I-NZ - THIS IS IRAQ (العراق)

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Official I-NZ : Translated subtitles available by clicking the 'CC' option under the video. Thanks for watching

Mai Mohamed : Damn, I'm glad I watched this 😍👌😀😀😀😎😎🎶💃💃✨

صادق احلى - Sadiq Ahlaa : ممكن اظافة ترجمه بالعربي

Bryen King'ara : "I might get shot for this, you might get blocked from this.." I got shook

Mustafa Al-baghdady : *I'm from iraq .. and i feel sad after watching the video but i read the comments section and that made me so happy .. thanks for everybody* 😄

Hawaa Sarwary : He posted this on July 4th too I see what you did there..

kapil rana : May Allah , Jesus , Bhagwaan Bless Iraq LOve From ................ AN Asian

adrian scranton : real message here , great remake

الوقح قيمز : This is IRAQ

DjDialogic : 2 million Iraqis killed by the American Tax Payer.

Tech Tricity : America is giving them the guns but not directly. Saudia Arabia is the source of delivery in many ways. from men to money. Dissapointed this wasn't in the video. It all leads to isis. A sunni - shia war.

Samora N'zinga : STOP THE WAR Greetings from Brazil

Hannah Lawrencium : The Arabic speaking really hit me. I speak Arabic but it’s not my first languages since my parents are Iraqi but we live in the UK. I nearly cried watching this- especially the small parts in Arabic. I hope this video is shown everywhere.

Shirley Tatha : Love from Kenya 💓

Mustafa MfM : Unfortunately, the song talks about reality !!! Government America + ISAS have destroyed Iraq and brought it back 100 years. Life has become difficult, despite the fact that the people have stood up against everything and so far struggle. للاسف .. الاغنيه تتكلم عن الواقع !!! اميركا + داعش دمروا العراق وارجعوه ١٠٠ سنه للخلف 💔 اصبح العيش صعب رغم ذالك الشعب صمد ضد كل شيء والى الان يكافح ..

Gaming clips : Greetings from Kuwait 💛

Drop Zone : This is gold

Äsh #Smókèr : We want peace ✌️✌️✌️ great job dude!!!❤️❤️❤️ From Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵

amd : respect from Kuwait 🔥

Mohamed chiker : American people is not the american regime . American people are wonderful they are against the policy of blood but unfortunnaly the zaionists kills anybody in the name of OIL

Engineer / المُهَنْدِسُ : Peace💔

Super Duper : This video is well put together though. Good job

CRiSP : boi

X O : This is كس خالتك 🙂

François FR : US army dose not use Russian gun's 😊...

xanax : сука блять

Bashar Watheq : We want the freedom😔

ibraheem XD : *THIS IS GREAT* الله ينصرنا يارب 😍

Buddy Casino : And there are people here complaining about Germany... greetings from Germany ✌🇩🇪

Salem Alziyadi : تحياتي لكم 🌹 عراقي مغترب اللعنة على من كان السبب في تدمير العراق

FAHID Iq05 : كمل ڤيديوهات عن العراق حتى تغير وجهة العالم النا تحياتي

Mery BeautyFreaks : Good job dude

Ice & fire : Love iraq from syria❤

Abdula3ziiz Al-KhAldi : صراحة شغل متعوب عليه اهنيك الغنية اضهرت وش يعيش العراق فيه تحياتي من السعودية ✋🏼❤

sAgAr : *اريد ترجمه*

Ahmed Khalifa : عميق جدآ تحياتي من السودان👌❤

Toasted Fan Art : Absolutely amazing. Should have shot a machine gun for the second drop though.

ROOK Gamer : 2:25 كوم بي 😂😂

Emily Figueredo Vieira : i´m brazilian, and i´m so glad to clink on this video and discovery how is your reality, to see a diferent point of view of this history, that sad, and i hope one day i can help, the way i can. love from Brazil.

محمد العزاوي : 2:36 ازقنب 😂😂

FAINOCK ALBALUSHI : كلنا مع العراق 💗

Typical Indian Comments : Battlefield 3

Ahmed Aljawadi : 2:35 اتزقنب ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

ايفان ز : العراقين اذا انصدمتو لايك

Mimss : ❤️❤️❤️✨🇮🇶

Nels MacKenzie : Because radical Islam definatly hasnt been killing people in the middle east. Nah no ones getting beheaded or nothing🤫🤐

FIJI 1400 : Any English friends here😅

SerajAldeen X : اني عراقي I'm iraqi

Robyn Villines : Americans who are uncomfortable because of this video...good, you should be! Being uncomfortable, informing yourself, looking outside of our borders is just the first step to righting all the wrongs that our government has imposed upon countless countries, including Iraq. The media which is so concentrated on only American affairs, even curriculum in school shields us from the real repercussions of American actions because we're uncomfortable with the real truth. Educating ourselves is the only way that we can start to vote smarter, get involved, and potentially use that power to help fix the problems we have caused (even if our hands didn't directly carry out the deeds). Be uncomfortable, and take that discomfort and turn it into passion, power, and motivation. If we all do something to help right these wrongs, even though it may feel like an enormous task, we can do at least make a dent in the problems America has caused around the world. We can't bring back the dead, change the outcomes of the past, or make anything completely right again, but we can at least do something and not sit idly by.

Nataly Silva : Entendi tudo