Pool's Closed
That time the pool was closed due to AIDS

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The complete history of the Habbo Hotel raids. It's the most uplifting story about AIDS, pedos and stingrays you'll find anywhere on the internet. --------- Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/internethistorian Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetHistorian --------- Music: Ross Bugden - "Fall" Cosimo Fogg 201 - "Life Is" Huma-Huma - "From Russia with Love" DJ Quads - "Missing Someone" Joakim Karud & Dyalla - "Wish You Were Here" Joey Pecoraro - "Tropical Smoothie" --------- Copyright media, images and music respective to owner(s).


IAN HEINE : *Shows a Picture of an African American Man in a suit saying "Pools Closed"* Old Lady: "This is Clearly Racist, Homophobic, and Sexist, all targeted towards me."

Cyberlof : Goddamnit. Being 9 years old I was always confused why there were so many afro men blocking pools. Now I understand why.

Styx Zero : "you are banned for being black" the mods really were racist lmao!

Danny Sullivan : "This kind of stuff is old, and it's ugly, and it's tired, and it's time for it to be buried" Ironic that _she's_ the one saying this.

Smiss : “A joke is when two people laugh. I’m not laughing” “She’s not laughing” *”She was not laughing”*


Colton 0409 : -Group of bois close the pool on a children’s game. - *A gRoUp Of HaCkErs*

Fatty McPoopytits : The fact that this short isn't nominated for best picture is the reason why the academy awards are failing. The Oscars are closed due to AIDS

Kampfhund : *"I have been sent from the future to close the pool."* Anonymous man, you are a legend.

Ratedr 24 : "A joke is when two people laugh." I'm pretty sure more than two people were laughing.

Baarz : "Habbo is inhabited with pedophiles" *excited music starts playing*

Fish buddy : "It's just a bunch of racist homophobic geeks!...... ridiculing me!" Lol what?

Daniel Clark-hughes : "Steve Irwin, well known animal fighter" 😆

Sebastiano Barabino : I remember being banned from Habbo when i was like 12 (2007)... back then i didn't understand the reason but suddenly i have a theory, my avatar had an afro

Doppelkaiser : I just love it when memes spill into the real world and the normies go apeshit

Marcus Fernando : "hackers who invaded a children's social network" they do not acknoledge the truth of this cursed land

Yoyiyippie : Holy shit that news anchor at 5:05 is my childhood best friend’s dad! I mean, I knew he was a news anchor but I NEVER expected to see him here...

ATST Production : You are banned for being black

B R I C K. : “Standard safety swastika” This is the history we will teach our children

Hampus Gunnarsson : Following accusations of pedophilia, one of the biggest inverstors has "pulled out"...

Fukui Hisoka : I can’t wait for the day that memers get jobs in the media and outnumber the older folk. Oh, the dissonance.

AP90 : I T S A P I C T U R E O F M E W I T H A N A F R O!

Patbacknitro : First the Skinheads, then the Gingers, then the Communist Revolution.

The God you never knew : Honestly confused how this can be seen as racist or homophobic.

MGZwei : Why wasn't I around when the Communism faction was formed?

Yoshi Dinono : I love how this channel teaches me about things I had no idea were happening at the time, or if I did, I didn't care at the time.

SoggyPinecone FALLOUT LORE MASTER : Audio Disclaimer: Don't do this *Zoomer Translation* Do this

Connor Nolan : I can proudly say I participated in this when I was 13

mdmades : "It's only a joke when 2 people are laughing" I'm laughing, anyone else? Only need one more.

-Magi- SunnyAxloth : *Sign with a black man saying pool's closed* Old woman: THAT'S OBVIOUSLY FOR ME, I LOOK LIKE THAT PHOTO AND IT'S RIDICULING ME

ShotaFujimori : Oh dear lord mama mia, the photos from 3:21 to 3:25 were taken by me, back in 2006 when this was fresh. What a blast from the past, Helsinki represent.

Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed : "a joke is when two people laugh. i'm not laughing" but thousands of people that joined into this did, so thats alot more than two

Spethman Jones : 6:49 that buildup and music leading up to the dramatic announcement of pedos was one of the funniest things in any Internet Historian videos


Reharl : Her own grandkid did it. The ultimate betrayal.

Harald Hardrada : "I have come from the future to close the pool." That killed me.


Akahay Patel : I always come back to this video when I'm high at 6:44

AlikeWolf : "Standard health and safety swastika formation"

RuckaInc : I was banned for 10 years after that raid. I know I'm unbanned by now, but I don't remember my username or password.

PostxAtomic : I never really got what this was really about. But I doubt this could be pulled off today with the PC culture stronger than ever and blocking all things lulz.

FlakeSE : I was posted as the guardian of the duck, dancing behind it for hours. Gods I was strong then.

roflcopters270 : Pools closed the longest and biggest raid in gaming history

Randall Klaver : This man manages to make stupid and hirlarious phenomen on internet seem interesting and compelling. Internet Historian is truly an expert in satrical documentation.

Jeremy Boateng : I love how this all happened on my birthday but I only discover it in 2019.

TheXpender : One day, my son will be at the dining table and he will say:"Dad, I had the weirdest history lesson today." No son, you had the best

Koozomec : I get stingraids because the pool remaind open. Be smart, close the pool.

Aiber Lane : A children's social media site. That's a laugh!

LordPenguin : _I have been sent from the future to close the pool._