DVD screensaver hits corner 4 times

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Das Blatt : These people are now 9 years older...

Shinya The Ninja : They would have never known this video would somehow be recommended to us 9 years later

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Back when the earth was round & there use to b 2 genders.The only tik tok we know is the wall clock.

Harry Potter is life : This was made in 2009 It's 2018 now.

noonesperfect : Im crying. Alexa play "wish we could turn back time, to the good old days."

Punk Raydej : Youtube giving good recommendations finally

MrAVENGER901 : I wonder if theyre all still friends.....

WadeTheGreat : When millennials get to age 69 its gonna be a big deal.

kiddochaosfx : Who else randomly got this placed in their recommendations?

EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! : If this was a 2018 video the title probably says : DVD SCREEN SAVER GONE WRONG BY TV OFFENDER MALE LEG SPREADER BEING RACIST TO A GOAT BUT WE SURVIVED

Versaucey : This is what entertained us millennials 9 years ago.

MaShaw : I used to do this after the film finished and it never happened once. I started to think it was impossible. These mofos caught it 4 times They must have legit been sitting there for hours.

_ D0ct0r _ : This was in my recommended. I am now a changed man.

CallMeGrandpa : When Michael Scott thinks he’s killing a meeting.

Potatoes : The human species peeked in 2009

Paet : 2009 was such a simpler time

Pizza Rat : Most people probably don't undertand this but it is a huge part of history and a moment our grandchildren will talk about as the peak of humanity.

Justin Z. : This is what the future is all about, what a time to be alive.

Jacob Martinez : This was entertainment back then and it still is to this year

†ΔΔHꌩ† : 0:14 *when she gets freaky and your friends saw it* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

VazzyCow : _no drugs were harmed during this video_

Bryan 01 : Thank you YouTube, for recommending me to watch this video.

Barchtic : 9 years later and still worth it.

BlastoiseBoy 1 : Finally something decent to watch 😍 but is anyone wondering why they’re spending their night like this cuz i need friends like that

iLit : top 10 mysterious events humans still can't explain

Dank Matter : This is 2009 humor, not many people understand this amazing year

CharRus The : One Question... How the hell did i and you get here??

Chris Hansen : Only 2000s kids will get this.

Katelyn .ß : These are the things we would get excited about in 2009

꧁Slay Queen꧂ : Isn't it amazing how it knows when to change color when it hits the TV sides

Le Fun Shark : Back when people actually had fun

Luke Wilcock : Some say they are to this day, waiting for number 5...

ScottC : Is this what fun was 9 years ago

Quoto21 : Why the hell am I watching this? It’s 2:00 am

sorry im lame : I appreciate him saying ”flip” instead of the evil, evil f word

The EpicCenter YT : This video makes 2009 look like 1999

Tropical Pepper : Why does YouTube all of the sudden like to recommend us videos from 9 years ago

Martian : 1967 : In 2018 they will have flying cars.. 2018: DVD hits screen corner 4 Times..

Halock ̇ : Bruh. That was the stuff back in the day. Staring at that logo changing colors every time it hit a side of the screen. Mmmmm. Memories.

b i a n c a : this is true. i was the dvd logo.

JPL Toy Experience : 2009: DVD Screensaver hits corner 4 times 2019: DVD Sceeensaver GONE WRONG! You wont believe what happens next! DISS track collab pranking my friends Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

NeonSean : So vintage... so nostalgic... these were simpler times 😢

Restinpeace Avicii : The feeling when it touches the corner it's unexplainable

zYuji : I don't get why they're happy over a dvd icon hitting a corner.

Toon Van de Vyver : They are the most lucky people on earth

Miyuki : back when people found happiness in little things.

Greg Caesar : 1:22 *_AAWHJH!_*

Elzeta : We can make a religion out of this

James Dearson : This will go down in the books of history

KWUFFIN : I’m from the future and I’m here to say that this video has probably been recommended to you. Don’t worry, this video is great.