The Worst Song Ever
The Worst Song Ever

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Gumball Watterson : He looks like Trevor from GTA V

SpaghettiBurger : *Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss*

Khalil Melton : Wtf am I watching?!

gabino hernandez : I played this at school and *at max volume* my science teacher got really pissed but...its worth it *right*

Oli The Gamer : Is it Trevor from GTA5?

-FF958 - : Instruments used: -Drums(bass-hihat-snare -An alarm -A Trevor

PISTOL GOD65 : That’s me at 0:54 in the morning

Gacha Rocky : Labeled "The Worst Song Ever" Over 18K likes. Well... NOIC.

Cheddar OrWhatever : I want to set this as my alarm

Rare0reo MSP : I'll set this as my alarm now😂

XX pheyisdead XX : The title is very misleading. This was the most beautifully written song that has every blessed my ears with the ability to hear this

Fluffy ! : Nathan Barnatt: Ima make the worst song ever Lil Pump : Hold my Gucci

Cupcake Rainbow XOXO : this is better than any jojo siwa song XD

Ralf Geollegue : The worst song has gained 21k likes *Task Failed Successfully*

Dutch : This is my new ringtone and my friends make fun of me. Do u guys know why

Trong Nghia Do : Son: Start singing Dad: Stop Son:Why? Dad: We have bigger speakers downstairs

K a a z a l : Thank you Nathan, very cool!

Aldrin Karpaiya : 0:44 *old person Joins chat* 0:44 *Old person dies in chat*

1spunkymonkey2 : I actually set this a my alarm, I am not joking.

datgamecreator : Eminem: Cmon, get on my level. Nathan Barnatt: OK (Rap battle is on, Nathan first) Eminem: I can't do it.

LEGEND GAMER Le : How to make this song just put alarm timer for music And sing the lines

Jan Edvardsen : WTF I LOVE IT

Taukei2008 : Whose watching in 2019 put a like

Asham Dorje Lama : Made my day .. idk why but I was searching for worst song ever

Susan Kirk : My brother hates it so it can be very funny😀😀

Rylie : i opened my computer in english (last period) and this started playing

Dyno DexterHD : When HowToBasic does a music video

Bobert Rosechuckle : misleading title because this is my jam

Banan Basheer : When I opened that music while my brother was playing fortnite who was like stop

CONNIE Davies : Sounds amazing ,it's brilliant! Well done👏👏👏👏

ΣΩΤΗΡΗΣ ΚΟΥΛΟΥΚΑΚΟΣ : Friend: what music do you hear? Me:

Tracker Music : 1989: the internet will be a awesome community 2019:

Simcity Build It : #0:52 is the worst part

1 Lemmy : I actually first watch this video like two or three years ago it's still really funny

Brian Ramsay : I want this as my alarm. I get up for work at 3am every day 6 days a week... Ugh

Swapna Naskar : Though better than dhinchak pooja 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

Architect : This is clickbait.. *_This song is a masterpiece_*

Mythical Gamez4life : ᴅʏɪɴɢ ᴏғ ʟᴀᴜɢʜᴛᴇʀ...

AndDowzs : He needs a awards.

Kermit The Frog : He looks like Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Jason Smith : Better than any song that played on the radio in 2018.


Walcom S7 : Good job, Nathan! I can never sleep again knowing that somewhere, sometime, this song may be lurking and ready to be the first thing I hear when I regain consciousness. Seriously, I bet this could wake people out of 7 year comas.

Derek Freit : Yes my favorite song

Photex Central : this is so anoying #

Shaider : 0:54 it's a fish No its a worm No its Nathan Barnatt....

Ronnie Forever : Wtf now I will be singing this all day long

funtime bunny :3 : 0:53 me when it's Monday morning

Tom Jerry : He is Trevor from gta5