CES 2016: Omnity Relational Search Engine

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FFA : Thanks for the name of it! :D

KalishAlexander : well, i don't think there's something wrong with the name "Omnity", you know, it's like an omni-directional antenna or an omni-directional microphone. Something that works in all directions.

Zozombis : that name isint that bad...atleast for me

Craig Jones : Very "ominous", yet I'm slightly woody. Actually looking forward to using this, as I may actually be the customer, not the product... Thanks Eli, you da man

reggie houston : Thanks man

CompSciGuyIT : I've heard about these guys fairly recently and will definitely check them out. Might come in handy for uni. =D

GrammarGod : Seems like the dream of every college student.

FOREIGN YG : doesn't work

DDC ll : this is going to be so useful

FOREIGN YG : really


hillel : Doesn't work very well from what I've tested

Ben Bloch : If this becomes popular google could copy it in about a week.

FOREIGN YG : im truly upset