I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)

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GerArt13 : *Whoa!* It's wonderful! beautiful! crazy! lol great work Bobby you're The master of *rocks* :*D You always inspire us to do art.

sushi suit studios : Your are freaking hilarious! You make me laugh to where I can't breathe 😂 thx for making learning how to make these amazing and creative artworks fun! 😸

Xx Remas Ehab xX : Ilove you💕😍

puglord gamer : Its awsome😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Malcolm Reynolds : So much coke ,dude !!

Carl Jacobson : Wow!! It looks amazing man!!

TripleC Clan : You're art rocks

Stvbz : You should have buried it and in thousands of years someone woupd have found it

Sim Mckenzie : In the beginning he kinda sounded like pewdiepie

whitemannativemind : Rocks don't make the best bed but they match your eyes though. HOW CUTE! My Best. Out.

Marcel's Workshop : You rock man!

AnimalGem14 : I love your loud and obnoxiousness!

DapperDan : Your a weird guy huh? Nice work though. I wanna try this now

Malcolm Reynolds : Good job. The fkn annoying junkie need close the mouth sometimes !!!!

Ur boy Haykal : This mans got talent


Thomas Rosebrough : Am I the only one who can't stand the annoying cringy bits throughout the video? But I don't want to leave because I think the art is really cool :/

ZAK : Кто русский лайк

Top Mobile : You're so energetic 😂😂😂 +1sub

mara distefano : Lo mejor de esto fueron los subtitulos!

Jeb Gardener : This was a well crafted video.

Myranda Moon : it's awesome that you can make cool stuff out of simple material.

Sapphire Emera : Looks like an ancient talisman

Jeni Watkins : Dude you are skilled! And freakin hilarious

Todd Bearden : I thought you weren't going to be opening your mouth. I like watching your work but your maturity and your mouth makes it so difficult. Even if I mute it I still see you jumping around like a child

Sunita Fibiger : I’m actually in love with this channel.

Matthias Fischer : I veri veri veri like

Akshay Bhondoe : Hard work

gacha cici : Getting gr-(will Smith jumps in) GETTING JIGGY WITH IT

Apolonio Rodriguez : Please, make a video about your diamond bit tools and the use and tips.

Woke : You are like te perfect Brother, Dad, Uncle, Everything ;u;

Reagan E : Isa rock. Also I had a teacher that you remind me of

kings ML : whoa

Dee Ess : I have no idea how I got here, but, strangely, I like it. It looks soothing to carve rocks.

Max Schmidt : You're the best, man!👌Love it👏

Girl Planet : Wtf this is so cool

JBFH 4dogs4fun : LMAO You are highly entertaining, and a very skilled artist. In all your mediums! Well done! 😊👍

wilddiamonddog : Hes just so genuinely happy all the time, i love it!

Aphodie Goddess : Something so ordinary can become something so pretty

Alfredo Gimenez : Man! Eres bastante chiflado..... Pero ni modo! Masterful work"

Bobby Duke Arts : I finally got around to updating the description! (Links to tools and bits) Sorry, I was distracted by something shiny 🙃

Lil Sp : He said like that smash button

Madison Piercey 51 (STUDENT) : I really liked it bc it was shiny and the way that it’s carved I was cool

Rihanna Kelloway : Yo that is awsome

cralwerking1212 : That q so awesome I love it and I want to do that to 😊😊😊😊😊😊

Mike H : *Please Like that Smash button*

WishWolfShadow 05 : "What is that? Ew. Oh, it's dirt."

CosmoCloud : what a joker lmao

Sal Sampiere : Rip bob ross

Dat 1930’s boi : tHIs iS yOUR wOrLD *YoU MAke oR BReAk tHE RUles*