Talk Like a Mainer: "Ayuh"

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scyllaandcharybdis : Thumbs up if Stephen King bought you here

FornusSomeFornit : Basically every Stephen King book brought me here

Rex Mundi : Awesome! Stephen King often uses this word in his books didn't know it was a Maine thing, the more you know! :)

Jorge Hernandez : I had seen that word in so many King's novels and it was driving me crazy since I didn't know how to pronounce it. thank you.

Sergio M. Urbizu : Stephen King, Dark tower series brought me here.

Sarah Jacobs : I've been reading Stephen King on and off since I was 11 (I'm 38 now) and I thank you for this. This, along with the Edward Hermann narration of The Tommyknockers, has corrected a lifelong assumption of mine: I was an Eye-yuh'er. Now, I know better. ;)

Psychedelic Unicorn : I'm from Maine and I can 100% confirm this to be accurate pronunciation

salihaha14 : haha i'm here because of stephen king; cujo and bag of bones.

Dainty Daisy : hwehll yell at me why doncha?

Gan : I've read a lot of Stephen King but it was A Separate Peace that brought me here

MrFrankBegbie : very useful, I've read "Colorado Kid" by Stephen King and there's plenty of "Ayuh"!

Kevin Carpenter : This has been quite informative. I'm currently doing research so I don't seem like a tourist when I get there.

Eric Paul : you crack me up! love it

funkyfreshwizardry : I never realized this is what I was saying holy shit...I thought I was saying "oh yeah?" but too fast so most of the sounds get skipped. I'm from Connecticut but my parents are from northern New Hampshire, must have picked it up from them.

Nicole 9volt : Spot on, ESPECIALLY the variation the uses the sharp breath in. Born and raised in Maine until we moved, so me being younger I lost a lil of the accent, but that will be my father's sound of "yes" until the day he dies😅 Good video👍

Edyth Counter-Griffis : grew up in Brunswick, and living in NC. This makes me feel at home again.

Flower : I have lived in Maine my whole life no one says this :')

Admiral Tug Benson : This guy was killed by Cujo a week after filming this.

Randy Bobandy : Its funny, i lived in Maine for a few years (didn't grow up there) and started saying "ayuh" without even realizing it. I dont live in Maine anymore but still find myself reflexively saying "ayuh" from time to time

dbeierl : Whatever happened to the Maine accent?  Please please please may we have the mid-coastal accent back?  Or any of them, but *something*?

Soxruleyanksdrool : My relatives who grew up in Maine say "Uh-Yuh". Can I be there when you tell them there wrong?

Sam Porter : I was born, raised and still live in Maine. Never heard this. Not once.

Phoebe Carter : Katherine applegate brought me herw

franknsense22 : not Stephen King, but another book brought me to look this up. I'm in OK, never heard it before.

Le Cirque des Rêves : Stephen King didn't not bring me here. I wanted to know what ayuh was.

Judith Davies : My grandmother from Massachusetts said that!

TheMelluuu : SK brought me here! I happen to be from one of the other places that say words on the intake, Newfoundland! We say "yuh" and "yesyuh"! There are a lot of others but it's used in a kind of exasperation!

tedmerr : There is a bee on your hat.

Caitlin Pryor : Best video. Been wondering about the pronunciation forever! Saw "ayuh" it for the first time in a novel when I was a girl. Can't for the life of me remember which one. DID YOU EAT THEM BAKED BEANS?!

MossWaffle : Ironically, you have no trace of a Maine accent.

Brady gathu : downeast as in Camden Rockport area? vinalhaven? my work requires me to travel all over the state. downeast maine and north eastern maine are the only 2 places I've heard thick "mainer" accents. as in replacing the letter r with ah

MrScotch16 : watching Dark Shadows trying to sleep and hard this word. episode 18? My Nana from Wells said this a thousand times during her ten thousand phone conversations. do you know what a spider is?

Trenton Printz : First 20 years of my life I grew up in Bangor, I always heard and said "ahh yuh" not "ayy yuh". I mean, I guess I heard people say "ayy yuh" but me and all my friends said it softer :/ We're all awful young though!

Hunter 2-1 Actual : Same as here in Nova Scotia, especially down the south end.

fishtrom : a deep running subculture ftw

Skard4Life : I am about to move to Maine. Need to learn this!

Angel Macias : X-files Episode 10 Season 5 brought be here after a Google search

Angel Macias : X-files Episode 10 Season 5 brought be here after a Google search

Javer80 : Super helpful. One of those little things I always wondered about, but had no reference to consult. Thanks.

BreaphGoat82 : I'm from Maine, born and raised - I moved to California 10 years ago and I'm currently writing a screenplay that takes place in Maine - Horror of course like our very own Mr. King. Couple of questions - I Noticed you dropped off on doing these, any plans to do more? They are fantastic reference - I'm quite removed from the dialect now so it's hard to remember it all. And I grew up in Wiscasset where I mostly heard a shortened version of "Ayuh" dropping the "A" and just using the "yuh" although most of the time up in 'Casset we cut it hard so it sounded like "yut". Does this ring a bell? Thanks! Great videos, bub.

IBuy OldStuff : ''if you want to learn to talk like a MainER one of the words you have to mastER is oUR word fOR yes'' how about YOU learn how to talk like a Mainer before trying to teach someone else how to?

Ronald Wikstrom : must be nordic influence. letts/ swedes etc do that. -- referring to the latter, breathe in type of pronunciation or ayuh.

Alex Sparks : I really love the old timey "down east" accent, like Jud Crandall in Pet Semetary. "Lotta history down that rawd" lol

Ultra Brick Studios : Lived in Maine my entire life and not once heard someone say this..interesting

Caitlin Reum : I'm a Mainah! Loved the video :)

TrailLady TrippleCrown : How you pronounce it means different things.

Theodore Shulman : I had a chemistry professor from Maine who pronounced the name of the noble gas argon (atomic number 18) "aah-gaw-oan". (The first syllable same as in the world "apple", but longer.)

Theodore Shulman : Do you like to eat lawb-stuh?

sam will : I am from Maine and now I can't stop myself hearing it when I say it or when friends say it. I'm not even from Downeast, goddammit...

Keith Turner : They do the "ayuh" with in-drawn breath in Newfoundland too. When I went there I initially thought the person had a breathing problem but then when everybody started doing it I realized it was cultural. Newfoundland is great.