Watch This BEFORE You Buy A Daniel Wellington Watch...

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Watch this BEFORE You Buy A Daniel Wellington Watch. In this video, I compare a $229 Daniel Wellington watch against a $20 Daniel Wellington watch direct from China. What I find is eye-opening. PRODUCT LINKS: Real Daniel Wellington: UK: USA: INDIA: I've decided to not link the direct from China links in the description, as the purchase of such goods may infringe laws in certain viewing countries. ▶️ Enjoyed this video? Please subscribe to see more (it's free): ▶️SOCIAL LINKS: My Blog: Style Upgrade Group: Instagram: ▶️DISCOUNT FB PAGES: UK: USA: ▶️MY AMAZON STORE: #danielwellington #unsponsored #comparison SPONSORED CONTENT PLEDGES: WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO: Music: Epidemic Sounds Disclaimer: This Daniel Wellington review video is not sponsored. I do use affiliate links when linking products in the video description. This does not affect your buying experience or item price but does mean I receive a small commission on items purchased using such links.

Comments from Youtube

David Kerns : "Daniel Wellington Watches are considered by watch enthusiasts to be some of the most overpriced on the market" – I don't think watch enthusiasts consider Daniel Wellington watches at all. Like, even once. Ever.

The Life Formula : Thats crazy. Love how you are exposing the truth about all these overpriced watches

James Ch : They're definitely made in the same factory

mr bacchus : Daniel Wellington didn't graduate 3rd grade. He still writes his D backward. Someone should really tell him.

Tony : Why would there be any differences between two $20 watches? lol

Raih Santo : Only an idiot would buy a daniel wellington. For a $100++ i would prefer a seiko or timex or orient watches. Far more better watches for a better value

michael johnson : Daniel Wellington, great business model, cheap watches. Wish I had thought of it.

Demetrios Levi : This is it, Chief. Exposing these scammers left and right. Absolutely brilliant.

Fishstickles : The movement in a daniel Wellington is $8 to buy at retail. These watches are one of the best examples of social media hype on the planet. Even at the 20 pounds you paid there would be close to 100% profit on the manufacturing.

dragonswordstriker : Thanks for being one of the few who actually compares these Chinese Daniel Wellingtons to the actual thing.

Puwa Puwa : for $200, I prefer buy Seiko 😌😅

Martin Quitugua : Mad respect for spending your own money to do this. I feel like you had a lot of journalistic integrity on this one. Subscribed.

iBuqX : For everyone wondering: brands like Orient, Seiko and Casio are worth your money. My favorite dress watch from these brands is the Orient Bambino

๖Rainforce : One word Dropshipping

Christianto Sumbung : Why am i not surprised? Buy a seiko automatic instead. DW is not worth the webpages it’s written on.

Andrewshadowy : Nice video and yes is very hard to tell the difference. I generally prefer a watch with a date function though. I like your shirt too!

MagicalKid : Why do you pronounce 'China' like Donald Trump?

sen_dd : So basically... They're the Beats of watches

ALF : So you could buy a bunch of real and fake DW watches and then refund the fake ones to DW and then sell the real ones

daniel wiles : So I own a clothing business and I’ve worked with Chinese manufacturers. What they do is have prepacked tech packs that you can choose and they will slap your name on it and you can sell it as your own; this is one some products are exactly the same with different branding on them. I Bet if you work with the company you can make the same watches with your own name on it and they will produce them for you for 10$ USD a watch but you’ll have to buy in bulk. These company’s go onto DHgate and aliexpress to wholesale them to resellers who will then go and sell them for much higher prices. I will bet 100$ that yes the are the exact same watches.

Hamza Kamran : Can you please me link of AliExpress watch

كافر Krok O'dil كافر : I pay only for quality - never for brand names.

Pedro Brazon : Lol i watched a mvmt ad prior to your video, i think its a conspiracy!

Cyntia Micaela : Glad I bought a used one cause from the beginning I would never spend that much on a watch🤷‍♀️

Crazy Flash : Link for the replica pls (or the name of the watch on AliExpress) pls <3

VL T : Ben, it would've been interesting if you could've possibly disassemble them both and taken a look at the movement and the overall insides. Who knows: maybe even THAT is identical :p

w4ytrel : Why do you think companies like Timex and Seiko do not do social media marketing to keep up with brands like MVMT and Daniel Wellington? Can't think of any reason.

moonspotting : Mate, this blew my socks off!

Savvy Life Strategies : Daniel Wellington is a rip-off fashion watch out of China. You likely bought the replica from the same company that makes the Daniel Wellington.

Darren lim : the only wellington i buy are beef wellingtons

Rewan Watti : I know this is probably illegal but has anyone found the same dw watch replica ordered from AliExpress anywhere? I tried searching in AliExpress but wasn't able to find any 🤷🏻‍♂️

Usman Sadar : If this isn't going to convince people, I dont know what will. Thank you for exposing these crooks, Ben. That's exactly what they are.

Ray Devitt : Daniel Wellington watches are rubbish

Vinay S : I’d buy a Dan Henry rather than the Daniel Wellington

FurySection : i got a watch from a company that sells exactly copy of daniel welington with their own logo, and they are made in the same fabric in china and he told med that it cost around 2dollar for them to buy.

Landon Graff : Lots of fractions in this video

LordArioh : DW is probably making knock offs of their own watches for marketing.

Vintage Carrera Reviews : I like your outro tune pal!

Nikioko : The solution to the mystery is very simple. The second "replica" isn't a fake watch at all. It is an original one from exactly the same factory. It isn't even moonshine production, as this is a standard watch that can be ordered with any logo printed on the dial. It is the regular product that has been sorted out for some reason. And you are buying directly from the manufacturing site without DW putting 400% profit on the price.

ilva rimicane : Great video and research! They are also constantly expanding, I wanted to apply to one of their marketing positions. :D

Dennis Chen : Not only watches. For those interested in transformers actions figures, the knock off ones are actually of better quality now at half the cost. This is all business.

Steven Chea : I got mine for 1.5$ on Aliexpress, and the quality is perfect, By that i mean, an exact replica...

Ariaditya Pramestu : In my experience, a fashion brand watch can still offer value. I bought a tommy hilfiger with an automatic eta for 100USD. It was on 50 percent discount though.

samm s : the designs looks like a wall clock being place at ur wrist. ughly.

Joseph Linn : For £89 I got a 2018 edition of the Rotary 'Sherlock'. Sapphire glass for £89. There are bargains if you search for them!

Simran Gurung : Who cares untill & unless the replica is 95% same to original!

Jazz Monroe : Someone post a link. I can hardly find any dw watches on AliExpress.

Oisin Bray : Why does this guy look like Daniel Radcliffe 😂

geetarwanabe : The aliexpress one could be stolen or watches rejected for quality issues.