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Rav4 GTT : "George is getting upset!" LMFAO

randouken : We get a free car wash and oil change type stuffs at the dealer if we keep that frame on.

Hella-TV : I agree with the advertisement part but I do believe you need a frame, it doesn’t even need to see anything.

rfdub : I've always wondered why people do this? Did the car dealership give the customer a discount for having their ad on their car? Of course they didn't. You're basically giving the dealership free advertising in exchange for no reciprocal value.

Cody : A local company here puts a transparent with black text sticker on the trunk that says "POWER HONDA" and EVERYONE leaves them on.

Hardisk : Love your videos, I'll be in LA from Paris in a couple weeks, wanna get drinks ?

hill0ck666 : I allways noticed and hated it too buddy . dig the idea yo

CarPro Installs : Ehem Honda cars of mckinney with all stupid adds ons like pinstripe bodyside molding and badge on every car.

overide189 : Dude... People buy clothes, hats, shoes, etc. that are giant adverts for the manufacturer and in some cases are proud of it! People are stupid and companies are happy to take advantage of it.

Dubanx : When I got a new car the dealer removed the plates from my old car and put them on the new one. No dealer plates or plate replacement down the line. So yes, laziness.

ProfessorFish : how many like me went mid way of this video to see if their car had it or didn't? mine has no frame phew

Matt Williams : I would much rather leave my dealer frame on than have someone put any sort of message under my windshield wiper.

Cody : Before I left the lot with my brand new car, I tore off the dealer plates.

espank9 : You are the YouTube Andy Rooney

damnjabroni : what a waste of paper

Andrew Eastman : You should have gone with your gut instinct. No one really notices or cares.

Adlin Ling : If you interpret car dealer ads literally, dealerships employ idiots to manage their inventories that don't learn from their mistakes because they order too many cars & trucks every single month.

lIlllIlllIIIl : Get a can of spray paint and paint the frame. Now you have a free license plate frame w/out advertising! >:-)

Jeffery : Very similar in the uk, 80%+ of the cars on the road have an Arnold Clark sticker on their back window.

Immortal Android : Thank you!!! I wish I could rip them off myself every time I see them

LaserDroid : It might just be an Illinois thing but I concur.

Andy Rhyne : Don't get me started on dealers that put their sticker on the back of the car.

Bryce Walburn : ...still waiting to get to the part where you say why any of this matters

Kevin Manning : amen! thank you George I've been just as frustrated I was so excited when I bought my first car to snap that MF

nicko198718 : Umm it stops your license plate from scratching your car.

Markus Magnon : USA = dumb people. Sorry. there is no other explanation.

joshgates81 : why does the angry baby have such hairy arms?

morgana le fay : I couldn't even finish because all you're doing is gesticulating wildly and nasally screaming at your laptop cam. You're freaking out over a license plate cover of all things. Jesus christ. Talk about trying too hard.