The Price Is Right: Michael the Wizard

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William Allen : did he win the showcase showdown ?

Quasar Productions : There is absolutely no chance he would be allowed to play again, sad :/ Definitely a genius autistic savant.

Douglas Allen : What was the original air date of this?

Debbie Dykes : From Statesville NC my hometown. Wish they had the whole show on here though.

Kael7777 : Where is my $500? that is a classic line with this guy.

hijayu hijay : I love this person. May god bless him..

Agoraphobic Adam : If I am ever in Statesville, NC I hope I see Michael enjoying that scooter.I would like to shake his hand.:)

Philippe Morin : somebody find this man and do a follow-up interview

ILKHouse : the only person ever to live his dream.

C Note : Such a polite robot 🤖

Rob S : i remember seeing a video with all the rounds he was in (cant seem to find it now) he made it to the final round and got every price exactly 99% sure on this