanca

Carlos Rodrigues : That is why I love my country ! Brazil is the best!

Muhabbet Adamı : Dont forget to feed and water him

Some One : I thought it said "bookkeeping" 😂😂😂

AdamOrnelles : "He is a great friend". Too cute.

Earth Angel : God Bless Boneco :))

Juniper Jupiter : This is so awesome! 🤣❤️❤️❤️🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐴

Aparna Rajeev : It looks like the first donkey astronaut

Jefferson Roberts : 🅱️razils 🅱️eekeeping 🅱️onkey

Jorge Ferreira : soooooo cute!

momo lolo : Furries should wear this.

Sid Grim : That title honestly made me lol.

Time Killer : Where do they find these awesome people

MapleTree Productions : Who knew GBS had a bit of humor lol

Lee Sin The Blind Monk : eta porra

Xadrez E Café : Brazillian creativity.. great

Nana : Gente kkkk amei, o burro parece um boneco mesmo quando anda! Hahahaha I loved it, the donkey looks like a doll (boneco) when he walks!


Temo R : Hi Great Big Story love your vids and how much effort you put into them especially your Japan videos because the food is really good and I hope to someday open a ramen shop in Japan

Terez Hobson : Its legs when it walks. HAHAH so funny <3

DAREDSTONMG THE WISE : Pretty inspiring, I'de say

sony alpha : BRAZIL 1-7 GERMANY

mpye : Donkey : whatever... just make this job quick!

CosmicGeneralThade : Algum BR aqui?

: His tail exposed D:

Chris News : Haha the donkey is cute :3

ASD : Great video!

everestfalls : Donkey: this is some weird shit boss...

nob bies : Heavy armour 100

pratiksha walde : It's really hard work

Amit Mehra : that suit is tight on side of Ass's ass, making it difficult to walk

Nathalia Santos : Haha o povo brasileiro é uma espécie á ser estudada

Major Ascalagab Ramyaj : His donkey reached a new level in its RPG. Haha

Terrence Tunnock : Sweet ass Anyone? No?

Dark Soul : Poor guy! Even in beekeeping!? Nobody let the ass in peace!

Vincent Famulag : Bee keeping draymond green