I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)

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Cudgle : More shed walking montages pls. The "Bee Fight" arc in the story was riveting

Clay Petersen : he sounds like Cleveland from family guy

Vallahd Sacretor : Dude. You are a major dork. And it's awesome.

Spark Tv : *Bob Ross voice * "This is your world, you can make, or break the rules"

King Midas : This guy is the good kind of idiot!!

Bobby Duke Arts : I finally got around to updating the description! (Links to tools and bits) Sorry, I was distracted by something shiny 🙃

PowerGamerGirl Pie Cringe : *L I K E T H A T S M A S H B U T T O N*

0 gamer : You are awsome and funny

Regina Kirkland : Bobby-*looks at dog*its so cute!! Also Bobby-*looks at dog*eww what is that thing Also also Bobby-*looks at dog*I WANNA EAT IT

trash : I love Bobby's personality so much that it doesn't matter what he's doing I'll still watch his videos! but then again I do love his projects and shenanigans 😂😂👌

ESCAGEDO WOODWORKING : That came out killer dude! I totally want to try carving a rock now....

Pub Exploit : Most CRINGY video I have seen all week.

ABDUL HALEM ALHALABI : Wow your creative

NikeBoxx Frsh : And u rock lmao

5% : ROCK ON!!!

MinteHQ : Have you never seen avatar the last airbender?????? They explain how the ocean smoothhss the rockkssss c: I'm just bein a silly billy, but seriously they do explain it lol

trash : "I don't know why rocks are starting to like excite me now" *oof*

mareta youssef : I really like that rock

Fx'ck Thxx : OOHHH SHOT u just got urself a new subscriber

Mr LOL : Dude you're awesome

cody cody : That high kick had me dying😂😂😂😂😂

Safoora Ajmal : *Good job* 👌❤

cgshrimpula : I love this

Thefallenone : You’re cringey but your art is so amazing

Sinead Cusack : This is good .☺💎🙂

LupisVulpes : I love you too!

Cliff Clifford Arias : He sounds like raedwulfgamer 😂😂

Tanmay Pawar : this guy is trying so hard to be funny.

Top Shots : “Like that smash button”

Ricky Baker : You really should get back on your meds

Make Build Modify : I can't look away....WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!!

Abigail Cates : Honestly I think he makes his carving videos are loads more exciting, whenever I watch a carving video that was not made by him I fall asleep because I'm so bored, besides, I think he's hilarious because this is something I would do if I ever made a video.

Емануил Рахнев : This is the most cringe dude that I ever know...

Lutfan Qadri : Hey bobby can you carve jade stones

Kush Bean : Loves how this guy keeps u entertained throughout the entire video and still got it done. Great vid👌

Skwid Guy : Really neat! Love your stuff!

MT'n'GP ! : Haha I love this guy

SachaPG : You’re weird man! Act your age.

Мария Андреева : You 👍🏼👓☄️

Finley Gordon : This man be sooooo FAB!!!

You wanna slap your Lady door any louder : There’s short nails _and there’s short nails_

Curmudgeon : [rock pun]

Daniel A. : But why?

James P : There is nothing worse than someone who is genuinely not funny trying to be comical. Cool carving but the stupid voices made this video insanely difficult to get through.

Nooni Toons : *w u b a l u b a d u b d u b*

Exiles : who thinks he is weird but he is also amazing

Ryan Miguel : Couldnt continue watching this because of the cringe overload

william enriquez : dude you r so annoying talk less pleaseeee

Mr Guzman : When you busted out randomly on a unicycle I immediately gave you a thumbs up! 🤣

Jatinder Singh Jerry : Wow Amazing.