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Worst Gen : And Trump thinks coal will see a revival. Ridiculous.

Joshua W : everyone loves Elon Musk

Quarz_dk : So it looks to me like the future is coming, whether the oil industry wants it or not. Good news for everyone!

Wikus Van De Merwe : I'd love to see and electron and synthetic hydrocarbon economy. Excess power, especially when it's under 1c/kWh, could be used to generate liquid fuels. Methanol for example, could be used in fuel cells to generate power and heat, shifting summer excess energy to winter need.

Larry Pinhead : guess it's a wind wind situation

AIIUserNamesInvalid : energy without destroying the planet, i love it. we're going forward.

Ev Forall : Fantastic love it love it love it I hope it happens even faster

Hardik Nagar : Amazing lecture!

Drino Man : we need to get rid of oil tankers or 17 shipping ships that are equivalent to 500M cars. All the cars in the world. #noMoreShippingShips

HAT HAT : Great lecture... however, solar energy uses light lux and not sun heat (C or F)... 20 C is the ideal temperature for a solar cell to produce electricity... that is why solar will work better in Germany than more "hotter" places...

an Archetype : Hmmm our German gouvernment decided to give everybody who builds a solar panel on his house gets x thousand euros for free. Maybe a solution for south-africa too? I mean a state gets the cheapes and biggest amount of credit. These will be payed back after an economic growth. And the customer takes a small amount of credit to start building it on his house. I guess every bank will finance this. It will be a good long term investment for them.

amazingman63 : The fact that people dont want solar or wind to replace oil and coal confuses the fuck outa me

Paul Hill : At around 18 minutes did he just recommend a nuclear reactor in Japan? You mean where the earthquake and tsunami absolutely screwed their nuclear reactor?

earthlingmajor : is this the channel where the original videos are posted?

Alex Cannara : Very smooth salesman for wind/solar, is Mr. Naam! But, as for most salesmen, it's what he leaves out, or craftily slips quickly by, that exposes his misdirection & lack of energy knowledge. For instance, his slide on "Wind Power Cost" is impressive, but hides the flat portion at the end and fails to note that nuclear power has long been cheaper, remains so, and has far higher reliability and far lower environmental impacts. A 'good' salesman never mentions better competition. ;] Naam displays his lack of engineering/science knowledge as well in his wind slide claiming "The technology Keeps Getting Better". If he were giving accurate evaluation of wind, he'd know about things like the "Betz Limit" and the massive resource consumption & pollution from wind-power deployments. And, he'd not hide the fact that the most common wind outputs (darker blue) are getting very little better, simply because of fundamental scientific facts, like wind being subject to climate and climate change as well as low conversion efficiency, as expressed partly by the Betz Limit for prop-generators. For comparison, nuclear power operates fully about 90% of every year, even through hurricanes, polar vortices, ettc. Wind is barely delivering 20% of the power its machinery is built for, thus wasting about 80% of its materials and production, as Germany has already demonstrated and this simple simulation shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc7rRPrA7rg In other words, the slides Naan moves quickest through are the most damaging to his sales effort. His solar slides similarly misrepresent science & engineering facts -- the most humorous is the attempt to display how much solar energy is available in Calif. -- a bit more than 1/2 each day, apparently regardless of season. and his attempt to mislead by suggesting wind in Calif. compensates for darkness, etc. -- all simply displaying ignorance of how Calif. 'renewables' actually work, and forgetting their dependence on fracking, leaking & burning gas for backing them up most of the time every day. If anyone wants to see the graphic & data facts for Calif. 'renewables' that can't be included here, examine section 2.2 of sworn testimony from real scientists/engineers here: http://www.cgnp.org/CGNP_Direct_Testimony_01-27-17.pdf But, apart from Naam's willing misdirections, why is Singularity U. so easy to fool? The planet does not benefit from selling. It benefits from thinking. If we don't attend to facts our descendants will have every right to spit on our graves, if those can be found. -- Dr. A. Cannara 650 400 3071

mads max : The singularityU doesnt take into account that sustainability and efficiency are a direct threat to the market system. That is why we have planned obsolescence and waste in all design. Wake up to this common knowledge and factor it into your discussion.

Matthhew Alex : We must thank Elon Musk big time...

Lord RW : its not the cheapest, its simply wrong. The cheapest source of power is water power, from dams and such the price difference is so big there really is no comparison between the two. not only is water power cheaper its also lets you produce power at night AND if you have excess power coming inn you can use the water reserves as power banks and pump water in to the reserves.

fungussa : The GOP and Drumph are probably whining and crying that renewable energy companies won't support the Republican party, and there's pathetic Drumph trying to prop up coal.

NexusARC : Am I the only one who is disgusted whenever someone you needs to do this while in charge of a company that if we did it would make them rich? I am not saying I think clean free-ish energy is bad, I think the world needs it, but when some asshole on stage is telling groups of people I feel dissociated like watching any corporate presentation it is all about money, it's not about morality, it's not about common niceness and making the world a better place. Never look at it if it is best for everyone but look at it as who stands to gain the most out of this. Also is it even good for the planet to connect the whole world with light? We used to be able to see the cosmos before light pollution. Sorry but I can't stand when I feel like someone is trying to scam me and this motherfucker gives off that vibe. Before anyone assumes my political alignment I have given up on politics and deciding how to rule over people, I hate Bernie, I hate Trump, and I hate the rest of them.

Espen Sales : Now thankfully we won't need to rely on dirty politicians to go over to renewable resources!

QuickMix : The problem in Africa isn't energy, it's water. You can't really pull water out of thin air with electricity...

Steven Marsh : In regards to peak demand for petroleum, I think that 2030 is overly optimistic because it will take decades to build out the electric vehicle fleet, but these futurist types get a pass. Electric vehicles aren’t free right now either, and that is part of my rationale as well. The other reason to be skeptical is because of the risk that climate change poses to this plan, if the predictions are correct the virtuous cycles of the energy disruption could be disrupted by the climate scramble that humans may find themselves in.

Cavan B : Canada seems pretty dark, Eh...?

Ticket Attorney : Is he taking into account the countless government subsidies in (failed) companies like Solindra?

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : The goyim will actually believe this. Enjoy your soaring prices. p.s. Those jobs are never coming back.

Arman : The stone age didn't end for a lack of stone...now that is a profound statement, especially coming from a Saudi oil minister ))

Pasandeeros : Hey dude, just so that you know... Sun is barely over the horizon for some 4-5 hours per day in the winter. Except in the north of the country, where it is below the horizon for about two months straight. Of course, it is exactly the opposite in the summer, but we'd like the energy most when it is dark.. and cold!

Joe Black : Greatest superpower of solar + batteries is that it allows countries to lower their generating capacity, because of the way energy is used over a typical day. A lot during the day. A little bit during the night. With traditional generating capacity a lot of it is just for peak use. So basically when people get home and cook food, etc. Solar + Batteries is simply perfect together. And not just can solar + battery cater for all usage scenarios with less total generating capacity, but solar and battery can be used AT HOME. Freeing national grids of even more peak demand.

Joe Black : Well fossil fuels have historically benefited relatively few people in many places around the world. Oil and natural gas may yet remain important chemical feed stocks. So I would push back the date at which it becomes economically nonviable just due to that. I do not think countries which currently rely on fossil fuels should oppose clean energy. I think they should retool towards knowledge and information economies.

Jake Roosenbloom : This video has been on the front page 2 times but still has 100k views. Super weird

dlwatib : @ 0:17 I hate when liberals make everything a moral issue. Energy is not a moral issue. Lying and cheating are moral issues. Infidelity to your spouse is a moral issue. Energy is just energy. There is no sin in using energy or in what kind of energy you use or don't use. There is unfairness and inequality in the world that is not caused by moral issues. I refuse to be preached to about less developed countries lacking energy and it somehow being attributed to you and me as our moral issue. It's an economic and governmental issue, not a moral issue. Why are these countries so incapable of forming effective governments, governments effective enough to provide the rule of law so that investors will invest in their economy and improve its infrastructure?

Mo A : Try telling that to Donald Trump and his audacious old world thinking of the Koch Brothers branding Clean Coal, and the low middle class tier who have only one skill is to work in the coal mines.

HVAC Mike : where do i buy your 30 cents a watt panels 80 cents to $1 are real numbers for a private individual.

softminimal1 : What I want to know is do they factor into the price of coal fired power plant the damage to air quality, the cost of digging the coal out of the ground, the price of getting the coal to the power plant, the price of exploration to find the coal, the cost on the health system to look after people with respiratory problems caused by coal dust? With solar you float the panels above the ground so there is very little damage to the land used. The panels sit there quietly making electricity for decades with only small amounts of maintenance required. This is a no brainer, the only problem holding this tech back are the fossil fuel industry and the governments they bribe.

Shan Rafnezden : This talk should have gotten a standing ovation....

Biplab Das : The 78 people disliking must be Donald Trumph followers...

Ed Harley : Going to get cheaper? No frackin way. As you scale up solar or wind production, you will run up against resource limits, and the price will skyrocket. We simply don't have the natural resources to make a completely new renewable grid. Not enough cobalt, copper, lead, rare earths, and dozens of other minerals.

Benjamin Itié : Hello Mr Naam, It would be fantastic if your conference could be subtitled in other langages. I am french and here the nuclear lobby has worked so well that so many people do not have the keys to understand the need in solar systems or wind systems. Things will be far too long to change over here. Could you manage to get this conference subtitled in french please? Thank you a lot for your work.

Erick Muzart Fonseca dos Santos : Ramez Naam mentions the 2.42 cents/Kwh generated in Dubai as the cheapest price of electrical energy "using any technology" at (10:46). But isn't hydroelectric power considerably cheaper? I've found a reference to 0.85 cents/Kwh: http://www.wvic.com/content/facts_about_hydropower.cfm This apparent discrepancy does affect the presenter's credibility.

LE0NSKA : this gives me hope...

ZirrelStudios : So very tired of this stupid channel using the word 'Exponential' in the titles. Do you even know what the word means?? Find another word, FFS. Unsubscribed!!!

Kenz300 x : Electric :) No stopping at gas stations, no oil changes, less over all maintenance, no emissions. Leave home in the morning with a full charge.

Kenz300 x : Two-thirds of world's new energy capacity in 2016 was renewable: IEA http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1113115_two-thirds-of-worlds-new-energy-capacity-in-2016-was-renewable-iea

mads max : what u say does not address fact that the current market system requires endless waste and inefficiency for maximizing profits. We are nothing but consumers to this system. Without waste and endless consumption the system fails and everything falls apart. If u induce efficiency or sustainability in any design, it threatens our current market system. We have a market system that allows patents on life, seed, efficiency, and even sustainability, these patents exist to maximize profits. If u try to base anything off sustainability and efficiency, or even call it free or open source, it is not even allowed to flourish in this market system. Why do u think GM scrapped the electric car in 2001? It was called the EVOne and they realized it would kill thier profits. Why do u think we continue to sell bottle water for more than gasoline In plastic bottles? If it is insane to do why do we do it? Why does this market ststem allow monopolies like verizon, att, monsantos, ect.... Why does this market system push for globalization and not localization? If it is unsustainable and leading to our slow demise then why? Because the market system rewards only wasteful, inefficient unsustainable design with endless profits and control. Why do we have corporations destroying the amazon rainforest? Those are the lungs of our planet, our market system encourages and allows this to happen not us. Any sane intelligent civilization would not destroy its planets lungs. The market system then tells u to change if u want sustainability and efficiency lol, u to recycle more and eat less meat, have less.kids, like that will fix our ecosystem long term lol. How bout we demand corporations do the right thing? Oww yeah because asking corporations to do that is an insane thought in our market system. Why do u think corporations buy off and own our governments?Our entire market system is insane and obsolete, if u continue to defend insanity then dont be surprised when all life systems die off in the future. Dont act like we failed cause we didn't join the singularityU lol. We failed because we failed to understand the insanity the market system we submit to really is. Every technology this guy is saying is available now but cannot happen cause corporations can't figure out how to maximize profits and control if they allow the world to have these things. The future is open source, the future that includes all life is efficient and sustainable in design. Systems of equilibrium. I call for an open source renewable revolution. If patents are in the way of this happening then that is what singularityU should be discussing. There is no future, no change today, we are in the year 2017 and there is a push for clean coal and pipelines, Thoughts? Of course we cant afford this change, we can only afford endless wars. Simply put, a viable future is not profitable, and thus a contradiction to the current market system. We need to evolve now, this is the first time in known human history that we have a world wide communication network, amd tech that can liberate humanity. Agaig, the only thing stopping us from evolving into a stage one civilization is the current market system. Period

nicegoodspeed1 : Elon Musk mentioned at 20:36. Thank you! :p

Alternative Facts Survivor : LEST DO THISSS

Dragonice Lakeoffire : It is not white people overpopulating the planet.

L. Johan Nissen : Ramez is an excellent speaker.

amanma12 : is there link to power point of this talk?