Old Man roasts EGirl livstixs During IRL Beach Stream

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Rick Grassi : You can tell that really got to her

Whirling Music : Give him a medal

Chris Hansen : I mean, the titties are pretty interesting.

Smoothie X. : well he wasn't wrong

W Pizdets : the Boomer Chad vs Virgin e-thot

CfCFan99 : Polite way of saying begone thot!

Kayla Cat : Here because of a top 10 owned video: To everyone saying this old guy is being rude for no reason he’s truly not. It’s the middle of the day and you have this girl at the bar who is freshly legal drinking age setting up a live stream and acting obnoxious. Maybe you have to be a girl or an oldie who’s been around the block to realize how hard she is arching that back and that a push-up does wonders for an average chest. If I was out in public trying to enjoy a drink or a meal her shenanigans would annoy me too. He just told her the truth. People have said much worse to people whose try hard act is ruining an otherwise pleasant afternoon. Social media has created an incredibly annoying generation.

Marius Fjørtoft : Owie, look at her eyes. That went straight home :(

Reaper : Oh not only did I hear him I agree

TheSauerkraut : She reminded me so much of Amy Schumer with that ‘comeback’, she can’t think of anything witty or related to the situation to say so she just says the most generic, unoriginal thing possible.

Yo ass is a bitch Suck my dick : She's crying from the inside lol

Joey's Lawyer : People aren't watching for her to be interesting.

TakeTheJurny : "Can we copystrike that old guy?" -thot101

Tu Chenz : she hated him because he told the truth

Héctor Enrique Gonzalez : He looks like the Jurassic Park's owner.

bric k : Wow, give her a prize for the most cliche comeback of the year.....

I TRIGGER PEOPLE : How to mentally scar a thot 101

Thaperd : She gets offended cause she's so full of herself.

Theyk Ash : She looked like she wanted to cry

The Maximum : So we're just not going to talk about the awesome shirt that chad of a man is wearing?

mfchimichanga : She dies a bit more with each blink.

John Cochran : In answer to her question "Did you hear what that old guy said?" the answer is "Nothing, but the honest truth."

Christian AE : She's so full of herself... Now shes butthurt after the old beard man had told her 😂

Central Intelligence Agency : Roasting the roastie.

Fletcher Castoria : She would be infinitely more interesting had she removed her bikini top

Richard Grouper : Yes, I heard what the old guy said and I wish he was the dad of all those young soy boys, male feminists and incels, cause they would've become Chads instead.

Nashville Dude : Did you hear the guy's wife in the background laugh? Why did he do that to the young girl? You can tell it hurt her feelings. I'm sure that this girl is more interesting than his large wife. You could hear the fat in her laugh.

Knife Ivan : is Lexi Belle now streaming?

Spanky McSpankenstein : OG thot destruction

Drivenut4 : LOL "did you hear what that old guy said?" Yes we did sweetheart, and he's right. The only interesting qualities you have are hanging in that bikini top. And the creeps are paying you for it. Congrats.

Run Ador : How to crush a female.

natasha meliffi : I mean what he said wasn't exactly gentle but jeez sorry it's true! At least for what was shown of her on this video

EnzoTheBaker : Old man's shirt is way more interesting

C Lambert : I mean, I would hit it.

Nick : T.I.T.S T - you're I - not T - that S - interesting

Darian McBride : Tbh she handled it better than I would've 🤔

320speed : A part of her slowly died after that comment.

K G : That dude's anime bimbo shirt was a mighty fine spagoots

Bunga Rin : S A V A G E

Chive Chan : 0:23 where's my validation!!!!

Abril : I’m just trying to figure out what that song is in the background. Sounds familiar

charles voy : Thot.

rhubert Oh : bewbs

Nunya : Like he's one to talk. I can see he's one of those old people that hate technology and selfies. He's not interesting at all. He's just a boring old creeper with nothing better to do then to watch and make mean comments to a stranger to relish in fake proud and make his jealous wife feel better. If she's not interesting walk away and dont pay attention. That was the highlight of his day.

Luke Byrd : That laugh in the background! Gets me everytime!

Bigf00t100 : Hahaha! She didn’t wanna talk after that. Cause deep down she knows it’s true haha! I love this video.

Humorous LOL : Someone make a thug life video out of this.

th3kingx : Looks like she’s purposely arching her back forward. Might as well have a big neon sign pointing at her chi-chis saying ‘Look Over Yonder’.

Marco Mark Productions : most girls aren't that interesting, but I have mad love for those that are

Bee Rizzle : ........and she never streamed live again.