How to Fold Beats By Dre Power beats 3 Head Phones Into Case

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G-Rekt Gaming : This kid needs to get sponsor ASAP 😤

Roberto Yepes : Holy shit, you're my hero. Thanks for the info, by the way nice mustache.

Autistic Cat : If you could make a guide for the normal Powerbeats that would be amazing as that's what I have

Random 81 : How tf old are you and have 200 dollar headphones

Boi Ahoy : Wow you are blocking hate comments

Deglel Tesfandrias : So basically..... just make it look like you are organized by folding it then just mash it into the case..... got it.... thanks

En Xia : Thanks, Dylan.  Great tutorial.

Chief J : So how do you subscribe to the video 🤔😂

Trapper gamer Therapy : Do a tear down

Mario Lopez : wow! an awesome tutorial good job to this youtube blogger...

Mohammed Zakaria ali : Great tip Thanks

Daron R : Trash

Jessica Suniga : You helped me out. I was putting them in wrong the WHOLE time. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Trudy McKesson Morgan : Thanks my case looks nicer and my beats even fit nicer

Arthur Guthmiller : Thanks I was just stuffing them in and knew there had to be some kinda trick to it. Good job

mythsheep : thanks lil homie

Davion Hudson : I appreciate that little man! You're video really helped...keep up the good work 👍

theonenonlycloud : Dope tutorial kid! I'll do that!

Elijah morales : This helped me so much I was struggling so hard trying to figure out how to put my beats in my case. Thanks kid 👍

CrazyBoi 888999 : Thanks bro 👍🏾👍🏾

Jennifer Gonzalez : Thanks Dylan you are great

Greek Mike : You are such a smart kid. Thank you very much for the excellent video. Keep up the wonderful work.

DJ foxy gaming : I subscribed