Fuck stereotypes!!!!

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Stephen Martin : It will never stop my friend. That's the bad part about it...

bill please : Jesus loves you brother

Larry Goodsell : very true catfish, just like Rodney King said... why cant we all just get along? Love ya bro

Scott Hutson : Damn straight

Peyton Gabbard : Amen brother

luigi difrancesco : god bless you brother

Tommy Mans : Back at it cooley,these videos make my day and make me start my day being classy haha,love you catfish keep up the postive vids

Stewart Benson : You're 100% lad

Jim Keeler : Great video. I'm 56 years old and have the same view on life as you.I wish we could all just get along.You. have to be the smartest young man I know.have a great fcking day.

David Y : This dude looks like a fun fellow to hang out with ahahah

Jonathan Shanks : Amen!

Raymond Bradley : Catfish you are the bomb. I've been following you since a friend of mine sent me 3 Carolina Reapers. I agree with you. You have open my eyes up to a lot of shit that I wasn't ever now wouldn't say what never but I never thought about. I appreciate what you do keep them videos coming my brother. Keep that Harley-Davidson in the Wind by the way. Thank you for your Insight.

Clowers Hiball : I don't care what you say catfish! The old pioneers were way better than the Jensen and Sony garbage of the 80s! I do believe in some stereotypes! Emerson made a good stereo but the pioneers were king!

Southern Hunterz : Ur one big stereotype

Jon Hubbard : I can get behind this video. Unfortunately, most of the world can't be reasonable. So stereotypes will always be in existence.

Johnny Mcpherson : I GOT MUCH ❤️ FOR YOU BROTHA !!

Brant Nicholason : Amen Amen Catfish

Ken Shackelford : god does give us all a choice that's what makes him so great and all will answer to him for their choices Jesus also taught not religion but to love everyone EVERYONE like you love yourself and he will be the judge of US all we are not to judge. God bless and stay cool catfish

Moose knuckle Garage : U act like white people are the only one who stereotype. U couldn't be any more wrong

Mad Sexy 45 acp/22lr : Lord knows i love me some tacos lol. Me to but extra chease on her .😀

WV Dusty : Preach it brother!!! HELL YEA!!!

Casey Billings : He should run for President

Joseph Freese : Yeah man, what he said. :)

Chris : You Are Absolutely Right Catfish !!

Piss Trooper007 : You think to much

Joe Tracey : First off i do not live in the USA, i live in the worst country in the world right now known as Canada. Lmao. Secondly i love your vids catfish as you allways make such great points even if i do not agree with all of them but i allways laph my butt off at them. Thank you for the entertainment

Stacie Jarrells : awesome video lol

Kevin’s Podcast Show KPS : Yeah man!

Jim Lahey : Haha oh my-lanta! Lolol. Didn't even need to graduate I'm so smart ! Lol . It's friggin poetry !!

KidRaiden : I love this guy. He's awesome. And the best part, he sounds like scooter from borderlands 2!

DanTheWoaMan : Damn good video

dillon5099 : Awesome !!!!!

Steve Finch : Very true Catfish!! thank you... for filling my night with realness and a damn good time!!! you stay classy too!!.... peace and blessings!!

THECaptainPlanetHD : This is comedy gold I love you Catfish Cooley MY MAN!

Connor Chisholm : jeepers creepers 😤

J Anderson : Love him!

Chuck Ragland : Preach it catfish! Truer words have never been spoken. Trump and fans need to hear this.

Chuck Ragland : 20 not likes, let me guess, trumpheads?

sour Dizzle : Lmao 😂 funny ass video but so true 👍keep up the great videos catfish !

kelly smith : Dude I love you! You're open mind is so refreshing!

Alwaysoffroad : This dude is 💯% truth I love it 👍

Darklord7781 : Amen Brother!

Kelley Johnson : Love this!

Robert Maria : Your the best!!!

Who Dat Mafia : Preach brother preach!!!

Delinquenth : What up

Ghostxboii : we need more people like you in the world honestly

nicknbg1981 : You're awesome!!

Bryan N : Lets get a damn beer

Troy Jennings : Catfish. I like your positivity