ODESZA Line Of Sight Live at Coachella 2018 Sunday, April 15th

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Harrison Hayes : Please upload this whole set. It was mind blowing!! It needs to be seen again & again. 🙏

EJ Tusk : *LOVE ODESZA* Great song! But The singer's not that great live...

Hazarizq : I love how more and more artists are bringing in classical/orchestral elements into electronic music to create this whole new "fulfilling" genre. Odesza, to me is one of the pioneers (especially those cinematic shows). Wonder what it would feel like if Illenium's team goes on tour with Odesza's team. That arena will definitely be filled with Goosebumps throughout the night.

Jahir Escobar : Please "Higher Ground" ft. Naomi Wild 😍

MateBoy : God damn. I always get massive chills at the “Help me out. Don’t let me down. I could learn from you” part. It’s amazing.

Vivek chauhan : Please upload the whole performance.. 😌

Sean : Unreal set! Love ODESZA

Como Tu Madre : Are you streaming today?

calista : goosebumps, I wanted to be there so bad. I would probably cry my eyes out.

Na Der : What a wonderful energy!

Tobi Oyewale : Odesza is the best.

King Green : Coachella doesn't deserve Odesza

Justin Geiger : The crowd looks lame af

Pamela Guz : This perfect ❤

Papa Lew : Beautiful performance

Red Gayapa : why am i crying while watching this with bread crumbs on my face

Michael Pappas : This has to be the best performance I’ve seen

Michael Hagen : This band is not great