Snoop Dogg (Lion), Stewart Copeland & Armand Sabal Lecco at the Sacred Grove
That one time Snoop Dogg had a jam session with Police drummer Stewart Copeland It is bizarre and glorious at the same time

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THIS THAT SHIT Snoop dropped by late one night. After smacking every instrument in the room he got on the mic and started coming up with all this cool stuff. This is all total improv. Look out for REINCARNATED the Film and Album which I had the pleasure to work on with Snoop Lion!


MagnumPineapple27 : Snoop needs to do a punk album for real.

Amber Bruce : By 3:38 I was genuinely disturbed.

Jake Barnett : Who smoked who out?

Laurent75017 : Snoop makes me think of HR from the Bad Brains on that one. Very punky reggae feeling.

Oldboy Youngman : That´s the REAL McCoy

RuRu Sapiens : Snoop just channeled HR. Snoop needs to front a punk band for a second. Seriously. A band that can drop back down to something hard and funky for his rhymed verses then get all stupid so he can be a screaming bastard every once in awhile. He also needs a pedal controlled delay effect he can throw on his vocal occasionally. Just ideas.

James Wood : I wanna go to the sacred grove!!

SuperSparrow45 : Rappers need to find bands to jam with more often. You can only do so much with pre-packaged backing tracks. Nothing beats good ole' fashion instrumental work.

marvin hindman : I bet the grove smelt like wet skunk after that jam session!

Terry Anderson : I would DO ANYTHING to join a jam session with Stewart Copeland.... he is amazing... this is what music is all about. Making it up on the fly. LOVE IT!

Pete DeLorean : This was killer. Thanks for posting it.

Jake Mattews : Epic!

CocoPackage : I bet that was fun!

Pete DeLorean : Saw you at a baseball stadium in Phoenix in '83 with Madness and Thompson Twins. What a great night.


Kurt Knutsen : This not top 10 hits?

PV Capuano : clap clap clap

ousman n'dong : clarke/harper/copeland = great jam tooOOoo !

Royal George : WHY would you need a Black friend??? just curious..would it be conducive if you have one. Or is just another requisite you want to you can suddenly be astute and inform your friends how cool or uncool it is to be around Blacks.

drewper73 : Possibly my favorite of the Sacred Grove vids so far...

nicolas932 : so much better than his last album

Kevin's vlog : That was great i want a friend like Stuart and Snoop Lion i love to jam like that anfd just make shit up you guys rock

ianA : god I love Stewart Copeland!

whvaugn : Yeah, the Sacred Grove sounds like the place to be

whvaugn : My understanding is that Snoop is about the zig-zag, not the blunt LOL

MEPSIPAX : What the actual fuck?

sproket343 : Stewart saved this one. Still got the chops.

Francesco Carrozza : Col

Bruno S : cool jam

Roland Walken : Only Stewart Copeland can bring you from a Spyro music video to this.

lordbach01 : Take your pot and enjoy (like cool Snoop).

Sebastian Victor Micu : The Police drummer! interesting!

dannymjr1 : Fantastic

Rambonbon : sick dude

junkhenry23 : FUCK YEAH!

Carlos Tello : Sir. all my admiration and respect for you, really genius of Music

Sred : i need a black friend

Nunya Biznis : YES!!!!!!!!

ZachAtk1 : This is truly amazing!

Chris CLArke : stewart is a G for how he edited this. seen!!!

Mehdi S : great Lion Snoop

Bcmcclain : Thanks for posting this Stewart, love what Snoops doin right now. I remember seeing you with Oysterhead just after 9-11-2011.

lilgoten808 : Snoop shitting on reggae and rastah. Still rapping about the same old shit.

MrTristandestry : Snoop's best work! What are you talking about? He's going full punk!

MrTristandestry : That's polite of Snoop to use the ashtray Rather than his blunt ashes flick on Stew's Nice Turkish rug @ 2:33.

Ali Zen : Stewart and Snoop appear to have an equal temperament. Would love to hear more...

Andre Arruda : Nice groove. Lecco is Awesome. The rapper almost fuc*ed the whole gig.

Jordan Cattermole : How disrespectful to smoke a joint in someones house

DrummerDaveF : I think that's my favorite groove so far. Loving the bass/drums interplay.