DVD screensaver hits corner 4 times

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The amazing moment when the DVD Screensaver hits the corner of a T.V & then the moments when it misses!


Ondeh : Uploaded in 2009 goes viral in 2018

Stjeeffan • : *Suicide rate drops to 0%*

slozor : _These people have kids now._

Yo : How did this become a meme so late?

EpicMac YT : This video makes 2009 look like 1999

Brandon Evans : Recorded in 1999. Uploaded in 2009. Gone viral in 2019.

David Sanders : I miss 2009

Luzzia Visu : 1:37 Tom Holland is that u..?

DeadMistake : Me: So what movie you want to watch? Friend: *"Why watch a movie if you have this!?"* Me: Good point

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Back when the earth was round & there use to b 2 genders.The only tik tok we know is the wall clock.

cweamykittenwolfy : 1950 - We'll have flying cars! 2009 - YESSSS YASSSSS IT HIT HE CORNER!! IT HIT THE CORNER!!

Nipun Patel : Still better than yt rewind 2018.

Veton Ademaj : Thats cuz they are using a 4:3 tv screen

Clint Beastwood : Hey bro you wanna come over? Bro: and do what? :

Versaucey : This is what entertained us millennials 9 years ago.

LolDed XD : I remember seeing this as a Kid It was the best moment of my life

Broked : This video is better Than tseries subscribers.

Static Shock : "Happiness comes from the smallest of things"

Jay viral : uploaded 9 years ago goes viral now That's how mafia works

DeltaSJL : No cell phone in sight. Just people living the moment

invalid playz! : This is rare

Fajru Rakha : Rose are red Bells do chime DVD screensaver Hits corner 4 Times - :L, from pewds.

Connor Kotara : 9 years ago

Shinya The Ninja : They would have never known this video would somehow be recommended to us 9 years later

Max Kennedy : These people are living the Life. I need to do something like this soon with my friends.

1,000 subscribers Without a video? : Do you remember the feeling when it came so so close and never hit it?

Tfue : 2009 : *DVD LOGO* 2019 : *DVD LOGO* updated Science !!

NoTubeer : Huh? What‘s your hobby? Me: Watching a dvd Recorder screensaver hittin‘ the corners

Paet : 2009 was such a simpler time

Paradox : And this is what started the DVD player memes

Lamb Sauce Locator : At 0:14 the corner hit put him into orgasmic bliss

Shark Androx : **Memetastic wants to Know your location**

Max Football HD : When you got nothing to do with your life

Memetastic : *Why doesn't my stream do that!*

Swag BRUH : 2009: The earth was round and there are only 2 genders. 2019: The earth is flat and its habitant contain 4 genders with a bunch of cancerous tiktok video.

Max Vasilev : Если ваша вечеринка не похожа на эту, даже не пытайтесь меня звать.

ArmedOx31 : lol it became a meme 9 years ago?

UGL Gaming : I think I found the cure of boredom.... Searches 10 hour screensaver Me: WTF this is so boring@@!

VazzyCow : _no drugs were harmed during this video_

Mats Skar : These people were the starters of the meme

Thanos : 2009: DVD hitting corner *After 9 years* It finally continues


All Things Apple : This video is nine years old Why is it only just appearing in my YouTube activity feed

Snub : *When youtube wants to recommend you videos to make you feel old*

Jayeet Skeet : I really miss 2009, damn

YouTuber Simulator : Who else misses 2009 :(

The Supreme Thunder Dragon : Only 288 more days until this video is a decade old. Make sure you show up for its 10th year birthday. ;)

Carloscats : 1950: I bet we will have flying cars. 2009: dvd logo hits corner. 2018:maybe we need to improve.

Dank Matter : This is 2009 humor, not many people understand this amazing year