Cambodian boy masters 12 languages selling souvenirs to tourists
Cambodian boy masters 12 languages selling souvenirs to tourists

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: A Cambodian boy mastered 12 languages while selling souvenirs to tourists. The enterprising youngster works at the iconic Angkor Wat temple, a popular tourist spot. The boy says he is trying to make money to go to school.


Shan Hussain : I really hope this boy is able to get a good education and make a better life for himself. He deserves it more than I do.

Anisa Maharani Rinjani : no money,no wife, no children, DAMN SON 😂

L S : Look at the woman, she speaks alot of languages as him. Incredible

SEATHIS : UPDATE: The top 1% in Cambodia is touched by this story, many is willing to sponsor him. The prime minister's wife already promise that all of his education will be covered!

Nazzz Nazzz : Went to school *learned up to 2 languages* Didnt attend school *knows 12 languages*

Real Me. : The fact that the tourist also know multiple languages got me shooketh

Zen J. : Cambodian boy: speaks 12 languages Google Translator: Am I a joke to you?

Neada George : Man, his brain is amazing 😯😯😯

Shuhada Zukri : "I dont have money for school" 🙁😢😭

chloe xo : If this kid went on the Ellen show everyone would be shook

Why YouTube allow click bait? : Not only the boy... But the girl is also a talented person as well.

Debbie Olson : He could be a prodigy. Definitely has a high IQ. I’m glad to hear someone has sponsored his education ♥️. I pray for him and his family 🙏🎚♥️

Savage Rice Cake : Damn.. I am chinese... He spoke mandarin better than me...

ugh : Me: *speaks two languages and attends school.* Kid in the Video: *speaks twelve languages and doesn't attend school.*

More Locations : The lady & the boy are smart 👍🏻

z0ro ML : walang pera,walang jowa,walang anak,lmao

Vijaya Pachamuthu : 20 yrs ago. I went campodia n saw children speaking many languages. It was amazing ...

duinay3 : He learned all that from tourists? Genius.


Versaucey : I like how not only the boy knows many language but the lady as well filming.

Jen Kechik : Wowwww !!! He Learn from tourists .. that mean his IQ very cool and nice ... 🤗

Dazzling Chong : He sings beautifully as well! What a gifted angel!

INSTRUMENTS Places : Wow!! That kid is phenomenal.. Quick learner!! What a blessing he is!!

Kev : Imagine if he had the right type of far as I know, he's a genius

Eliana lucatelli : Somebody please start a Go Fund Me to put this kid through school

prachi saini : That kid is awsome he should be progressed with education and not this work, I hope someone should fund for him.

cookie pupp : boy: speaks different languages me : I can't even memories what I've eaten yesterday XD

Primiera Malantutada : This boy will become a successful translator in the future...

Nicole S : Wow this boy is special. He can do better then selling in the street. You San definitely get a job with the FBI at the linguistic department

Queen Of Thine Bitchery : My bilingual ass over here thinking I’m alright then I see this and realize he is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever seen and I go to an advanced high school.

chirese387 : He is amazing but the woman is also amazing for knowing all 12 languages. But him being so young, good.

SPARTA GAMING : Google Translator- Are you kidding me?

YouTube TV : He’s going to make it big as a translator in no time

Korup Terus : The lady also can speak several languages herself!

Oompa Loompa : Little boy: No money to go to school. Also Little Boy: No wife or children.

小学生 : 我们真的不一样,小老弟

KG Ketowa : Respect little man, you're a genius!!

Sia Lee : Because of her now he has the best education in china and got the scholarship up to Master Degree


Hi! How are You? : This kid can be a great spy, he has a future ahead.

Daniel Leinakh III : He'll make a perfect spy if given the chance.


Lesjeunes Blache : She took long to pay him yes, u give him $5 US he will talk 20 languages for u.

ryan chan : He’s the kind of kid that will eventually make a difference in the world

Thằng Bàn Bên : This clever kid makes me angry at myself

Adam Adam : How it could be possible , That women and the boy had 10 languages learnt commonly ? He speak as she can speak those languages too .

Paotam Praise : Get education and become an entrepreneur... You'll excel and people will appreciate your hardwork..

Githa V. Soewito : ELLEN SHOULD SEE THIS !!

Hung Nguyen : Of course his foreign language speaking is not perfect because he’s not learning them in school but only by picking up while selling to tourists. But it shows that he’s an intelligent boy and I wish he is having an opportunity to go to school and make used of his intelligence.