Toto - Africa (Vocals 1 Step Out of Key & Off Beat)

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teddy bare : With all due respect, to Massacre a song is beyond plagiarism. It is intellectual destruction. And shame on YouTube to allow this type of bullshit is a bad reflection to the integrity of intellectual property

Natalie Alfera : You put that thing back where it came from or so help me

Phoebe Livingstone : I feel violated

TheDieseased : *Every day, we stray further from god*

Ethan : *God has left the server*

slimkt : It’s like you recorded my dad on karaoke night.

The Game Grumps Let’s Play of Majora’s Mask : This is like the audio equivalent of a usb charger failing to plug into an outlet after turning it both times

Doktar Noschiit : At a karaoke: Bro can you sing? Me: don’t even worry about it

SpicySquip : That girl in the middle school choir who thinks she can sing

Bangtanimosity : *I curse the rains down in the depths of Hell*

The Dill Pickle : Now you need to throw the whole continent away

Mayannaise : Sounds like my elementary school choir

WoddLess : I want to dislike and like this at the same time

Lee 88 : This curses the rains down in Africa This is why children are starving in Africa

LNxTCB : This the embarrassing drunk uncle at the wedding.

GiveMeSomeRounds : Yes, officer. This video right here.

Gaming_God14 : Watched Markiplier's 50/50 video, saw this in it, and immediately knew only the evil genius known as Pluffnub could be responsible for something so beautifully horrific.

Anakarina : 0:31 Me: This isn’t that bad. 1:17 Me: I would love to chug some Clorox right about now.

Kule Hrong : This is what anxiety feels like

Adam Inouye : Middle school talent show be like

DefecT LiGHtzz : Whose here from markiplier?

أحمد مسالمة Ahmad : Just like how father sang it to me.

ImSauzyy : I don't consent to this.

goob : this is a video made to hurt people

the real dirty dan : WHAT the _H E C K E R O N I_ is this *ABOMINATION*

Ddawg McDawg : Finally, a song I can play for my Satanic ritual. I shall not bless thine rain down in Africa.

Exxarem : Oh my... This is painful. God has abandoned us and I fucking love it :D

Jose Moran : That one drunk uncle at a wedding.

Matthew Jeffrey : Me at the start: this actually doesn’t sound that bad! Me at 0:31 : oh Me when the chorus comes: i wonder if i could kill myself with my phone charger

That_one_thing .909 : *starts to contemplate suicide via school bus seatbelt*

Julian Travels : Never heard anything more beautiful

The Rockstar Gamer : Stop this unholy spawn of satan from reproducing

Weldon Spivey : Someone hold me back. Whoever made this is getting slapped. With a knife. In their rectums.

DrowFighterMage : This shouldn't be as funny as it is or was.

A Melon Named Kate : I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life

Bailey : talent shows be like

Cthulhu V : Every time the harmony kicks in I feel my soul die a little more

TheEvilPanda : Here from mark

Dan Gheesling : Still a banger.

Resurrect The Night : IM CALLING THE POLICE

Wam : Reported for repulsive content

Shrek Senpai : This hurts me deeply

Bec Prunesky : yall this is a great time when your 80's loving friends pass you the aux chord and you go from a loved and accepted part of the group to peering over shoulders and feebily laughing along with the others gathered in a circle which you awkwardly shuffle around, trying to find an unprovided opening, in 30 seconds flat

You Lil' Slaphead : Why are you the way that you are

The Unknown Wanderer : Time to torture my friends.

Jack Hintze : I’m about to punch somebody

Adrian Andricopulos : Thank you Kanye, very cool!

Maximum Effort : Who else is here because of marks video

caffeineadvocate : Bad harmony is still harmony. Chew on that.

Max Schaefer : Who came from Reddit 50/50