Snoop Dogg (Lion), Stewart Copeland & Armand Sabal Lecco at the Sacred Grove

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Stuart Inman : Three men, top names in their own worlds of popular music, goofing off and jamming in the Sacred Grove. Thanks for giving us a peek, Copeland.

MagnumPineapple27 : Snoop needs to do a punk album for real.

SuperSparrow45 : Rappers need to find bands to jam with more often. You can only do so much with pre-packaged backing tracks. Nothing beats good ole' fashion instrumental work.

Laurent75017 : Snoop makes me think of HR from the Bad Brains on that one. Very punky reggae feeling.

Jake Barnett : Who smoked who out?

RuRu Sapiens : Snoop just channeled HR. Snoop needs to front a punk band for a second. Seriously. A band that can drop back down to something hard and funky for his rhymed verses then get all stupid so he can be a screaming bastard every once in awhile. He also needs a pedal controlled delay effect he can throw on his vocal occasionally. Just ideas.

Oldboy Youngman : That´s the REAL McCoy

James Wood : I wanna go to the sacred grove!!

Amber Bruce : By 3:38 I was genuinely disturbed.

Terry Anderson : I would DO ANYTHING to join a jam session with Stewart Copeland.... he is amazing... this is what music is all about. Making it up on the fly. LOVE IT!

marvin hindman : I bet the grove smelt like wet skunk after that jam session!

Jordan Cattermole : How disrespectful to smoke a joint in someones house

Rhiana Whitehead : Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Stew!! Thanks so much for the Sacred Grove. God!! I can't imagine the fun! Such a impossibly COOL channel!!!

Jake Mattews : Epic!

CocoPackage : I bet that was fun!

T4 OOMF : my favourite drummer sc da bomb :)

Pete DeLorean : This was killer. Thanks for posting it.

Grymmorgan : Snoop goes screamcore! <3 <3 <3  ;^P

Potwheelz : Seriously?

Kurt Knutsen : This not top 10 hits?

stereopolice : Nice!

AntJoCac : From Sting as a frontman, to this.  Snoop D Oh Double Please.

The 80/20 Drummer : Wow

Abby Normal : Kick Snoop Dog Poop to the curb. Never let him back in your neighborhood.

Telefunk006 : Bad Brains

ELNACHO78 : A bit of polish and you have a really nice Jazz fushion song.

captainbandini : legend meeting .... DOPE !!! \0/ !!!

Pete DeLorean : Saw you at a baseball stadium in Phoenix in '83 with Madness and Thompson Twins. What a great night.

Gerson Gálvez : This is not zelda

Eatm308amA : Why?

Stterockgames : How Yeah !

Sam Hain : dear stewart....this is reggae ??


Varth Dadder : Tyler the creator would've been better for this

Charles Jarvis : i shure as hel can't ,and i never will be able to ; i'm sorry you hate me i never meant to hurt anyone now my brother hates me too! am i that evil

Eileen D : My progression of feeling watching this:  Interested.  Bored.  Cringing.  Anxiety.  Interested again.  Chill bc seemed groove was found.  Now I'll be singing "U wish you could..." and I loyt it ahlot!  :D

Ramon Lopez : That melody he was singing, paired with the delay on the vocal, was very Chino Moreno. Sounded cool.

binarytriplets : Snoops does best when he goes straight G or really funky. This wasnt his best sound, unfortunately.

Ken Thompson : Not usually a fan of RAP , but this is superb!! The combination of brilliant musicians and Snoop's amazing off the wall jamming just works brilliantly... they should explore this genre further. It works.

Pierre nhy : Armand tu es un dieu

Eddy Grondsma : sorry to say, but now you see snoop jammin and freestyling seeing his real talents, and its just medium.... (just my opinion)

M. S. : Sounds like CAN or Faust. A bit of the old Krautrock. Noice.

Michael Philip : nice blunt

Salomon Bataco : Amazing! A different approach to jamming.

skyreader society : a proper rhythm section is everything

Tom Mizner : wow snoop... useless? is that blasphemous? the musicians were too good for him, he couldn't keep up with it!

HUGO MUÑOZ : No me imaginaba a stewart diciendo no se puedo fumar aca...

colitahi : this was great!

Marco Polo : Well, that was a disaster.

bubz75 : WOW