Cambodian boy masters 12 languages selling souvenirs to tourists

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Versaucey : I like how not only the boy knows many language but the lady as well filming.

Shan Hussain : I really hope this boy is able to get a good education and make a better life for himself. He deserves it more than I do.

Neada George : Man, his brain is amazing 😯😯😯

LapuLapu : walang pera,walang jowa,walang anak,lmao

Anisa Maharani Rinjani : no money,no wife, no children, DAMN SON 😂

More Locations : The lady & the boy are smart 👍🏻

Jouel C. : Guys, Ellen Show is calling for this Talented Guy, let's tweet to Ellen, #EllenCheckyoungpolyglot I want to learn his secret, it's final, when a guy is learning 12 languages on the street and the school system is failing teaching even the first one... lets tweet @Ellen, Challange him, Give your thumbs up when you agree and tweet it, great job!

L S : Look at the woman, she speaks alot of languages as him. Incredible

Firdaws Ibrahim : wow he hasn't been to school but can speck 12 languages. i cant even speck my own language properly.

The Real Reason Why : UPDATE: The top 1% in Cambodia is touched by this story, many is willing to sponsor him. The prime minister's wife already promise that all of his education will be covered!

AdemolaVictorTv : He can sing 🎤. 👍🏾

Shuhada Zukri : "I dont have money for school" 🙁😢😭

Arham M. Khan : It's saddening to see such bright talents roaming the streets selling stuff. I hope he makes it big in life.

Savage Rice Cake : Damn.. I am chinese... He spoke mandarin better than me...

MyOtaku Life : Poor kid I wish him a better life, his talent is amazing, learning all those words just from tourist is really amazing😢👏👏

Tampatec : Smart Little charmer 💸 in USA most only speak 1 or 2 languages at most.


Diana James : Oh my god, if I go to Cambodia and I meet him, I'm going to be suckered in and I'll buy the whole basket from him just because he's so adorable and so fricking smart!

Ruby Othman : Hebat!! You are so great boy!❤ Hugs from Malaysia🇲🇾

Cambo YT : Actually he knows 15 language

Trolligarch : Future polyglot right here. Those language skills hopefully will land him a much brighter future.

michwhiskers : All children deserve an education and the freedom to not HAVE to work. This kid's really bright. All kids are in their own way ❤❤ I really hope that we can come to a place in this world where all children are loved and provided for. Even if it's too hard to achieve, it's worth striving for, and it's why I am studying to become a teacher! I believe all kids deserve this chance to learn without the pressure to have to work while they are young.

Queen Of Thine Bitchery : My bilingual ass over here thinking I’m alright then I see this and realize he is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever seen and I go to an advanced high school.

chirese387 : He is amazing but the woman is also amazing for knowing all 12 languages. But him being so young, good.

Zabie Muriih : This kid is so smart. Learning all that just by hearing tourists talk. He's a genius.

Githa V. Soewito : ELLEN SHOULD SEE THIS !!

Last Samurai : No one will talk about how the lady buying stuff also could speak all those languages 🤣🤣🤣


JENNIE'S GRANDMOTHER : Damn, now i feel shamed of myself😭 Boy, pls be my teacher😆

Xemles ا XemTV : If both of the two people combined their brains, no one would be hungry in the world and no more climate problems LUL

Hi! How are You? : This kid can be a great spy, he has a future ahead.

Tuti Tipi : While amazed with the boy I also fall in love with the tourist who’s also know how to speak different languages

Ferrari : Intelligent and talent.. The gov must fund his education.. Future of the country

The Saviour Reigns : Awwww he is so cute. He deserves to be in skl rather than having tp work so hard. This is child labour. Makes me angry. How can we help them

HUMAN s : Put this boy on Steve Harvey's show!!

Bhanu partap : If he would have gone to school he could have learnt only one language improperly. Selling is his oppurtunity and he is availing it👍

Zonuna Hrahsel : hope he gets the best future

ItsDonutPlayz : 3:09 nO wiFE, nO cHilDrEN


Dany Tri Kusuma : In Bali Indonesia also Have the little girl selling souvenirs her name is Putu Rista. she can 23 languanges, and the similarities is also for selling souvenirs and learn from tourist

Abdikeyr Mohammed : The funny thing is I am out here playing video games while these kids are working hard and need opportunities

So Ni : He's amazing, but so are many other children just like him in low socio-economic countries. He speaks 12 languages because he and his family have to survive. He doesn't get to go to school. Be grateful for what you have and do what's in your power to help others.

Javier Ortega : YOUNG HUSTLER

Ryan Jimmy : Now thats what i call a genius!

noor ahmad : Bruhhhh...did she and that boyyy just SAY MALAY LANGUAGE!!!😂 so proud mah bo~yah....

SquirrelForce : This kid has a great future ahead of him. He's a rare breed.

김범우 : He should be a scholar

tonayy ranto : WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW

Ms A : He learnt 10 languages just by selling souvenirs , just imagine what he would do if someone funded him to go to school, this child should be given a proper education and im sure he will do great things

WhatsUp : I mean,, I can cook ramen using microwave sooo😕