U.S. Paratrooper (World War II)

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Simple History : Have you seen Band of Brothers?

ReconPro : Could you talk about that war that killed around half of the population of Paraguay?

William Enesten : Can you talk about the german paratroopers? (fallschirmjäger)

John R : I recommend watching Band of Brothers if you are interested in learning more about paratroopers, how they trained and the different scenarios they faced. 10/10 mini series

Hannah Marie : CURRAHEE!!!

Patrick Maher : Coming from an active duty paratrooper ... thanks and good video

Enclave soldier : Who does the army trust the most ?AIRBORNE ! Who do the ladies love the most ? AIRBORNE ! Who do the natzis fear the most ? AIRBORNE ! This is from Medal of Honor airborne

Malcolm MacInnis : The thing that makes paratroopers so fascinating is that It was such a dangerous job. If you've ever watched band of brothers there is so much fear in their eyes when they drop. They remind me of the stormtroopers of world war 1 because they were camouflaged and rushed the enemy lines.

honda197056 : Outstanding, former paratrooper from the 82nd, 504th P.I.R. love your videos, keep up the good work.

Str1ke_Playz : Anyone getting Band of Brothers vibes here? :D

Joaquin Murrieta : I wish this was an hour long so i can watch while eating popcorn 😋

Burko : medal of honor

Brody Exp. : One of the best videos you posted so far! Thank you. Americas' airborne history has always inspired me to be part of the mighty, All American, 82nd airborne. We need more "Simple History" in today's society.

TheAmericanNationalist : *Your weekend pass has been revoked*

Tarihi Seven İnsan : Turkish War of Independence, please! :)

giraffe man : WW2 factions Finnish army!

Will Spence : This channel has progressed so much. So worth supporting you guys on patreon!

LordlyHalflingZ : Love the videos but the American flag on U.S. soldiers is backwards

Knowledge Headquarters : Love these animated videos! It will be interesting to see if you will be able to play as a paratrooper in COD WWII.

YceBox : Crack of the lightning splitting the ground Thunder is sounding, artillery pounding Wrath of the Nazi's cast on Bastogne Facing their forces aloooone!

PeasantTights : *rocket jumps* SCREAMING EAGLESSSSSS

Harmandeep singh : make a video on the ten Sikh volunteer of John symth of ww1

PaladinJN01 Studios : 101st Airborne!!! Proudly trained in Camp Claiborne, Louisiana!!!

Jeroen Scholten : "Market Garden" the operation that would end the war in a few weeks. Sadly enough it didnt for the most part, resulting in the hunger winter in the netherlands.

The SMMDH : Make German Fallschirmjäger Please

ARandomYoutuber : next do British Paratroopers cuz they are very interesting.

Damu Vang : May you do the secret war? Not much people know about the Hmong people who fought with the American and French forces.

Last Strike Mapping : Hah. The irony. CoD WW2 is out.

GTA Tricks : Cool

Janek& Eston : Now German fallschirmjäger (WW2)

Soviet Fighter10 : 03:15 Brothers in arms (hill 30) flashbacks...

trycoldman 24 ich : my grandpa was in the easycompany

Angrytoilet24 Real : Why by the iPhone x when you can support simple history

Madman F1 : Do a video on British paratroopers

Hitchhike the World : WW2 CHINA

Patrick Donohue : Do the Fallschrimjager

Mike GamingRoblox : Good simple history,you are my most favourite military channel.keep it up.

RandomDudeWalkingDownTheStreet : my grandfather almost drowned because of all that extra gear

Rhys Hughes : British Paratroopers?

Kelan Okeeffe : Make a vid on the Spanish civil war

Car TuneZ : Thanks Square space!

SlowAndSteady 1993 : Can you do one about russian spetznaz? From ww2-present?

Serby 302 : Romanian army ww1 pleaseee!!!

liPolish Berdil : Im really happy cause im going to see a WW2 reenactment im so excited cause they said there will be tanks btw great video your the best

TheLonelyLion : Could you do Fallschirmjagers some time in the future?

Imm00rtal exe : Greece in ww2 please

Festivo Gaming : I love these videos focusing on certain soldiers. Could you do one on the Italian Arditi?

Oog : I love your animation style

FortNutz - Gaming : Pls do The battle of Kursk for 6 mins pls Pls include those tank aces

Dank Memes : Do the first ever jet please! Give a thumbs up if u agree.