Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video Version

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The ORIGINAL! NO commentary in the background! NO annoying cam quality! As you know I did NOT make this. Credit goes to dascottjr. Sung by PersephoneMaewyn I also don't own the video, that goes to Bonnie Tyler and whatever sinister force has been removing the other copies.

Comments from Youtube

Randy : What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up... That's the line that made me lose my shit.

Joel Newnham : The gayest man on earth would call this over the top. I was in stitches!

Diana Psotka : The first time I ever watched this, I couldn't sleep all night.  Every time I started to fall asleep, I'd remember "mullet with headlights" and start giggling!


RubyRosdil : fun fact the "how about a towel" guy is actually my dad

Nancy : It ticks me off that these things keep get taken down.  It's parody and should be fair use

Samantha Margeson : Some of the best lines: "And they shouldn't fence at night, or they're gonna hurt the gymnasts." "Stop! You're making it worse!" "Nevermind. I just went on the floor." "It started out as Hogwarts, now it's Lord of the Flies." "What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up." "Mullet with headlights?" "Over-surprised guy."

Avenged84 : Mullet with headlights totally got me

David Carter : whenever i watch a tv show where someone delivers a line poorly, that bit of this video where she goes "GUESS I SHOULD BE ACTING BUT I'M NOT" always springs to mind

Alana Dill : Once upon a time I thought there could be nothing funnier or weirder than the original video. Now I just can't even.

TotallyNotJase : "The gayest man on Earth would call this over the top!" has me laughing every time.


Brian Straight : What the effing crap, that angel just felt me up.

lakamokolaka : This needs more views, seriously it is the best Literal music video I have seen, even better than the "Take on Me," one that has 14 million views

Qubrof : I cannot hear the original anymore without substituting these lyrics for the original ones.  It's just... it's just too perfect.

ladyinred : (Pan the room) Random use of candles, empty bottles, and cloth and can you see me through this fan? (Slo-mo dove) Creepy doll, a window, and what looks like a bathrobe Then, a dim-lit shot of dangling balls. (Metaphor?) Close-up of some candles and dramatically posing Then stock footage of a moon in the sky (Bottle shot) Messing up my close-up of with a floating blue curtain Now let's see who's coming in from outside (Double doors open) Why aren't I reacting in this shot? (Ringo Starr? Lined eyes!) Guess I should be acting but I"m not (Door's ajar) Wander through a hall with doors that magically open and this classroom has a fan. (Open shirts) Now it's getting creepy You can tell by my staring It's a long time since I've been with a man. (Stupid chair) Emo Kid is throwing Slo-Mo Dove at my face. I guess that means he just flipped me the bird. (Locker room) Staring at the swim team gets you killed by a gang of dancing ninja men who know how to twirl. (Spin around. Ninjas!) Then a bunch of preppies make a toast (Drinking wine, Douchebags!) Most of it just ends up on the floor And they shouldn't fence at night, Or they're going to hurt the gymnasts. Why do they play football inside? Here's another shot of fencing And I've mostly been lit from behind Watch these shadows run off I walk onto a terrace where I think I'm alone But Arthur Fonzarelli's got an army of clones (Fonzi's been cloned!) They do the Macarena But I'm still not impressed They beg for me to dance with them but not in this dress! I'll pose like Rocky tonight! I'm running up a bunch of stairs (Strip football and surprise mirror!) Here's where I pretend to be Eva Peron. Look at me, I'm lifting my arms There's nothing else to shot, so just zoom the camera under this arch Leaning on myself because there's two of me here. But now there's only one in this shot I pull my feathered hair whenever I see floating cloth [Spoken] Woman: Ooh, ooh, oooooh, I've gotta use the bathroom but the door's locked! Can you help me? Man: I'll open the door for you. *grunts* Woman: Oh thank you sir, how can I ever repay you? Man: How about a towel? Group: Hey guys check this out! Whoa. Hey don't do that dude! Come on! Wait, it's supposed to take the cloth & leave everything else on the table! I don't know what happened. Not like that, it's the other way! Yeah, pull it like that! No, Stop! You're making it worse! Man with accent: Alright which of you preppies put gold dust in my fencing mask? Woman: Hey this isn't the ladies room!! (Blind possessed choir boys.) Get out of my way, I've gotta pee (Zombie cult?) Never mind. I just went on the floor! Now I need to find a mop! Emo Kid wears too much make-up. Now watch a bunch of half-naked guys (Hairless chests.) As they dance around in diapers And I've joined the Glee Club of the Damned. (Reference joke!) Look the fog machine's on! What kind of private school would let in these kind of guys? It started out as Hogwarts, now it's Lord of the Flies! (I hated that book) I'm swaying side to side, these dancers need to stop The gayest man on earth would call this over the top! I whip my head to the right, I'll never go to church again. I think I lost a contact lens. When did spazzing out qualify as a dance? Kneeling like I want to throw up. What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up! Here's a line of guys. I was wearing a dress, But now they've got me wearing a suit One kid's running late, I think he's too young for this school. I'm totally shaking his hand (Mullet with headlights?) (Over-surprised guy. Weirded ouuuut. oooohh!)

Social Scientist : Drinking wiiine.. douchebaaaags Best line EVER

Maddox Byrd : Has everyone forgotten this isn't the actual song?

Hwta : "I gotta use the bathroom but the door's locked! Can you help me?" "I'll open the door for you! HUAH!" "Oh thank you sir, how could I ever repay you?" "How about a towel?"

Steve Campbell : Best Literal Song ever.

Dermacrosis : Well dascottjr the original maker of this has been driven from you tube and has had his account suspended. His vids can be found on funny or die now, they all have me laughing. Shame on you music industry going after someone who does this to amuse. talk about pathetic, I won't insult children by calling the behaviour childish.

Red Vines : The best line of all time: What kind of private school would let in these kind of guys? It started out as Hogwarts now it's Lord of the Flies (I hated that book).

Fourthgirl : Get out of my way I gotta pee!!!  Get's me every time!!!! That and Fonzie's been cloned.

KutieePie : OMG!!!  This is, without a doubt, THE funniest video on YouTube.  Fricking HA-larious!!!  I literally fell out of my chair from laughter!  So damn funny!!!

Paul Harrell : That was really funny. But the original version of this video was five minutes of me saying what the hell? what the hell? what the...

cheshirecatgrin93 : Emo kid is throwing Slo-Mo Dove at my face, I guess that means that he just flipped me the bird! LMAO!

MUSICAL SWASTIKAS : *It started out as Hogwarts, now It's Lord of the Flies* couldn't describe this video even better

Steven Fox : "I pose like Rocky tonight" kills me every time! :D

BellatrixRox16 : Wtf is that video even about?  But this literal music video is PERFECTION

Monte Alto : I guess that means that he just flipped me the bird. lol

s guzman : Mullet with headlights? Over-surprised guy >XD

AJ Rafael : this is the funniest thing i've seen all my life

Lisaxbuu : started out as Hogwarts now its Lord of the Flies.... I hated that book!!!

Mannchild11 : Staring at the swim team gets you killed by a gang of dancing ninja men who know how to twirl. ROFL.

Lala : "You can tell by my staring, it's a long time since I've been with a man." Exactly what I was thinking, also those are schoolboys.

Luciano Paciornick : "Staring at the swim team gets you killed by a gang of dancing ninja men who know who to twirl" is one of the best parody verses of all time. No matter how many times I watch this, it gets me every single time. :D

Dermacrosis : Well I recently showed this to my mum and she nearly went on the floor. Like me she is a Bonnie fan and, obviously, was around for the orignial and she loved it.

partylikeits1066 : The concept for this video could easily have been boring, dumb jokes, but this is genuinely clever and hilarious. Thanks for the re-upload, it's a classic

hyperdrive : Hilarious version of this song! And I agree, fencing at night is very dangerous!

Ana Leigh : Favorite part: "What the effing crap?! That angel guy just felt me up."

wojo4hitz : Seriously laughed until I cried and couldn't stop. Holy hell this is hilarious.

DuSky Glider : Glad you re-uploaded it, I always come back looking for it when I randomly hear the song I start laughing and think of this one

PendulumFTW : 0:51 - Doors that magically open? There's a foot if you look closely

David Naylor : The writer of this is a master. The timing is A1. Even on the 17th view I'm still in stitches. I have to contain my laughter so I can hear the next bit.

William Parry : This is STILL the single most hilarious thing I believe I have ever seen. I can be in the worst mood, and it will never fail to make me laugh. It's hysterical and I will always applaud it.

Deborah L. : one of my favorite memories with this video is actually reading someone else's memory about it. someone posted that this one guy sang an almost perfect rendition of the original song, but at the end he added "Mullet with headlights!" X-D

CrossfacePanda : Thanks for reuploading this. Someone needs to also upload the old literal version of Meatloaf's "I Will Do Anything for Love". That one was equally brilliant


Vahid Masrour : Awesome work. I love the original, but this is funny. Was this the first literal video version?