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Shrekha : Amazing dawg, but i have to ask something. (sorry if i asked before, can't really remember if you actually replied to me, but I think you didn't.) Why did you delete the Left for Lols animations? It really bothers me why would someone delete their masterpiece.

Igor Spiess : John,i really liked your new animation,is a great one,fluid and nice. I saw your animations since i was a kiddo, like two minutes of terror or left for LoL...i laughed my ass off with that,but there's a thing that i really trying to see again but...i don't find on YouTube,is romanticide,that animation is pure gold,i know that you don't want to do that again,but you could just upload the 2 episodes from this series? I proud of your new work and a look beyond great animations from you... Please do that? thanks for reading this.

Andrew Truax : Was the ending supposed to turn me on? Because if it was then you succeeded! Lol

Kell Kullodire : Damn. Beautifully done. It is always good to see another video from you, and this one in particular feels like a lot of time and effort was put into it.

Totally Good at Games : This is very, very good. :O

Time For Tickles : I'm speachless ._.

LukeTheNerd : dude this is amazing

jinkslynx : What happened to the old Bio Hazardous series? Loved the silly humour and voice acting, but cannot find it anywhere.

Vinyl_ Diamond : What ever happened to that Biohazardous series? I loved it so much and I've tried so hard to find it but I can't

M. Elizabeth Hershey : This is incredible!!!

Dricks Gamer : Dude continue this awesome animation!! this is a amazing Animation

Corinthian : Wow, that was amazing! I can't wait to see more!

Star Moko : The effort put into this is so amazing!

Jumpingbea2 : Real fluid animation, great work as always, John!

JustinCage : The animation was so fluid! keep it up

kiyoushu : Worth the wait.

Devonte Edwards : What's the name of the protagonist?