The Worst Song Ever

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Walcom S7 : Good job, Nathan! I can never sleep again knowing that somewhere, sometime, this song may be lurking and ready to be the first thing I hear when I regain consciousness. Seriously, I bet this could wake people out of 7 year comas.

Ross the Boss : I laughed the whole damn time!!!

1spunkymonkey2 : I actually set this a my alarm, I am not joking.

Olly Kollard : Still better than its everyday bro

What the hell vic Gaming : GTA V Trevor be like

Kt_trampoline : Best song ever like if you agree

Angelhugger official : My friend recommended this to me I am forever scared

Pizz Jizz : I no joke played this in the middle of health class LOL

Liisu Fazbear : Best song to wake up at morning 🙃🙃🙃

A Hungry Kid In Africa : Much better than Justin Bieber

Rap King : Me and my friend laughed our butts off

KENNY STEWART : No, Nathan, it's best song for morning!

Diane Marsden : My like is only for the channel's benefit, the song and video is completely revolting to watch and listen to and could easily make a person throw up XD Good hoot though. How on earth this chap is quite happy to make a complete a-hole out of himself is beyond me...

Blake Benfield : Make this into a ring tone

Zane Ahmed : he reminds me of my dad pretty hot if you ask me

Mythical Gamez4life : ᴅʏɪɴɢ ᴏғ ʟᴀᴜɢʜᴛᴇʀ...

ad revenue : hey man you made a typo. it should be BEST SONG EVER

Grant That Weird Kid : Still better than the song “Rolex”

Gumball Watterson : He looks like Trevor from GTA V

Funny Games : My new ringtone

Clayton Setzer : Or Logan paul

Bladen Salaneck : HATE IT!!!!!!!! yup

Jax Adam : I love it when he smashes his face in the mattress😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 gets me everytime😂😂😂😂😂

Bobert Rosechuckle : misleading title because this is my jam

shary show : Nice song 👍👌

Silver Tigers : I can barely hear now😑

Hailey Iricks : if he was under my bed i would scream

ggalex : love it :)

sage : This is my new alarm tune. Thanks for making my life a little shittier.

Alex Foster : *Nathan ruins Justin bibers hards work with one song*

Ram : Sounds like an alarm clock having a seizure

Clayton Setzer : I do not like Jake Paul

Rare0reo MSP : I'll set this as my alarm now😂

Matt Furies Intellectual Property : [insert generic joke about how this is better than most music today here]

MormChristian2 : Quality Content.

Alex Foster : 0:54 what I do when my dad try to wake me up.

Ram : Still better than justin beiber

BMR Studio : ok..... Gimme a Fu.king GUN! :)))))))))))

CT2 Smash : Still ends up with more likes than dislikes.

Zzz Zzzz : Hahahaha so funny😂😂

QGaming : trevor from gta 5 has taken new turns in his career

xFire Kingx : U just gave me nightmares

a guy who has a serious problem with memes : adds to songs playlist

PikaChuChuJelly : Better than Nickelback.

Nichole Marie : me playing this song to my alarm : TAKE THIS ALARM

Datboi3000 Katie : My grandma was in a coma and woke up just to turn this off...

Darnisha Hall : WTF AM I WATCHING


dont we all need help. : Why is this so funny Loved it

Seamist2000 : I set this as my alarm and I didn't wake up because I died