Fuck stereotypes!!!!

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Stephen Martin : It will never stop my friend. That's the bad part about it...

CoNsTaNt1n3_89 Ps4 : Hell yeah fucking brilliant! Couldn't of said it better my self

bill please : Jesus loves you brother

chris t-rail : CATFISH,,, your the cooliest dude ive seen in long time,,, FUNNY AS SHIT !!! but your right,,, all the hate and so called racism,,, its just a propaganda !!! im white and old school,,, 39 years old,,,but i grew up on all kinds of music and had and still have friends of all kinds !!! if im ridding around jamming 2pac or bone thugs or snoop dogg,,, or tyga,,, and the next day some alternative music and country,,,, how the hell do you call me racist !!! 80% of the whites they say are racist,,, listen to fucking rap music,,, a real racist person would not jack shit to do with rap music !!! AS CATFISH SAID,,, ITS 2017,,, GET FUCKING REAL !!!

Peyton Gabbard : Amen brother

Stewart Benson : You're 100% lad

luigi difrancesco : god bless you brother

Jonathan Shanks : Amen!

Brant Nicholason : Amen Amen Catfish

Johnny Mcpherson : I GOT MUCH ❤️ FOR YOU BROTHA !!

Ken Shackelford : god does give us all a choice that's what makes him so great and all will answer to him for their choices Jesus also taught not religion but to love everyone EVERYONE like you love yourself and he will be the judge of US all we are not to judge. God bless and stay cool catfish

Moose knuckle Garage : U act like white people are the only one who stereotype. U couldn't be any more wrong

RAGING HERPES : Lord knows i love me some tacos lol. Me to but extra chease on her .😀

Joseph Freese : Yeah man, what he said. :)

Neil Carrington : Catfish Cooley You are an absolute legend. Respect Sir .

Southern Hunterz : Ur one big stereotype

BA RAGE : Is this serious XD

Braxton Hildreth : funny

PinkBabyGlam 6989 : I just found your channel from your video on fb 😆 omg you have me laughing so hard that I'm crying 😂💖 this video speaks so many truths! You tell em ! We need more people that thinks like you do . Our world would be so much better off .

THECaptainPlanetHD : This is comedy gold I love you Catfish Cooley MY MAN!

John Wayne : Sorry!! I'm not giving up the stereotype Suicide Bombing baby raping piece of shit Muslims for anything!! 👍

tu rande : 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

5'6withAbigOledick : Dude I love you man. And I don't like many folks!

Bryan N : Lets get a damn beer

XxX Illuminati XxX Find the Light : This man is my hero

WV Dusty : Preach it brother!!! HELL YEA!!!

Steve Finch : Very true Catfish!! thank you... for filling my night with realness and a damn good time!!! you stay classy too!!.... peace and blessings!!

ITS RILEY2003 : I agree

David Y : This dude looks like a fun fellow to hang out with ahahah

AXEL PUTIN : I'M A LATINO & I LOVE CATFISH COOLEY viva la catfish cooley

Charisma_XP : Well all my friends are biker's and yes they are tattooed white guys that bar hop fight and share each other's women. And yes fuck shit up.

J Anderson : Love him!

anthony Santoro : I fucking love this guy lol

Luke Benedict : Ur one hell of an American brother. I love ye

Craig Keller : Love you to Catfish. You've summed up my life philosophy.

Joe Tracey : First off i do not live in the USA, i live in the worst country in the world right now known as Canada. Lmao. Secondly i love your vids catfish as you allways make such great points even if i do not agree with all of them but i allways laph my butt off at them. Thank you for the entertainment

kiyavi : How the hell have I not found your youtube channel until now?? You're amazing! Whenever I feel down or overwhelmed, I'm just gonna watch one of your videos, since all of them have made me smile so far. Thanks, man :)

Kelley Johnson : Love this!

Rivers : Damn good video

nicknbg1981 : You're awesome!!

XenonHD : I love this guy. He's awesome. And the best part, he sounds like scooter from borderlands 2!

dandan8787 : You're awesome.

Mathew Hamel : Ooh shit this guy is awesome!!!!! Haaaaaa

Nate Kyng : Real talk, when can we kick it and get some beers?

dillon5099 : Awesome !!!!!

Lorenzo Garza : meme

Mike Crump : Thank you catfish Cooley, that was a very much needed eye opener!

Red - Pie : I love you Catfish

kelly smith : Dude I love you! You're open mind is so refreshing!

Lee Michaels : catfish is back..........haha,that was funny.