Owen Wilson & Ed Helms Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Fitz : Wow!

N Raffo : we need john krasinski and rainn wilson

GERG : He says wow twice 1:19 3:59 youre welcome.

Josiah : I don’t see Ed Helms I see Andy Bernard

the cup RM throws in the Run MV : Wow

Aidan Rogers : *When I see all the "wow" comments.* Wow.

CHRIS - : "in wedding crashes i don"t" "absolutely you do!" *"okay.."*

Leanne Fraley : RI DIT DIT DI DO

SearchandDestroy YT : “I wish there was a way to know if you were in the good old days before you’ve actually left them” -Ed Helms

Isabela Louise : does owen wilson say wow in wired autocomplete interview

Prath Andres : The Nard Dog.

Route 68 : "Marley in me, that's a very different movie". Ed Helms everyone, he'll be here all week.

_________ _________ : The nard dog

Sydney Stewart : i wonder if he still hates Gabe?😂

Utrekz : 1:19 gotcha. Unintentional wow

steff : Waaaaaoooow

Shadow Fox : i miss ed helm in the office

Corey Tingey : Did anyone else click because of Andy Bernard and Lightning McQueen?

Marc Liq : Nard Dog - "Marly in Me. Thats a new one."

Nuk3dNeBulA : Andy bernard!!! The nard dog!!!

Emmanuel Alejandro : Ka-Chow!

2Sad : Andy Bernard and Lightning McQueen

Beary Boy : I only came to comment this. *"WOW"*

woollen hat : Owen Wilson is adorable.

TakeMyOxygen3 : I clicked on this video ONLY to see if Owen Wilson would say "wow" or if he would aknowledge his "wow"s.

Reid Fowler : Owen Wilson is a guy who looks like he should have an Australian accent but doesn't.

EuRice Queen : I have this HUGE crush on Ed Helms!!!!

Haru : 1:19 Owen Wilson says WOW!

Samarth Srivastava : Now I am noticing Owen Wilson's voice is kinda similar to Bob Odenkirk's.

Bob Dolemite : The first question about skateboarding was because of Owen Wilson's scene in the GIRL skateboard movie "YEAH RIGHT." It wasn't really Owen Wilson, but he did do a good amount of research on the subject, so it fooled a lot of people.

zislec : Owen Wilson seems like a pretty chill guy 😂👍

Austin Mayberry : wtf happened to owen's nose is my question

Ghost Rider : Is Owen Wilson in any way related to Winona Ryder?

Tuercasmike : front salad, back salad, front blunt.

Harrison Siegel : YES my school got a shoutout at 5:30

Evil Toad : All the questions being related to Owen saying "wow" made me laugh XD

Caseyroseyx : Owen does say *wow* in no escape! It's towards the beginning when everyone's landed and has their luggage, his character jack mutters it! *I heard it* 😂👏🏼

Corea Corea : *Post Malone has entered the chat*

JustA Person : Haven't even watched the video, but I know this is what I need. Owen better end up saying 'wow'.

Tech Tamil Hank : My birthday falls on the when owen wilson born!!😎😎😎😎

QUITUTINCI TV : Owen Wilson aka The Most Relaxed person on hollywood

Mahesh watson : please have al Pacino on the show..please

The Mariam : He said wow I'm not shocked

Lacey Garza : When you see the nard dog and lightning McQueen *wow how iconic*

Enzo Ramos : Anyone know what the new word is?

michael woolley : I feel like at this point, Owen Wilson is just impersonating himself.

kara bethany : the nard dog and weaaaaow

Greg Trapp : I always thought Ed looked like Jason Sudiekis .. Lol


Leakk : Everybody calm down we need. CANNED TUNA right now.