I-NZ - THIS IS IRAQ (العراق)

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Official I-NZ : Translated subtitles available by clicking the 'CC' option under the video. Thanks for watching

ODCM Videos : The realest parody. You can do "This is Syria.", "This is Somalia", "This is Yemen", "This is Sudan.", "This is Afghanistan.", "This is Libya", just like "This is America". Funny how all of them have the same bad guy, isn't it?

Monica : The arabic part is cooler than the english part. Arabic is a perfect language for rap. I guess Iraqis speak the authentic arabic which is much more beautiful than other arabic dialects.

hana a : Can you imagine how much fear living in ? I have this Syrian friend of mine she told me about her suffering when she was in Syria she said “ you don’t know when ur house will fall apart and you don’t know tomorrow you will find food or water you don’t know if you will die today I remember when my older brother died trying to find food for me and my mum I lost my brother and father during the war and what hurts must I don’t know when this end . Kids are Dying of cold and hunger lil girls and teenagers ripped . men and boys get killed cuz they tired to protect their families I don’t understand we’re all humans why we are fight each other like animals “ 💔

neko_r ising : إسيف يا عراقي. انا مسلم لكن لا استطيع مساعدتك. بل لا اعريف لغة العربية الا قليل جدا فقط. استطيع يدعاء و يعطى قليل من اموالي فقط لانني انا طالب، بدون اعمال، بدون راتب. حب من الماليزية.

Rebel Girl : 3:04 Arabic poetry translation The River and The Death By : Badr Shakir As-Sayab Buwaib , Oh Buwaib , * Bells of a lighthouse lost at the bottom of the sea , Water is in the pots , and the sunset in the trees , The pots ooze bells of rain , Their crystal melts away in wailing . Buwaib , Oh Buwaib ! Sympathy for you , Buwaib darkens in my blood , Sad like rain , O my river , I wish I could run in the darkness , *Buaib* A small river is located in Iraq

JTsuits : released on July 4th ,,,, ironic

rimouna _art : تحيا العراق و تحيا بغداد ! الله ينصركم و يبعد عنكم الظالمين 😤💕 أحلى تحية من الجزائر 👋

KSG : Now look at what we have: This is America This is Iraq This is Nigeria This is France. This is the best playlist.

Maria Robotnik : Just like my country Syria 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾😢

SHAHAD K.F.J : I'm from iraq 🇮🇶 I have read all the comments and it's really makes me happy thank you so much guys we really appreciate it 😘

FIJI 1400 : Any English friends here😅

Monica : Hugs and likes from Italy!

Top Moon : Ya this is my country 🖤🇮🇶

ElaNur Alper : LOVE FROM TURKEYY❤🌹 انا احب العراق

corey gill : تحية لكل اهل العراق الغالية من فلسطين❤

Bimmer : Isis finna dislike this...

Bernardo Lima : Love from Portugal 🙏🏾

mohammed hassen : ابداع غير طبيعي اعان الله اهل العراق

Goblin bros : I like the way you mixed Arabic and English

Sexy Eric J : I would like people to love and respect each other regardless of color, rasa or religion and that there would be peace in the world 🌎.

Super Duper : This video is well put together though. Good job

عموري الميالي : I Love lraq❤❤❤

\ HenWii / : And there are people here complaining about Germany... greetings from Germany ✌🇩🇪

TUOMASWILLEVAVTEROK LAVERANTUUMASALAHIII : With arabic language its looks very intresting. I like this version. From Russia 🇷🇺 with love. PS. Last scene with blood is very sad.

Uzay Ve Havacılık Kulübü : Iraq <3 Turkey

نـــاقد لاذع : Guys , Let Me Explain Some Things - 1:05 The iraqi Passport is one of worst passports ever (actually It is 2th worst passport) - 1:24 Glory To U.S military , But No problems if They Killed Iraqi people - 1:44 Drugs and Weed Became very widespread in iraq - 1:48 George W. Bush did Come To Iraq in 2003 in The Name of Freedom And democracy But Thats Never Happen to iraq since March 2003 Until 2018 - 2:28 " Midea Black Out Then its Light out " The midea in Iraq is totally controlled by Government , so No one can Share His opinion About Government SAFELY cuz They Will Kill You , In These Days social media is Banned By Government , so we Use VPNs and Other programs To open social media - 2:43 soldiers That Behind Bush , They Up an signboard "mission Accomplished" Yes That was true Cuz Iraq Became One of Worst Country To live - 3:04 An iraqi poem Wrote By (Badr Shakir al-Sayyab) The Name of Poem was (River And Die) The Poem was very Deep , Check it out , i wish You Will Find An English Translation of Poem - 2:57 Watch out That River of Blood That remembering To iraqi people " the Camp Speicher massacre " which it did In 2014 to Iraqi air force , Check it out in Wikipedia I wish you Understand The whole Music it Trying to curtailment Last 15 Years of iraqi people in 4 Minutes ، Leave Like To This Comment .. - 1:05 قصده الجواز العراقي اتعس جواز بالعالم (ثاني اسوء جواز بالعالم) - 1:24 المجد والخلود لشهداء الجنود الأمريكان ، بس عادي الشعب ينكتل - 1:44 انتشار المخدرات بشكل فظيع بالعراق (حشيش ، حبوب ، ميث ، الخ) - 1:48 عمو بوش طب على العراق بأسم التحرير ، وطب وياه الجنود والجماعات المسلحة - 2:28 يگول " Midea Black Out , Then its Light Out "  " الأعلام ينطفي و ينشغل " قصده الأنترنت والسوشل الميديا والقنوات كلهة بيد الحكومة ، بكيفهم شوكت يطفوهة ويشغلوهة ( قبل شكم يوم بدو يكطعون النت على كل العراق ) - 2:43 الجنود الي ورة بوش رافعين لافتة مكتوب بيهة " Mission Accomplished " يعني " المُهمة أُنجِزت " وفعلا العراق صار داهية - 2:57 الي دا اشوفه نهر دم تتذكرون شهداء سبايكر ؟ (الله يرحمهم) - 3:04 قصدية الشاعر القدير (بدر شاكر السياب) " بويب أجراس برج ضاع في قرار البحر الماء في الجرار و الغروب في الشجر و تنضح الجرار أجراساً من المطر بلورها يذوب في أنين بويب يا بويب " معناها جدا عميق دورو بلجوجل حتعرفون معناها   يا ولد لايك للتعليق ❤

Челувек Челувекович : Not bad. Вообще, если бы этот клип был оригиналом, он бы интересно стрельнул. Хотя может и нет.

Andrewitsch : Madleine Albright after she was asked if it was worth it that over 500.000 Iraqi children were murdered in gulf war: " Yes, we think the Price was worth it." - Madeleine Albright, GRIM REAPER of IRAQ I´m from Germany and I feel ashamed for what my country and the whole western Union, NATO did to your country.

Anu Ranglug ཨནུ་རིང་ལུགས། : Greetings from Tibet!

gilddo sawazaki : Greetings from Brazil.

Samora N'zinga : STOP THE WAR Greetings from Brazil

Muslim Montana : Asalam walekum from Detroit, Michigan, USA

Stevie V : Thanks for the video.  God bless and be safe.


Hold My Hand : God bless Iraq. ربي يحفظ العراق. وسفة صار العراق صاحب سمعة القتل والإرهاب. حسبنا اللة ونعم الوكيل 😭😢

YouTube Got Talent : This is Talent ❤

J. Fallon : Much love from Ahvaz and Miami 🇮🇷🇺🇸

MZuz S : Duddddeee i got the chills ! Love from saudi arabia !

Mohamed Anwar : Greetings from Egypt for the best recover ever, all the love...❤️❤️🇪🇬🇮🇶

Sacaz RO : Greetings from Romania 🇷🇴❤

Toasted Fan Art : Absolutely amazing. Should have shot a machine gun for the second drop though.

Chilloo : 🌚:well if Americans were to leave us alone we can start over aga.. 🕶️💬: Trump got elected 🌚: Here we go again..

Sarah Shamma : dolmaaaah :D:D:D im dead! this is the best

زياد الازرق Zeyad Blue : love iraq from saudi arabia

Genisys : Blessings to yall from America ♥

Ahmed Ahmed : Sunni, Shiite, Kurdish, Christian, Sabean, Turkmen, Assyrian, Network, Wahhabi, Salafist, Sufi, or atheist. All of us, Iraq, whatever America has destroyed Iraq, we will continue to fight and fight. Whatever America and Israel should do, Palestine should be liberated and the Arab nation should be liberated. Pride and dignity We thank you for the US sanctions against Iran. This is the only decision in our interest Long live the Arab nation Down with America The customer drops Long live the Arab nation Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest

A7mED IQ964 : 2:24 كوم بي 😂👌

mohaimen kaream : Habibi I think you’re one of the best Iraqi rappers.

IamOn aHorse Cidcid123456 : Love from Afghanistan, we going still trough this..