Cambodian boy masters 12 languages selling souvenirs to tourists

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Versaucey : I like how not only the boy knows many language but the lady as well filming.

Trinh son : Anyone notice that the lady speaks all the languages too?

Jerrah Jun : This kid deserves to be educated through government funding. Don’t let a boy’s talent be put to waste.

Anisa Maharani Rinjani : no money,no wife, no children, DAMN SON 😂

Jouel C. : Guys, Ellen Show is calling for this Talented Guy, let's tweet to Ellen, #EllenCheckyoungpolygot I want to learn his secret, it's final, when a guy is learning 12 languages on the street and the school system is failing teaching even the first one... lets tweet @Ellen, Challange him, Give your thumbs up when you agree and tweet it, great job!

More Locations : The lady & the boy are smart 👍🏻

Chesca Rodriguez C, : Does anyone know how to reach and get in touch w this boy? I live here in Thailand and have been to Cambodia many times. I would like to give him some help personally. Pls do let me know:)

Firdaws Ibrahim : wow he hasn't been to school but can speck 12 languages. i cant even speck my own language properly.

Shan Hussain : I really hope this boy is able to get a good education and make a better life for himself. He deserves it more than I do.

MyOtaku Life : Poor kid I wish him a better life, his talent is amazing, learning all those words just from tourist is really amazing😢👏👏

AdemolaVictorTv : He can sing 🎤. 👍🏾

L S : Look at the woman, she speaks alot of languages as him. Incredible

ComedyLaos : UPDATE: The top 1% in Cambodia is touched by this story, many is willing to sponsor him. The prime minister's wife already promise that all of his education will be covered!

Shuhada Zukri : "I dont have money for school" 🙁😢😭

Arham M. Khan : It's saddening to see such bright talents roaming the streets selling stuff. I hope he makes it big in life.

Trolligarch : Future polyglot right here. Those language skills hopefully will land him a much brighter future.

Ansel Lao : "Wala pera wala jowa wala anak." Hehe. This boy is brilliant!

Diana James : Oh my god, if I go to Cambodia and I meet him, I'm going to be suckered in and I'll buy the whole basket from him just because he's so adorable and so fricking smart!

michwhiskers : All children deserve an education and the freedom to not HAVE to work. This kid's really bright. All kids are in their own way ❤❤ I really hope that we can come to a place in this world where all children are loved and provided for. Even if it's too hard to achieve, it's worth striving for, and it's why I am studying to become a teacher! I believe all kids deserve this chance to learn without the pressure to have to work while they are young.

Ruby Othman : Hebat!! You are so great boy!❤ Hugs from Malaysia🇲🇾

Tampatec : Smart Little charmer 💸 in USA most only speak 1 or 2 languages at most.

Danex Pinoy : Wow! He speaks Filipino 😮👏

Savage Rice Cake : Damn.. I am chinese... He spoke mandarin better than me...

Isaiah Niou : I am glad the lady helped the boy go to school


Xemles ا XemTV : If both of the two people combined their brains, no one would be hungry in the world and no more climate problems LUL

Neada George : Man, his brain is amazing 😯😯😯

Githa V. Soewito : ELLEN SHOULD SEE THIS !!

Anne Serra : Not sure bout this but it's so heart touchin'. He's beyond smart. 💕 I wish you luck boy. God with you.

Kickative truth : I want to teach this boy Apache my language he is very smart and then I'll teach him other languages


Queen Of Thine Bitchery : My bilingual ass over here thinking I’m alright then I see this and realize he is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever seen and I go to an advanced high school.

Zabie Muriih : This kid is so smart. Learning all that just by hearing tourists talk. He's a genius.

Hi! How are You? : This kid can be a great spy, he has a future ahead.

Bhanu partap : If he would have gone to school he could have learnt only one language improperly. Selling is his oppurtunity and he is availing it👍

Ms A : He learnt 10 languages just by selling souvenirs , just imagine what he would do if someone funded him to go to school, this child should be given a proper education and im sure he will do great things

cccwww kkk : No speaking korean. He mastered some words and sentences but he failed to memorize korean one cuz it was too hard for him.

Chaeyoungaaah : Wow, she also speaks filipino but slang!

Coconutpeachaaa._. : Its a bit sad that the lady filming doesn’t care about *HIM* she cares about what he can do like he even said, I don’t have money for school, yet she doesn’t give him anything really and doesn’t care


Nazzz Nazzz : Went to school *learned up to 2 languages* Didnt attend school *knows 12 languages*


mutlu : 2:49 German Ass 😂 So gutes Deutsch hört man selten 😂

jeso317 : This person is completely disregarding that his time is money.

Akhil Turai : He just knows few phrases in different languages, I know that stuff in many more languages than 12

Ryan Jimmy : Now thats what i call a genius!

Black Jesus : Im 6 and have mastered 27 languages

JENNIE'S GRANDMOTHER : Damn, now i feel shamed of myself😭 Boy, pls be my teacher😆

Last Samurai : No one will talk about how the lady buying stuff also could speak all those languages 🤣🤣🤣

Manilla Kizzles : PLEASE