Manly-Man Skills | Whitening Old Plastic

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RegularCars : Teach me how to write like that!

Omerack : I can't tell if I'm getting smarter or dumber after watching these videos.

CuriousMarc : Now we've just gone straight into the realm of poetry. Scholars will write books about this one. I had to listen to it several times to get most of it. We demand a transcript!

Paul Mitsakis : OK Google, how many languages are spoken in the world? There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers. The most popular language in the world is Mandarin Chinese. There are 1,213,000,000 people in the world that speak that language. The least common language spoken is AvElish, with just one know living example.

Anonymous : Jesus Christ I thought I was having a stroke while listening to this...

Glen Atchison : Translation: Welcome back, I like fishing, choose your battles carefully, I haven't been laid in a long time and the wife wants me to do a project, don't buy things from China, release the schmoo, coupla days in the sun put it back on and voila.

Joe 30 pack : I live in an old smoker's house- do they sell that stuff in 55 gallon drums?

workhardism : Your truly amazing with your on the fly wordsmithing! It's like poetry. Poetry written by an escaped mental patient, but poetry nevertheless.

Akinaro : First rule of real husband: fix it but make it pain in the ass for wife so she will not as you again to fix it. What you need to do? 1. Get cheap white spray paint. 2. Bring as many tools to room as possible. 3. Remove that plastic. 4. Paint it inside the room without opening windows. 5. Wait in the room for hour without cleaning anything. Because it need to dry. 6. Screw plastic as it was before. 7. Spend at least hour to clean working place. Results: wife will see that you did it but she will thinks two times before she ask you to fix something like that again.

CODMarioWarfare : It's not the bromination. Once ABS is degraded, by UV in particular, radicals start to free. These radicals either react with the other plastic, spreading the degradation like rust, or react with oxygen, creating one of a few types of compounds. In particular, unsaturated carbonyls cause the appearance of yellowing and also break down the rubber in the plastic, making it inelastic and brittle. What you've done here is bleach the carbonyls to make the plastic look a bit nicer. Unfortunately this won't last for more than a couple years. Also, the plastic is more susceptible to cracking than at first. Source:

Johnny V baby : the best commentary I've ever heard

satyris411 : I honestly feel AvE is one of the most learned gentlemen I have the pleasure of listening to on the whole of the youtubes. Granted the bar is set fairly low but this chap bounds over it with an enthusiasm usually reserved solely for dogs and children. Long may it continue, maven foreperson

The Sick Horse Ranch : I got a new in box 7.5 amp Ryobi 4.5" angle grinder I want yo send to you for a BOLTR. I ain't got a dime for Patreon but I got a credit card for the Homeless Deathspot! :) How the hell do I send this to your P.O. Box or something? P.S. I even got the wife on board with this one, I don't know how! Ha HA

John T : Your use of the English(?) language is incredible...

Christopher Milne : I listened to this one three times. I find that sometimes Uncle Bumblefuck's dissertations reveal more and more with each listening.

Now listen here cunt, : Instructions not clear. Lights now flicker when I stick'er with me dicka.....

optimistichorizon : *I have done this. It becomes brittle and will go back to YELLOW soon. JUST REPLACE IT!*

Tactical Farts : This dude got a tumor in the speech department.

Andrew Barber : “Known by the state of cancer to cause California” Best comment ever.

Alex Brown : The books in the background at 1:58 make my day.

Stakenshake : Eww horizontal gotta go vertical with those screws

Subtly Agressive : He sounds like a Canadian, redneck, Newfie pirate.

zaclal : A shakespearean soliloquy executed with precision prose.....

Drab Majesty : I have a playlist for helpful life tips, figured I'd delete it and just search for an AVE vid if parts of the ol home break or what not

Jrezky : There's another company that makes a product (hydrogen peroxide gel) to do this marketed towards videogame collectors whose old Nintendos and Apple IIs were yellowed over time. It works essentially the same way, leaving it in the sun to bake for a while. It's called Retr0bright.

piast99 : Don't you think that AvE sounds much like Trevor Philips, do you?

Peter Pan : Not at all inspired by The Post Apocalyptic Inventor.

swOhio : Causes California, so it's terminal then?

Keith Konnerth : Saw that 2600 in the magazine rack. Nice.

Household Dog : Subtitles?

Sion : Ok, your speech is now an official language called: *AvEish*

Forthwith Tx : You been watching 8-bit Guy?

To The Top Crane : Ole Uncle Bumble, if you wrote a book, I'd buy it! I'd pay atleast $10 US for what would be a fine written script. I'm sure a better read, there never would be.

YourFavourite Normie : *LEWD WINK*

Alvaro Giron : All of the screw heads were orientated the same way, horizontal. ANIMAL!!

Rosa String Works : I love your videos. But you are one messed-up guy. I mean that in the best way.

Direkin : Geez, is 2600 still going?

The Back Channel : The "Honey Do List" constitutes foreplay? Whatever happened to, "Brace yourself, Lass!"?

WikiTool : It's never been so entertaining watching a guy remove and bleach plastic.

Matt Andreko : Man, I haven't read a 2600 magazine in forever. I should get back on that.

xXWOND3RBR3ADXx : White hair dye? I have no idea what he said

Brute Better : I like AvE, he makes us laugh...😅

SandPox : What language is zat?

Big2009Gee : Epic

Mr. Webguy : 2600 magazine next to playboy...timeless. Next AvE video, "How to make a Bluebox for fun and profit."

Subtly Agressive : 1:30 Shouldn't that be "CHEMOSTRY"??

bashpr0mpt : Someone needs to add translated subtitles to this; I don't speak buckaroo. :(

Jockgit : LMAO "You taking the kids???....."

ergodana хлебарки : 2600 next to Playboy....pure class

NamelessSession™ : I saw that playboy in the back! Well done