Mark 'accidentally' pushes Mike

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England is a country : *underwear sticking out of your pocket* that's life

jjmwwe : According to Tommy Wiseau, life is making out with your girlfriend in someone else's apartment, getting caught by a young lady and her mother, then having said mother show your underwear to everybody. That's life!

Layon W. : Greg Sestero is a murderef.

Ian Towsley : This is the greatest scene in cinema history.

Latte Cat : "Do you wanna see a doctor?" ........for falling against a couple of rubbish bins? I also love how Mark has to help him walk xD

MarklarsonTube : I once tried watching the movie, but skipped this scene. I was totally lost from that point on and had no idea what was going on. Now it all makes sense.


Eric Parazak : Mike: "I got a bit of a tragedy." Tragedy = someone discovering your underwear.

Elf Warlord : This looks like the set for the Jerry Springer Show.

Appleboy78165 : "I have to go see Michelle in a little bit to make out with her." Look out, we've got a badass over here.


Andrew Schultz : The "me underwears" quote was memorably awful and awfully memorable but I forgot how utterly hilariously bad the rest of the scene was. Thanks for the reminder.

PumpkinLicorice : "Yeah, sorry you had to see that." "I'm not sorry!" ???????????!!!!!???

Paul Singam : Underwear? I GOT THA PIKCHA!

RhythmGrizz : "UNderware! Ahh GAHT da PIKshure!"

badjemima : "Underwear? What's that?"

wang chung : This has to be a movie from an alternate dimension that we picked up from deep space.

Löcé Carlisle : Me underwears

Nick Carlson : *Recanting saucy makeout session in which interrupting old lady pulls underwear out of fleeing man's pocket and shows everyone in the room* Johnny: "That's life"

iamhim : Me Underwears

Joseph Martinez : It's funny because Denny says "He was just telling us about an underwear issue he had" but they hadn't even spoke of the underwear issue the whole time Denny was around

daughterofolaf : Haha. I love that the music changes to dark-and-serious right after he falls.

Ricky Manson : If we analyse this scene carefully, we can see the underlying dynamic of the four friends: Johnny sits at the top with his gorgeous wife-to-be as an example of the All-American hero and beloved member of the San Francisco community. Mark sits as his right hand man, his dragon and closest confidant. Beneath them both is Denny, the young prince in Johnny's aristocracy, and at the bottom is Mike, who does not spend nearly as much time with Johnny as Mark or Denny and is consequently established as being beneath them in the pecking order. The underwear tragedy is a story that Mike uses to self-deprecate himself in an attempt to establish a better friendship with Johnny, and elevate him to a better position in the social order. When Denny arrives, Mike's poor attempt to excuse himself is evidence that he is only interested in Johnny's approval, and sees his other friends as rivals for Johnny's attention. It also brings to light his low self esteem: he feels inferior even to Johnny's young ward Denny. However, this pales in comparison to Mike's relationship with Mark. Immediately, Mike's unwillingness to divulge the underwear story to Mark demonstrates his fear and submission to Mark. But Mark recognises Mike's story as an attempt to climb the ranks and potentially replace him, and he responds by establishing his dominance: pushing Mike into the trash cans and playing it off as an accident; a typical display of defending territory dating back to childhood hierarchy on the playground. What Tommy Wiseau is trying to demonstrate with this scene is the established hierarchy of the four characters. Highlighting Johnny's position as a king of men who will all clamber over each other for his approval only serves to make his ultimate downfall all the more tragic. .......Or it's just a shit scene, but I don't know.

bigfatcarp93 : This is like the world's weirdest vaudeville act.

embermarrow : I've seen this so many times but I just noticed that Mike flinches when Denny enters the scene, like he's scared or something. Cheep cheep cheep cheeep

Kyle Pittman : I feel sorry for Mike, this poor guy tries soooo hard with this dialogue.

Alex B : Fun trivia: Mike later died on his way to the hospital

rosesRred95 : This scene is incredible, first why is everyone hanging in a random alley, two why does Mike describe this stupid underwear situation as a tragedy? So much is going on here

Tommy Wiseau : I hope you enjoy this iconic scene

Crocubot : Johnny was going to go take the train to Hogwarts until Mike stopped him.

iRenz0 : I swear the same shit happens in my minute there’s a specific conversation going on, the next it’s a completely out of left field subject going on.

Gnar Gnar Binks : "Underwear? What's that? UNDERWEAR?! Man, c'mon!" And that was the last thing Mike heard before he was viciously assaulted...accidentally?

Jo He : Is no one talking about the fact that Mark doesn't know what UNDERWEAR Is?? :DD

Beat Junkie2016 : This scene brings me to tears. Not because it's funny, but because it's accidentally such a masterpiece. It literally distracts you from everything else and you can't help but wonder, " What the fuck was he thinking?"

Jay 제이 : To this day, I have no clue why he says "Me underwears"

Abominatrix650 : Why do I get the feeling that this was meant to portray Mark as some kind of animalistic brute with wild strength so great that he can unintentionally injure a man with a single push, trying to show the audience what kind of primal savage Lisa betrays Johnny for?

Andrew Peterson : me underwears

Jack O' Keeffe : First metion of underwear and Mark jumps on him like Kevin Spacey on a 13 year old.

Joetatoe Productions : These Room scenes are absolute GOLD in 0.5x speed.

2A : At 1:38, you can literally hear Mike yawning. That just shows how enthused he is to be there.

Caleb Pearl : 1:40 A rare "Oh Hi, Mark" appears.

mrmashedpotato : Establishing shot of golden gate bridge Cut to alleyway

T. Zappa : Mike: "Me and Michelle, we were making out at your place" Johnny "*Haha*" (with a sinister look on his face)

MetalizedButt : The unnatural manner in which johnny turns around to react when mike calls him. The way johnny reacts to mike telling him that he just had sex at HIS house "you must be kidding haha underwear, I got the picture. that's life". How mark awkwardly enters the scene and only says what's up to danny first and then the rest of them. God knows how mark even accidentally knocks mike over. This scene is just one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history.

Panthers1521 : This scene is painfully bad

Hans Olo : I just can't get over the fact that Johnny was briskly walking straight toward a brick wall before Mike got his attention. It leads me to wonder what would have happened if Mike had not gotten his attention

NorekXtreme : "I'm going to see Michelle in a little bit to make out with her" Who talks like that?!!

Mister Meter : I would like to point out that at 1:30 Johnny waits a full two seconds to laugh at what Danny said.

Alex McMovies : You must be kidding. underwear. I got the picture

PaddyMatthews1916 : Ahm...Aha...Aha...Ahm...Mmm.