Pool's Closed

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barbaro267 : The health and safety swastika formation rofl

Norrin Radd : You make these really stupid things people do on the internet sounds so compelling and interesting.

Kelly Rants : 'Banned for being black' Can't not laugh.

Xll-NOSKIllZ-llX : *I have been sent from the future to close the pool*

CherryIsTrash : "first there was a faction of skinheads" My sides.. "Then there was total communist revolution" HAVE ACHIEVED ORBIT

Big Smoke : So hacking is defined as bounch of 4chan lads login into kids game??

neckrope the advert friendly guy : stingrays + aids + raids = stingraids

Tekkara : I'm a lifeguard right now and driving back home I listened to this in the car and was so confused. Now I'm home I watched this and I can't stop crying. This is the greatest thing I ever seen. Now I feel pride that I close the pool every day at 9:30

Matthew Ernst : Police... analyzed it? The photo of a lady with an Afro? ...

Theodore Spence : It's so cool to see a bunch of fandoms making hilarious memes and going right over the top just for the shits and giggles

Why youtube why : Standard health and safety swastika Lolocaust

cat space : She just described her self at 4:47

Seth Johnston : It is 2018 now, me and my friend have printed out so many pages the pools closed meme on it that they are all around our school. Even the teacher supported our cause for closing our pool

actual.lizard : The original ugandan knuckles

Jesse McCree : 'This kind of stuff is old and It's ugly it's tired, and it's time for it to be buried.', a self-summary has never been so perfect

Glank : Wow. Habbo was my first internet approach and for years one of my main activities on the internet. I'd probably heard this "Pool's closed" and maybe even saw the picture, but I did not know this history. I used the Italian server so maybe it's also for that

Mouse・マウス : It's stuff like this that restores my faith in humanity

Darth Maul Quasar : Lmao that pic of everybody irl in a swastika formation

MR MEME : What did I just watch And who’s ready for 2018 raids!?!?

Papa Wookie : Born too late to explore the earth. born too early to explore the galaxy. born just in time to close the pool.

Wild Doggo : Quackity: hold my juice

No Cool Dudes : Thanks to quackity I found out about this amazing raid.

MattdaMutt : ... Well, this is surreal. Was any of this supposed to be serious - or was ALL of it serious (which I fear more)? It feels so foreign and alien that I barely understand what exactly happened. I know it involves a game called Habbo, aids, stingrays, and maybe actual news in there somewhere... Clarify maybe?

Quentin T : I still don’t understand anything about this thing

m0rthaus : Why AIDS, HIV, black men, and swastikas - is it because those are effective tools to bait and trigger people, or because there are a large amount of racist bigots in the 4Chan ranks? I think if /b/tards want history to look back on them as anything other than bigoted insular kids with a flair for trolling, then they should update their tools. Put another way, if there wasn't an undercurrent of racism to their tools they'd probably have a wider audience appreciate their pranks.

MaceyDINOSAUR109 : guess you can call it rAIDS

PabloC4 : She was really not laughing...

Brigand Boy : This shit is why I love the internet. And also why it is pure cancer.


Mhx Air : Two weeks, boys. Get a head start, in case they block account creation or something.

Jason Janoy Blaha Lover Boy : Next raid is December 1st boys it's always December 1st because it's world AIDS day

Communist Puppy : Comment section closed do yo toxic aids

Big Gali : Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

Logîc 10 : Abort!ABORT!she is not laughing!

MrZofer : this July 12 2018.... pools would be closed once again

Inactive Account : I was one of the many men banned. Let's all salute me, and the many other men banned.

Mar10 : Glorious day b/tards

ed and 69 others : I will be there! July 12th! Praise kek!

Snorlax : Just imagine what archaeologists will think of us thousands of years from now.

Trace : lmao the real life swastika in germany they would probably either be arrested or have to pay a large amount of money for that

Udunen : And then quackity arrived

emre burak ocak : When will be the new raid

Elise Petrine Hovde : This is like ugandan knuckles but old school and hardcore

A Finnish commenter : I just love it when memes spill into the real world and the normies go apeshit

Kim Jong-Un : 0:41 where is that sound from?

Daddy Ascii : its been 12 years

Kyle DeMille : "A joke is when two people laugh" Ok but what about if its the entirety of 4chan

Russian Bias : the standard health and safety swastika

The God you never knew : Honestly confused how this can be seen as racist or homophobic.

Just a bokoblin : *P O O L S C L O S E D*