Toto - Africa (Vocals 1 Step Out of Key & Off Beat)

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Dan Gheesling : Still a banger.

The Brony Notion : Musical vandalism. I love it XD

You Lil' Slaphead : Why are you the way that you are

Matthew Jeffrey : Me at the start: this actually doesn’t sound that bad! Me at 0:31 : oh Me when the chorus comes: i wonder if i could kill myself with my phone charger

Natalie Alfera : You put that thing back where it came from or so help me

Lol Hi : This legit sounds like me singing in the shower *shakily aims gun around room*

Max Michael : *guitar hero audience booing*

Manofjelly5 : No


LNxTCB : This the embarrassing drunk uncle at the wedding.

Ben Aaron : The best father/daughter dance music.

sad toast : Scientists claim this is the last thing you hear before you die

Timi T. : Shut up and take my money :’(

Homer : The atheists were right.

Adam Inouye : Middle school talent show be like

Caleb Davies : Why am i erect

oracleofdewphi : Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Africa anymore...

Drachen Einhorn ASMR : A new type of torture has been invented.


yepisuredolikecats : this makes me wanna die more than normal

Ethan : *God has left the server*

Sabrina O'Connor : Two drunk middle aged men on a cruise do karaoke and dedicate to their wives

beep beep lettuce : the rains down in africa were not blessed properly

slimkt : It’s like you recorded my dad on karaoke night.

ashliebelle : My dog did a concerned "boof" during every single chorus.

Matthew Lee : Me: hand me the *aux* Friend: okay, don't play anything stupid Me:

DrowFighterMage : This shouldn't be as funny as it is or was.

BONGASS : Sounds like a row of feminine dads singing

Burnt Salad : This video is so powerful, I’m holding back tears

NinjaKitsune : Off key? Nah... Just sounds like karaoke night at your local bar. XD

Roboute Guilliman : The one thing that can drive away the Elder Gods.

Joel Kerbrat : I couldn't hear most of the song because I was unable to stop laughing after the chorus. Liked and Subscribed.

3bertface01 : This just made my day

Ave Maria : The only acceptable song to play when you are passed the aux cord.

Dylster X : I want to enjoy the song but can't. What have we done...

muntificator : I want this played at my funeral <3

I hate google+ : The chorus is so fascinating to me. It sounds good, but its texture is completely different than it’s “supposed” to be. Isn’t that something?

becky Murphy : *I only listen to real music*

Warphorn : This is the musical equivilent of watching a show you loved as a kid as an adult.

Dominic Mendoza : What did we do to deserve this

Nat’s Not Famous : Every middle school chorus concert

HA! GABE! : this is what every british karaoke bar sounds like

Kaitlyn Elizabeth : I can’t tell if this cured my depression or caused it

weaselmaster98 : this is my aesthetic.

Brandon HAYGOOD : Did Neil Degrasse Tyson sing this song?

Lucy P : *uncomfortable*

TheSpojak19 : I bless the memes down in africa

SID M : What if aliens discover YouTube and this is the first video they come across

SweetDick Willie : Right I'm calling the police

anonymous CRS3 : It is sinful to do this to TOTO.