Pool's Closed

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barbaro267 : The health and safety swastika formation rofl

Smiss : “A joke is when two people laugh. I’m not laughing” “She’s not laughing” *”She was not laughing”*

Kelly Rants : 'Banned for being black' Can't not laugh.

Alex Ross : "An in-joke is when two people are laughing. I'm not laughing." Maybe because you're not in on the joke.

CherryIsTrash : "first there was a faction of skinheads" My sides.. "Then there was total communist revolution" HAVE ACHIEVED ORBIT

Kyle DeMille : "A joke is when two people laugh" Ok but what about if its the entirety of 4chan


Darth Maul Quasar : Lmao that pic of everybody irl in a swastika formation

Marjan Mrak : And who told grandma SHE was the target? SHE decided that by herself. Are people realy being so much brainwashed to do just anything to appear on TV? Fine, but with every action comes REaction.

Jesse McCree : 'This kind of stuff is old and It's ugly it's tired, and it's time for it to be buried.', a self-summary has never been so perfect

rocketpilotss : The actual complexity of this is overwhelming I can’t believe a simple game raid was taken to such an extreme

Jason Janoy Blaha Lover Boy : Next raid is December 1st boys it's always December 1st because it's world AIDS day

R4V3N : "This kind of stuff is old and ugly" kinda like her lmao

Sara E : I remember being 7 years old and being so pissed I couldn’t go into the pool on Habbo. I’m so glad I finally learned the history 😂😂

Theodore Spence : It's so cool to see a bunch of fandoms making hilarious memes and going right over the top just for the shits and giggles

Konkey Dong : They removed the pool :( Man I miss that pool

EXbob : I'm surprised Habbo survived this whole thing

MaceyDINOSAUR109 : guess you can call it rAIDS

JF2 : I partook In the 2013 raid when I was 11 lmao

Logîc 10 : Abort!ABORT!she is not laughing!

Sitruk86 : now to be fair, you could argue this is a good thing. they convinced public places with pools to instate mandatory regular testing of their waters

sortedevaras : "I have been sent from the future to close the pool." . . Magnificent. . .

Daniel : Didn't they ban the afro suit combo?

Russian Bias : the standard health and safety swastika

Snorlax : Just imagine what archaeologists will think of us thousands of years from now.


ciberkid22 : Quackity has rebooted Pools Closed, but with Bob Ross

piccolo917 : The media really doesn't get internet culture do they XD

Hipster Black Metal : Ahh takes me back to the good old days of the internet. The 4chan-isc trolling of the 2000s.

The God you never knew : Honestly confused how this can be seen as racist or homophobic.

Pascal Pasap : Remember kids, stay out of the water and form swastikas for protection

Aditya Sanjeev : "Operation september 11th was launched" I'm dying 😂

SmallDickFartCollector. : God, this will always be one of the greatest stories of the internet.

Leslie Studios : Is another one happening in 2018? Like on December 1st again?


MrZofer : this July 12 2018.... pools would be closed once again

Hat _ : Lets be honest here, the pool joke for the game was beyond funny af, but when it actually effects the livelihood of the developers is a bit... idk too much?

Mr. Panda : Anybody wanna do this 2018

Tyrant King Frost : Didn't know this fad was still alive until last year.

TYC : "I'm not laughing, She's not laughing, She was *not* laughing..." oh god my sides

Trace : lmao the real life swastika in germany they would probably either be arrested or have to pay a large amount of money for that

TheNguyenGPham : Bring back the Communist revolution part.

kamalindsey : I was part of the Habbo raid in 2008 I believe, so the newfag raid. I remember we blocked off the pool and everyone was really mad at us, then the mods would come in and ban everyone who was black and had an afro. Naturally we screamed racism and ran off. I almost got away, but stupid me went back to the pool where I got insta-banned. Then one anon found out how to launch multiple client windows with multiple accounts and so for every anon there were like 3 afros. Good times, to this day I am convinced they updated the game so you could walk through people specifically for us since we kept blocking off the doors and taking over official rooms. We tried it on Club Penguin, but Disney censored the chat box there so much that it wasn't even worth it.

I Love Food : "I'm not laughing." *"She's not laughing."* *"SHE WAS NOT LAUGHING."*

A Finnish commenter : I just love it when memes spill into the real world and the normies go apeshit

wank memes : I legitimately played Habbo back in these days. I was around 12. I remember looking up "pools closed due to aids" on google because i saw this happening live, and that's when i discovered 4chan. Thus began the downward trajectory of my life

Pepper Pumpkin : I USED TO PLAY THIS GAME BACK WHEN I WAS 7 what the hell happened

Big Gali : Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

Русский сквотер is cool : I look like these avatars in real life so when I heard about this event I legit helped raid.

Papa Wookie : Born too late to explore the earth. born too early to explore the galaxy. born just in time to close the pool.