The Price Is Right: Michael the Wizard

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Quasar Productions : There is absolutely no chance he would be allowed to play again, sad :/ Definitely a genius autistic savant.

Debbie Dykes : From Statesville NC my hometown. Wish they had the whole show on here though.

Kael7777 : Where is my $500? that is a classic line with this guy.

Agoraphobic Adam : If I am ever in Statesville, NC I hope I see Michael enjoying that scooter.I would like to shake his hand.:)

Evan Williams : Played the game well, that's pretty awesome. Probably a day he will remember for the rest of his life, they win and lose all the time on that show but moments like these make you feel happy for the guy.

hijayu hijay : I love this person. May god bless him..

Douglas Allen : What was the original air date of this?

ILKHouse : the only person ever to live his dream.

C Note : Such a polite robot 🤖

Philippe Morin : somebody find this man and do a follow-up interview

briantravelman : For some reason everything is funnier with a Southern accent

carlos roman : Rigged.) XD na awesome cause all that other stuff is pretty much is tru

Rob S : i remember seeing a video with all the rounds he was in (cant seem to find it now) he made it to the final round and got every price exactly 99% sure on this